[LPF] Allbright's Shadow


Elenka, human summoner

Elenka could almost stomp her foot in annoyance if it weren't such a pampered princess thing to do. She steps away from the corner where Drevezh'korol placed her, draws the jagged black blade she carries and assesses the battlefield.


. . . Elenka Danyllova . . .

[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Elenka[/size] Human Summoner 11
Initiative: +2 Perception: +13

AC: 18 (13 touch; 16 flat-footed)
HP: 90 Current: 90
CMB: +9 CMD: 22 Fort: +5 Ref: +6 Will: +10

In Hand:
  • 1st level: 5/6 remaining.
  • 2nd level: 2/5 remaining.
  • 3rd level: 3/5 remaining.
  • 4th level: 2/3 remaining.
Summon Monster 6 7/7
Bond Senses 11/11 rounds remaining
Maker's Call (Transposition) 2/2 remaining
Rod of Extend: 3/3 remaining (3rd lv. or lower)

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Borric Hawkins, Male Human Fighter


Borric kept look out over his shoulder as he descended the stairs. He was ready to bash anything that tried to attack them from behind.

[sblock=OOC]Move to about V64, ready melee attack if anything comes at their rear.[/sblock][sblock=Mini Stats]Borric Hawkins
+4 Perception: +18
AC: 31 (26 w/out shield, 28(23w/out shield) flat-footed, 14 Touch) Barkskin -> 32 now
HP: 127 Current: 123
CMB: +17 CMD: 31 (33 vs. Disarm/ 35 vs. Trip) Fort: +13 Reflex: +9 Will: +8 (+11 vs. Fear) +10 Reflex
Conditions in Effect: Ioun Torch (in darkness), Combat Reflexes (3 AoO), Step Up, Greater Trip, Power Attack (-4/+8Dmg), Combat Expertise (-4/+4AC), Lunge, Heroism (+2 Att/SVs/Skills), Mind-shielded, Darkvision, Barkskin, Bless

Current Weapon in Hand: Spiked Gauntlet (RH), Shield (LH), Holy Flail (RH)
Chakram: 1/1 MWK & 6/6 Cold Iron remaining
Light Hammers: 2/2 remaining[/sblock]


First Post
Relic's eyes narrowed as he watched the battle unfold and Fury began to behave strangely...

[sblock=OOC] Take 10 on Spellcraft to know that Fury has been Enslaved possible? If so Relic draws his Wand of Protection vs Evil and casts it on Fury. That would give him another saving throw, right? [/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
[sblock=OOC]Looks like we're calling this one done? It's been over a month since the last IC post, and six weeks since the last GM update . . . [/sblock]


First Post
[sblock=ooc]Sorry, I've been out of the country for a little over a week, then was digging my way through the accumulated mess from my absence at work / home. Just now starting to get caught up on the boards.

I'll throw a mention here for [MENTION=6666968]Satin Knights[/MENTION] (I know his PM box gets full, so I'll not try that). Maybe the new year will bring him a bit more time / relief. If not, we'll figure out some kind of wrap up. I don't have anywhere near the skill at number / pc juggling that SK does, though, so be aware if it happens, it will be more likely to be narrative closure than a complete final set of encounters. [/sblock]


OOC: Fine by me, jk. Dungeon crawls with 10 characters are not my idea of fun anyway. Probably time to end this, but there is not anyone standing by to run a high level game in its place.


OOC: I don't know if SK's inbox here is full or not, but I received a reply in email from him, jkason. He was able to send me the stuff for me to take over Return to Boar's Ridge. He was going to try some posting this weekend if RL permitted, but things are still keeping him from doing much on-line.

Satin Knights

First Post
[sblock=OOC]I am sorry everyone. I know my attendance has been pitiful. I will be shutting down the game and will post a narrative closure and doing all the calculations soon. I hope by the weekend.

The good news is I am making five times as much money as I did last year. The bad news is I don't have time to play any more. As an example, yesterday was 13 hours at the office and another 2 hours work at home. The national launch date for the product is only two weeks away. Things might improve after that.


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[sblock=ooc]Real life always comes first, SK. Thanks for tackling this monster in the first place, and for wrapping it up for the players. Let me know if you need any extra help from me. And we'll hope for you to get at least a little extra time after product launch, if only so you can get some sleep! :) [/sblock]


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