[LPF] Allbright's Shadow


First Post
Relic glides above Daylily and touches his wand to the barbarian's weapon, waterscorpion held in his other hand. If he has time, he then prepares to step out and fire at the nearest demon as soon as Daylily attacks.

[sblock=OOC]SOunds good to me. I was going to suggest dropping a faith orb on them but it would kill the paladin as well... If Jack is MIA we should redistribute those types of things which we are going to need.
Fly above Daylily (or below if he is up)
Cast: Align weapon on Daylily's weapon

If there is time: Prepare to fire Water scropion at closest demon as soon as Daylily charges.


[sblock=Relic lvl 11]
Relic Nevyn
(Lvl 11) Human Wizard 10/Oracle 1
HP: 91
AC: 14 (19) Touch 14 (15) FlatFooted 11 (16)
Initiative: +8; Temporal Celerity: Rolls initiative twice and can use either result
Mage Armour, Fly, Haste, Bless
Fort: +7 Ref: +7 (+8) Will: +12
Wizards Spells: lvl 0: Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound
Lvl 1: Shocking Grasp; Magic Missile: Used, Tiny Hut, Enlarge Person, Colour Spray, Silent Image: Used
Lvl 2: Gust of Wind, Hideous Laughter: USED, Mirror Image: USED,
Prot vs Evil, Communal, See Invisibility, Empty Slot
Level 3: Haste 2/2 Used; Lightning Bolt: Used; Fly, Dark Vision, Communal: Used
Level 4: Control Summoned creature, Black Tentacles, Dimensional Anchor, Empty Slot, Empty Slot,
Level 5: Suffocation; Telekinesis, Empty Slot, Empty Slot,
Bonded Ring:
Pearl of Power #1 (lvl 1):
Recharge Silent Image
Pearl of Power #2 (lvl 1):
Pearl of Power (lvl 2):
Lightning Flash 9/9 uses left today
Cyclone: 8/9 uses left today
Oracles Orisons: Detect Poison, Create Water, Guidance, Purify Food and Drink
Oracles Spells: lvl 1: 2/3 uses left today
Wand of Mage Armor: (43/50) charges
Wand of CLW: (46/50) charges
Wand of Protection vs Evil:(49/50) charges
Wand of Glitterdust: (48/50) charges
Wand of Align Weapon:(43/50) charges
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Extend: 2/3 uses left today
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Bouncing:3/3 uses left today
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Piercing: 2/3 uses left today
Lesser Metamagic Rod, Silent: 3/3 uses left today
Consumables: 2/2 CLW Potions; 1/1 CMW Potion; 4/4 trail rations
Scrolls prepared for Battle:
Curse: Clouded Vision: Max Vision limit 60'; as Darkvision

[sblock=Actions] Move down stairs (flying) behind Fury (Up 1 square possible or ceiling too low?)
Cast Mage Armour on himself [/sblock]
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Fury grins and nods at Daylily's hand signals. He'll wait until Daylily moves to make his own move.

Drevezh'korol sees Elenka and Bren begin to pick their way through the bodies and he ferries them across instead taking one in each pair of arms.


• Orlando Furioso •
[sblock=OOC]Sounds like an excellent plan to me.[/sblock]
[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Fury[/size] Human Rogue 11 / Bard 2
Initiative: +9 Perception: +16

AC: 24 (17 touch; 18 flat-footed)
HP: 117 Current: 117
CMB: +11 CMD: 29 Fort: +5 Ref: +18 Will: +7

In Hand: rapier & dagger

Bard Spells
Spells Remaining: 1st: 0/2
Spells Known:
1st: Expedition Retreat, Feather Step, Vanish
0-level: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation, Sift
Winged Boots 0/3 remaining.[/sblock]


Borric Hawkins, Male Human Fighter


Borric slowed up as those in front of him went silent and stopped going down. He was not sure what was happening up ahead, but without battle being joined he could assume that stealthy operations were underway byt Fury and Daylily. He wisely kept his trap shut until her heard something.

[sblock=Mini Stats]Borric Hawkins
+4 Perception: +18
AC: 31 (26 w/out shield, 28(23w/out shield) flat-footed, 14 Touch) Barkskin -> 32 now
HP: 127 Current: 123
CMB: +17 CMD: 31 (33 vs. Disarm/ 35 vs. Trip) Fort: +13 Reflex: +9 Will: +8 (+11 vs. Fear) +10 Reflex
Conditions in Effect: Ioun Torch (in darkness), Combat Reflexes (3 AoO), Step Up, Greater Trip, Power Attack (-4/+8Dmg), Combat Expertise (-4/+4AC), Lunge, Heroism (+2 Att/SVs/Skills), Mind-shielded, Darkvision, Barkskin, Bless

Current Weapon in Hand: Spiked Gauntlet (RH), Shield (LH), Holy Flail (RH)
Chakram: 1/1 MWK & 6/6 Cold Iron remaining
Light Hammers: 2/2 remaining[/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Kalinn glides above the corpses, wisely choosing to avoid contact with them in the easiest way available to her - and reveling in her ability to fly, truth be told.

