[LPF] Ties that Bind


GM: Okay. Let us officially mark the end as of 25 March. That will give you all a day to wrap up RPing and GE can post the final numbers on the handy spreadsheet. :)

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Fulgrim manages to get the fire put out as his rage slips away. The burns still sting and he grumbles at some of the singed hair in his beard. He leans heavily on his axe as he catches his breath.


"Alecks safe, the stone in our keeping..." Elenka nods her approval over a job satisfactorily completed. "Good work, my friends."

[sblock=Final XP]Thanks, PM, for finishing out the adventure for us. I appreciate it.



Alecks regains consciousness.

He was captured by the Ears of the Whisperer, along with an orb that opens into the Plane of Fire. He was surprised to find that Audra still lived, but after some convincing he is overjoyed. In addition to the orb, you find enough salvageable gear among the dead kidnappers to accumulate a significant haul for your troubles.

The journey back to turn in the orb to Phedilo Crea is uneventful by comparison and you collect your reward for its recovery as well.

All said and done, your pockets are full of plenty of gold and the siblings are reunited.

[sblock=Final Awards] With 3025gp Each for Encounters and the reward for orb.
Audra Final XP=19594xp & +14064gp total for the adventure
Eanos Final XP=19676xp & +14086gp total for the adventure
Fulgrim Final XP=19920xp & +14152gp total for the adventure
Elenka Final XP=27001xp & +16619gp total for the adventure[/sblock]


First Post
Eanos finds himself amazingly relieved when this newest stone seems to have finished with its activity. He gives a quiet smile to see Audra at last reunited with her brother, and keeps his own inner satisfaction hidden when he discovers the other bodies belong to the cult he's sworn his life to decimate. Perhaps these stones aren't quite the bane he thought they were.

Still, even the secret-keeper's skills couldn't conceal his elation when he finally fobbed the stone off on the group's gnome employer.

[sblock=ooc]Add my thanks to the others, PM. And extra thanks for pulling double duty replacement, since you had to NPC Eanos for the last two rounds. Very much appreciated![/sblock]

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