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A friend of mine, after his FLGS of many years couldn't keep the doors open vs. Amazon, now runs a D&D club. Dedicated space, pay for seat for players. They provide the DMs (who get free tickets to play at other times) adn rtun their own style of organized play with season-long meta-plots the DMs work into, as well as more classic AL and other games. The provide a bunch of other stuff like a huge wall of plastic minis, library of sourcebooks from various games, Fantasy Grounds Ultimate license with TV connected to one of the play spaces, etc. They sell drinks/snacks but at $1 each, not at movie theather extortion prices.

For all that, the "microtransaction" part isn't something I could see them do. That's straight P2W, and that's offensive to a bunch of people. Part of what makes it work is that they tell offensive players not to come back, so it stays a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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