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Their fight ranges for what seems like an eternity, but though they lose both blood and momentary sanity during the row, the only others who lose their lives are the demons.

The party stands a moment, catching their breath, the limp and broken bodies of the demons still, the cavern quiet once again. If their commotion would draw other opponents, it seems to have done none for now.

They are gathering themselves together again when the catacombs themselves tremble with what sounds like a bellow but feels like an earthquake. Pebbles fall from the cavern roof, but the tunnels hold, and then the wave is gone.

"The Demonscope!" Kutholiam whispers, his eyes wide and terrified. "We have no more time!"

The man runs. Past the demon and knight bodies, past the party, down the hall before they even realize he seems to have gone quite mad. The fliers take to the air in pursuit as the others run slightly behind. For his apparent age, Kutholiam is far more spy than anyone would have guessed.

They twist and turn through the tunnels, through bands of light and darkness, stench and putrescence. Bodies, burned and skewered and desecrated, of humans and demons. Once, a band of demons turns with surprise to see the party charging forward. Just before battle is joined, however, everyone stumbles as another bellowing earthquake hits. The demons cower, uncertain if the newcomers have caused it, and then their eyes widen in surprise as they blink out of existence. Whether the demon wards are coming back or simply fluctuating, it's one less fight and one minute closer to the dying artifact.

Finally, Kutholiam stumbles to a breathless halt in a large room. At its center stands a ring of stones with three depressions. Each holds what appears to be a reliquary of some kind.

"The Demonscope is still intact, but with the shards in place, it shouldn't be--"

The old man's pondering is interrupted at the center of the stone ring erupts, a massive, clawed arm shooting out of the smoke and steam at its center. That it's accompanied by another bellowing earthquake makes clear the source. Magical energy flares, and the enormous arm falls back out of sight.

Though they had but a brief glimpse of it, Relic, Sylvain, and Anaerion all recognize the shape of a Balor demon.

"If it's broken through that much, we have barely any time left. We have to discover what's gone wrong with the --"

"Too many, all wrong," comes a cracking voice, drawing the party's eyes to someone who must surely have been a knight, but whose haggard appearance and clearly broken mind suggest him to be nothing of the sort any longer. He sits in the corner with three more reliquaries, shuffling them about as if to try discerning one from the other. "And the order. I've forgotten the order. Maybe the words, but they all turn fuzzy in my head..."

[sblock=ooc]Okay, there's a part one. This is the endgame, trying to re-entomb a Balor demon in the scope. You're welcome to interact with the knight or try stuff out with the scope if you like, or if you're all over it, I'll do another expository dump in a few days to finalize things. In the meanwhile, hopefully this is a reasonable placeholder while I try to start tracking down numbers. [/sblock]

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Borric Hawkins, Male Human Fighter


Borric looked chagrined as all their hopes of trying to stop the powerful demon from breaking through was the crazed and broken mind of the knight.

"Gah, this cannot be good for fook's sake! I ain't going to be able to help him with that. But maybe I can do something about this!"

He charged forward to try bashing at the clawed arm if it reappeared again. Borric may not be able to stand against the creature, but he could buy time if necessary. No one could say the momma Hawkins's boy was a coward.

[sblock=Mini Stats]Borric Hawkins
+4 Perception: +18
AC: 31 (26 w/out shield, 28(23w/out shield) flat-footed, 14 Touch) Barkskin -> 32 now
HP: 127 Current: 123
CMB: +17 CMD: 31 (33 vs. Disarm/ 35 vs. Trip) Fort: +13 Reflex: +9 Will: +8 (+11 vs. Fear) +10 Reflex
Conditions in Effect: Ioun Torch (in darkness), Combat Reflexes (3 AoO), Step Up, Greater Trip, Power Attack (-4/+8Dmg), Combat Expertise (-4/+4AC), Lunge, Heroism (+2 Att/SVs/Skills), Mind-shielded, Darkvision, Barkskin, Bless

Current Weapon in Hand: Spiked Gauntlet (RH), Shield (LH), Holy Flail (RH)
Chakram: 1/1 MWK & 6/6 Cold Iron remaining
Light Hammers: 2/2 remaining[/sblock]


First Post
Relic legged it over to the relics. "Tell me what you do remember man! I will help you find the order" he barked sharply at the befuddled knight. He tried to make sense of the ramblings as he used his affinity to magic and his previous experience with large planar contraptions like this to attempt to make sense of where the pieces needed to go and what their function was.

[sblock=OOC] I am pretty over it to be honest. I am keen just to wrap things at this stage. Thanks for taking things to a neat ending jk[/sblock]


Orlando will stand, or fall, by his friend, Borric. He dashes forward with swords drawn and a smile on his face.

"What a tale to tell the ladies, eh?"

Drevezh'korol, the wooden man, lumbers along behind Fury ready to stand to the end in defense of his mistress. Elenka moves to aid Relic in deciphering the mad knight's puzzle.

[sblock=OOC]Like the others, more than ready to end this. Thanks for writing up the ending, jkason.[/sblock]


First Post

Daylily steps up next to Borric. "Ooh! This one is much bigs! Bigger even thans the other one which I was being too far away to kill. I was disappoint then, but this will being more gooder, I am think."

[sblock=OOC]Narrative wrap-up is fine by me.[/sblock][sblock=Mini Stats]Daylily Falshenaya

AC: 19 (19 flat-footed, 14 touch)
HP: 130/130
CMB: +17 CMD: 30
Fort: +13 Reflex: +8 Will: +7
Attack: +18/+10/+5 for WD+19

AC: 14 (14 flat-footed, 9 touch)
HP: 152/152
CMB: +19 CMD: 32
Fort: +15 Reflex: +8 Will: +9
Attack: +25/+17/+12 for WD+24

Perception: +15
Initiative: +3

Current Weapon in Hand: Horsechopper (1d10 x3, reach, trip)
Current Conditions in Effect: None
Rage Remaining: 5/20
Haste Remaining: 6/10

Used Items:
Potion of Fly, Potion of See Invisibility x2, Wand of CLW x23



First Post
Drawing his bow to a full draw, Aradra keeps his eyes peeled out on the stone, wondering how the hell something that massive got caught in that crystal.

Meanwhile, Anaerion helps out with Relic in order to figure out the order of the shards

[MENTION=2710]jkason[/MENTION]: My last post was here: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showth...hadow/page42&p=6361498&viewfull=1#post6361498 for point of reference. Thats when I "Retired" so to speak. I've been able to keep an eye on the thread for the last month or so.

I am sorry for not sticking around. This had the potential to be all sort of awesome, but alas.


First Post
[sblock=ooc]I've been unable to get ahold of Satin Knights to get what numbers he had already. If anyone has his actual email contact info and wants to shoot him something, I'd appreciate it.[/sblock]


[sblock=OOC]There is a pretty detailed accounting in the first post of this thread, if that is what you mean. It goes to mid-October of last year. As far as I'm concerned, for my characters the tally can stop there so there wouldn't need to be any additional calculations made. I don't want to add unnecessarily to your load.[/sblock]

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