Bren steps nimbly through the corpses, his steps unerringly finding the spaces on the floor that are clear of their putrid remains.

Satin Knights

First Post
Daylily holds up the train of adventurers and signals that there is new prey in front of him. He holds his place, waiting for them to get into a more advantageous place to ambush them, but apparently not everyone behind him understood his planning. Relic floats up behind him and "Alakaloosh" as he enhances Daylily's blade with his wand.

Daylily realizes the jig is up, and rushes in. With a lunging thrust, he knocks the far demon over. But, that beast tries retaliating by picking on a barbarian's weakest point, his mind. Meanwhile, the other simply steps up and rams Daylily with its massive horns, drawing blood the old fashioned way.

[sblock=Daylily]The prone demon tried playing mind games on you. he failed, but left you staggered for a round anyways. OOC: You just squeaked by on the Dominate Person DC.[/sblock][sblock=OOC]A wand is a spell trigger device, needing a command word. Well, it was heard, triggering things faster than Daylily wanted.[/sblock][sblock=Combat Round 2]
130-18/130+24 AC 19-2 N29 ~ Daylily ~DR 1 Fly 66, AlignWeap 30r horsechopper ~ Daylily's Init (1d20+3=23) rushes out, rages, Knockdown blow successful, staggered 1 round
..83/83. AC 22 O29 ~ Relic ~ Fly 5831r, can fly self SLA
..82/82. AC 21 P29 ~ Sylvain ~ DV 1322r, MA 5366r,
108/108.AC 24 K31 ~ Orlando ~ DV 1322r, winged boots 20r ~
123/127 AC 31+2BS M29 ~ Borric ~ DV 1322r, +2 Heroism 301r, +2 BS 442r, Fly 65 ~
..79/79. AC 17 N29 ~ Anaerion ~DV 1322r/MA/OFl/1783r/DS/8052r/MC301r, ~
..82/82. AC 18 S29 ~ Elenka ~ DV 1322r,
..82/82. AC 24+4 M29 ~ Drevezh'Korol ~ MA 4131r, Gr Magic Fang 4741r, Fly 57 ~
100^82/100^82 AC 30 S29 ~ Arianna ~ MA 1765r, GMF 10219r ~
164/164 AC 28 L29 ~ Kalinn ~ Fly 68,
..80/80. AC 22 Q29 ~ Breninyr ~ CR 7178r/MA 5387r ~
121/121 AC 26 M28 ~ Aradra ~DV 1322r, SI 2046r, LS 13766r, Adaption IW538r ~
124/125 AC 28 K28 ~ Shadow ~ DV 1322r, GMF +2 13774r/MA 5367r, Fly 67 ~
.,??/??.. AC 15 T29 ~ Kutholiam ~ DV 1322r,

1??-8/1?? AC 25 M56 Bulky Kalvakas Demon A Demons' perceptions (1d20+24=41, 1d20+24=37), knocked prone, Daylily Will save vs. Swift Action (1d20+9=19) succeeds, but Daylily is still staggered, Daylily Will save vs. Std Action (1d20+11=18) squeaked the save
1??/1?? AC 25 N56 Bulky Kalvakas Demon B Demons' initiatives (1d20+1=12, 1d20+1=6), 5' step, gore power attack (1d20+13=23) Daylily hits for damage (2d6+12=18)
??/?? AC 17 Chained paladin

Ceiling: 10 feet
Lighter Cyan shaded circle: Borric's Ioun Torch still providing light, outside of that, candle light providing moderate or dim light. Still there, just got tired of merging maps to do the effect right.
Inside Red shaded circle, Magic Circle vs. Evil 10' around Anaerion still there. Tired of merging effects.
Deep Blue Shaded: Grease
Magenta Triangle state: Flying
Green Triangle state: Haste
Red Diamond state: Grappled
Blue Circle state: Prone
Purple Dot: Blind


First Post

Feeling the demon assault his mind, Daylily roars in rage. "YOU NO TAKE CANDLE!" It's not exactly clear what this means, but between his less than total grasp of Venzan and being half-delirious, it probably could have been worse. Whatever the case may be, the barbarian upends the other demon.

[sblock=OOC]Knockdown (1d20+38=42)

Also, Daylily has Clear Mind and can reroll failed Will saves, since I assume at least one more will be incoming.[/sblock][sblock=Mini Stats]Daylily Falshenaya

AC: 19 (19 flat-footed, 14 touch)
HP: 130/130
CMB: +17 CMD: 30
Fort: +13 Reflex: +8 Will: +7
Attack: +18/+10/+5 for WD+19

AC: 14 (14 flat-footed, 9 touch)
HP: 152/152
CMB: +19 CMD: 32
Fort: +15 Reflex: +8 Will: +9
Attack: +25/+17/+12 for WD+24

Perception: +15
Initiative: +3

Current Weapon in Hand: Horsechopper (1d10 x3, reach, trip)
Current Conditions in Effect: None
Rage Remaining: 6/20
Haste Remaining: 6/10

Used Items:
Potion of Fly, Potion of See Invisibility x2, Wand of CLW x23



Orlando Furioso, Venzan bravo

Fury flies forward to support Daylily avoiding one demon to position himself behind the second, prone demon. His rapier flashes out and stabs it dealing a minor amount of damage. Only once in position does he realize that Daylily's roaring will bring any other demons nearby, probably pinning him in the midst of a group of enemies. Fury grins; nothing like a little danger to spice things up.


