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D&D 5E Making a Twilight Cleric of the Asgardian deities Mani/Nott


My character comes from a Nordic-esque culture from beyond the northern borders of the primary setting. Having always had a soft spot for lunar and nocturnal deities [partially owing to what basically counts as an irl sunlight sensitivity trait], I've got my sights set on converting the Norse moon god Mani or darkness goddess Nott into a 5e deity to be the spiritual liege of my character. The only problem is that, the more I look into it, the more I realize that there are almost 0 surviving legends of these 2 to base a religious path on, and what little we do have says nothing about their personality or ideals.

Still, I've been on a Germanic-ancestry high for too long, and now I have a space to put it to use. If there are any ideas you have of how to make this character plan work, such as divine teachings, worship rituals, etc., and how to bring this covenant to life in the campaign, let me know.

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I've been thinking about making a twilight cleric for my next character, and I'm planning to focus on the "protection in the darkness" part of the subclass. So if I were looking at this, I might use both of them like "twin deities of [something]" -- kind of a mini-pantheon subgroup. One bringing moonlight to alleviate the darkness, the other extending protection into the darkness.

Perhaps a focus on moon cycles -- when the moon is full, one deity is strong, and when the moon wanes, the other has to be strong to make up for the lack of moonlight. Lots of rituals around those times, or the crossover periods between them. Lighting ceremonial fires or encircling a village (or even campsite) with a protective barrier.

I really like theming with color, so my character might wear shining silver during the waxing moon, and charcoal gray during the waning cycle. Or perhaps a clerical amulet with two sides? (A bit on-the-nose, but hey why not.)

Their clerics would be focused on protecting the [weak / certain group of people / their followers / an important location] or protecting against [specific group of scary monsters / a prophecy / the return of Evil Being XYZ]. I might use spells like Protection from Evil and Good, Bless, Sanctuary, Aid, Continual Flame, Hallow, Forbiddance

Priests might instruct followers on stories of what happens when the teachings / sacrifices were followed (we were protected against [that thing]) and maybe also when they were not [soandso got eaten by [that thing]).

Dunno if any of that's what you're looking for, but even if not, perhaps it sparks some ideas to riff on. :)

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