[LPF] Wreck Ashore

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Amien swipes his hand at his ear, the same exact instinctive reaction one would have to a bothersome itch made by a mosquito. He begins to warn the parrot in a low begrunging murmur, "waituntilimdone you..", and continuing to load the ballista clumsily, having to actually learn how to load it as he does so by trial and error though pulling its mechanisms.


"Come out Siren and surrender yourself! Your friends won't live long enough!" Galandra shouts a warning to the pirate.

She lets fly the first arrow missing widely the other guy at the light, but she quickly takes another arrow and shoots clean. "Is this really how you want to end!?"

[sblock=Combat] Not sure which one was Tirithon attacking. She will attack the other one.
Composite Longbow + Rapid Shot
1d20+4 → [4,4] = (8)
1d20+4 → [20,4] = (24)

1d8+2 → [2,2] = (4) -not apply-
1d8+2 → [2,2] = (4)

Crit Confirm
1d20+4 → [15,4] = (19)

Crit Dmg (+3 KILLER TRAIT)
1d8+2 → [1,2] = (3)
1d8+2 → [8,2] = (10)[/sblock]

Satin Knights

First Post
Siren is defiant and sure of her abilities, until a single arrow strikes one of the men on the tower, causing him to back step, twist and fall in a unceremonious lump in the sand. He doesn't move. Realizing she is pinned down and the odds are slim, she whistles, then tells the remaining man to toss his crossbow out into the water. "We Surrender!"

The remaining guy obeys her and tosses the crossbow forward into the water, then raises his hands. Siren steps out from behind the tower, and tosses a cutlass so it sticks upright in the sand.

Distance 160', Longbows at -2, comp longbows at -2, crossbows at -2, ballista at -2
Tower cover penalties figured into ACs below.
Amien can attempt a DC 15 STR check each round to increase the boat speed from 20' to 25' per round.

30/32 ~ AC 18 ~ Galandra ~
28/28 1 NL ~ AC 17 ~ Amien ~
10/10 ~ AC 16 ~Tirithon ~

-7/14 ~ AC 14 ~ Pirate human male green ~ was rower ~ down and bleeding out
-18/?? ~ AC 17 ~ Siren Blackreef caster red ~ surrenders and tosses weapon
-??/?? ~ AC 17 ~ Pirate human light turner yellow ~ crossbow ~ surrenders and tosses weapon
-12/9 ~ AC 17 ~ Pirate human light turner cyan ~ crossbow ~ DEAD
-4/13 ~ AC 14 ~ Pirate human guard orange ~ comp longbow ~ down and bleeding out
-??/?? ~ AC ?? ~ small parrot ~ moving away
-??/?? ~ AC ?? ~ large parrot ~ moving away


Galandra will help rowing the boat as fast as she can to the beach. "Keep an eye on them" she suggest Tirithon as she takes the paddles.

Str check 1d20+3 → [12,3] = (15)

As soon as she's at the beach she will try to stabilize the bleeding pirates so they face the constables later.

[sblock] She has Sacred Touch [/sblock]


First Post
When Galandra earlier tells Siren to surrender herself, Amien protests, "Stop that! You sound like some kind of damned constable rookie. It's embarrassing."

Then as the actual surrender actually happens, he finds himself disappointed that somebody would actually turn themselves in. He says to Tirithion patting the ballista he just loaded, "Hey, you know how to use this thing, right? I'm going in in case this is a poorly stewed attempt at a ruse." He would pull out his Glaive in case that is true.

Satin Knights

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Well, even with two rowing, it takes a while to reach shore. By the time you beach the boat, two of the men have given their last red contribution to the sand. One is unconscious, but still breathing. The crossbowman is empty handed on the tower waiting instructions.

"So, Venza finally paid some mercenaries to come and get me, Siren Blackreef. With shooting like that, you can't be no swabbies. So, how much is the bounty? Can't be as high as my father's, but I am sure the price on my head be worthy of the Blackreef name."


"We were brought to help the town's people. I'm sure they will love a chat with the miss Blackreef and her friends over here." she tells Amien with a chuckle.

"Sorry to tell you this Miss Blackreef, but I had not heard of you until we crossed path with your comrades..." she says while stabilizing the last poor bastard alive in the sand "... which numbers seem to dwindle faster by following you."

"Venza didn't send us. It was the townsfolk you have been affecting by taking their supplies from reaching them, you know... the ones who's bellies are hurting" She will tie them up and ask for help from Aimen an Tirithon.

She glances at where the real lighthouse should be. "What else have you done here, miss Blackreef?"
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Amien chimes in with an honest while circling the group of subdued men with his weapons, "Apparently you are worth only a few plat's. Let that sink into your ego for awhile. If it makes you fell all the better.." he begins with sarcasm, "I really don't care how big you think your name is. I am going to return home quickly, and find my next job."


Once they are tied and gagged (specially Siren), Galandra will check on the light and see it turn it off. If needed she will push it off the structure (away of course from the heads of her companions).

She comes closer to Amien. "Although the pirate problem is dealt with, we still need to check the real Lighthouse's light to prevent any wrecks. We saw how bad the mist got at night. We can't leave them just tied here, they might escape or those damn parrots might try to cut their ropes. Do you think we should... you know knock them out?"

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