[LPF] Allbright's Shadow

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First Post
Relic and Anaerion recognize that some of the reliquaries have inscriptions in Celestial, while the others are actual inscribed with Abyssal. Given the Celestial on the large pit from which the demon hand rose, they decide it's unlikely a demon language would have been used, and discard those objects as false.

While the others hold themselves ready in the room, hearing distant booming and periodic shaking, the scholors and spellcasters quickly do what they can to sort out the mess. The crazy man's jabbering doesn't seem to distract them much; apparently, they've experienced their own fair share of it.

The cavern shakes as Relic, Anaerion, and Elenka position themselves at what they believe are the proper points with the proper reliquaries. Everyone holds his or her breath, then, with a nod, they all insert the sacred objects.

There is a flash of light. No, "flash" is far too sedate a word. The room explodes in white, brilliant energy, knocking everyone to the ground, leaving them both deaf and blind for a few seconds, though it also inexplicably fills them with a sense of hope and comfort. No one said magic wasn't full of contradictions.

When they can see and hear again (or, in Relic's case, see as well as they ever could), the party realize it wasn't just the loss of their hearing that made everything quiet: the noise, the rumbling, the distant screaming of tortured knights and rabid demons is completely gone.

Elenka and Arianna both feel a tingle at the enchanted objects they obtained to keep their eidolons on this plane, as if something had pulled firmly at their bonds. The magical objects glow, but neither Arianna's monstrous exterior nor Elenka's wooden guardian fade from view.

"You've ... you've done it!" Kutholiam exclaims. "The barriers are back!"

What follows is both a dirge and a blur, as the party returns to the surface, greeted by weary-but-jubilant paladins, though also by not-insignificant carnage amongst the defenders. There are long-winded explanations about mind-controlled paladins and false components used to compromise the Demonscope. There is talk about award ceremonies and parades and parties, though after what just happened at the last overblown ceremony, not a full day past, others suggest perhaps rewards should just be quietly offered so that everyone can start on the work of rebuilding.

And then you catch the warm orange glow of the sun rising. The long, dark, bloody, seemingly endless night of demons and devils and things that howl at the stars and stab you in the back is, finally, over.

[sblock=ooc]After so long waiting, effectively losing not one, but two DMs, it seems totally unfair for you not to get your TXP and TGP for the slog, so I'm giving it. Judge perogative. Feel free to not take it if you don't want it, obvs.

While I recognize after having it pointed out that SK is being crazy detailed in his record keeping on that first post, I'm just going to have to sink to the ground and admit what's in that first post has me completely flummoxed trying to follow it and convert it into something that's a flat "<amount> XP each, <amount> treasure each." This is entirely on me, mind you. I'm sure it's clear to most normal people, but I have some not-insignificant mental blocks when too many numbers start lining up.

So I just took the "current" value in orange, plugged it into the LPF spreadsheet, and tried to make it calculate the time based XP / GP. I did not account for level ups that may or may not have taken place in the middle. If one of you wants to do that to get a better share of XP, have at. "Final total" below should be the XP your character is AT, not in addition to anything.

For TGP, the value below should just be your TGP for the gap since October (so that one IS in addition). Since previous TGP wasn't totalled in SK's calculation, I didn't add it together, since I figure you guys can do that for your individual characters:

Each PC is due 22,114.44 GP as a share of the Encounter treasure on top of what's below, so I'm not bothering to put it on each line item.

Bren: 55080 TXP, 515515 final total (lvl 15), 129,960 additional TGP

Kalinn: 55080 TXP, 443123 final total. (lvl 15), 129,960 additional TGP

Aradra: 45000 TXP, 303916 final total. (lvl 14), 84,960 additional TGP

Orlando: 45000 TXP, 365827 final total. (lvl 14), 84,960 additional TGP

Daylily: 32040 TXP, 263406 final total. (lvl 13), 64,980 additional TGP

Relic: 32040 TXP, 261961 final total. (lvl 13), 64,980 additional TGP

Sylvain: 32040 TXP, 258069 final total. (lvl 13), 64,980 additional TGP

Elenka: 25920 TXP, 176285 final total. (lvl 12), 39,960 additional TGP

Anaerion: 259020 TXP, 163775 final total (lvl 12), 39,960 additional TGP[/sblock]

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