• Orlando Furioso •
[sblock=OOC]Move: to M55
Standard: rapier atk vs Demon A 1d20+19=25 for 1d6+9=15 + 6d6=19 sneak damage.[/sblock]
[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Fury[/size] Human Rogue 11 / Bard 2
Initiative: +9 Perception: +16

AC: 24 (17 touch; 18 flat-footed)
HP: 117 Current: 117
CMB: +11 CMD: 29 Fort: +5 Ref: +18 Will: +7

In Hand: rapier & dagger

Bard Spells
Spells Remaining: 1st: 0/2
Spells Known:
1st: Expedition Retreat, Feather Step, Vanish
0-level: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Light, Prestidigitation, Sift
Winged Boots 0/3 remaining.[/sblock]

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!

Frost lets the demonic spirits of her ancestors slip their leashes, feeling their madness fill her as she rushes forward to join the fray! She closes quickly with one of the huge demons, bringing Winterbite from his sheath and around in a glittering arc that hardly slows as it carves a slice of demon flesh from her foe. Her ancestors go to work as well, sapping some small portion of vitality from the demon.​

[sblock=Actions]Move to O58, Raging Power Attack (1d20+17=25) for Damage (2d6+23=26).
Spirit Totem Attack, Damage (1d20+12=31, 1d4+2=3)[/sblock]
[sblock=Mini Stats]
Current Block
Initiative: +2
AC: 29 (15 Touch, 27 Flat-Footed)
HP: 179/179
CMB: +15 CMD: 30
Fort: +12 Reflex: +06 Will: +10

Standard Block
Initiative: +03
AC: 30 (16 Touch, 27 Flat-Footed)
HP: 179/179
CMB: +16 CMD: 32
Fort: +12 Reflex: +07 Will: +10

Rage Block
Initiative: +3
AC: 28 (14 Touch, 25 Flat-Footed)
HP: 218/218
CMB: +18 CMD: 32
Fort: +15 Reflex: +07 Will: +12

Rage Block (Hafísbíta in Hand)
Initiative: +3
AC: 28 (14 Touch, 25 Flat-Footed)
HP: 213/213
CMB: +17 CMD: 31
Fort: +14 Reflex: +06 Will: +11

Fatigue Block
Initiative: +2
AC: 29 (15 Touch, 27 Flat-Footed)
HP: 179/179
CMB: +15 CMD: 30
Fort: +12 Reflex: +06 Will: +10

Senses: DarkVision
Perception: +15, Sense Motive: +2

Special: Rage (Remaining Rounds: 09/18)
Special: Spirit Totem (+11/1d4+2)
Special: Claws (Remaining Rounds: 05/05)

Current Weapon in Hand: None

Hafísbíta Powers Available
Special: Boon: Shield (Remaining Points: 10/10)
Special: Boon: Healing Surge
Special: Boon: Cure Light Wounds (Remaining: 03/03)
Special: Boon: Heroism (Remaining: 00/01)
Special: Boon: Gallant Inspiration (Remaining: 01/01)

Spells Available (Cantrips: At-Will, 1st Lvl: 7/7 per Day, 2nd Lvl: 7/7 per Day)
( 3rd Lvl: 3/5 per Day, 4th Lvl: 3/3 per Day)
Cantrips : Acid Splash, Breeze, Disrupt Undead, Haunted Fey Aspect, Jolt, Mending, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost
1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Icicle Dagger, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Shield
2nd Level: Frigid Touch, Protection from Evil (Communal), Resist Energy, Scorching Ray
3rd Level: Fly, Haste, Versatile Weapon
4th Level: Monstrous Physique II


First Post
[sblock=OOC]Just checking: Relic's action this turn was to cast Align with the wand, correct? Or can he act since the demons have gone? [/sblock]

Satin Knights

First Post
[sblock=OOC]Relic's use of the wand last round is what triggered the change from "Waiting to ambush" to Surprise round. Daylily was the only one up front with view of the situation, so it was him vs. the demons. Daylily got surprise and I went with what he had already planned. Then the demons went, taking us to the top of a full round, with Daylily staggered. He got his staggered action, Orlando did a full, Kalinn did a full. All they attempted was successful.

Relic can do a full action as well as the rest of the PCs.
Meta: The ability Daylily was hit with can only affect him once a day, if he saves, which he did. It also staggers even when you make the save.

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