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There's a map of what Middle-earth might look like if JRR Tolkien had lived in the "D&D Earth" of the Urban Arcana campaign model:


The fantasy world authored by the "D&D Earth" version of J.R.R. Tolkien--his alter-ego in the Urban Arcana campaign model.

Is evocative of Middle-earth, but made of D&D elements from any and all D&D worlds.

The Hobbit > The Hobni

Uses Flanaess map, but reversed from right-to-left.

Only used for the shape of the continental shore line, not for the location of mountains, lakes, or forests.
Doesn't use any other Greyhawk features specifically, except when those are the most fitting equivalents of all the D&D worlds.
Is an alternate Oerth/Aerth/Yarth/Uerth.

Middle-Oerth names:
Morgoth > Tharizdun the Black Sun
Sauron > Graz'zt the Dark Prince
Saruman > Mordenkainen (from Greyhawk)
Gandalf > Fizban (from Dragonlance)
The Shire > The Five Shires (from Mystara; this country, from GAZ8 by Ed Greenwood, is plopped down in the west of the map.)
The Old Forest > Darken Wood (from Dragonlance)
Bree > Threshold (from Mystara)
Breeland > takes name from Breland (Eberron)
Rohirrim > Plains Barbarians (from Dragonlance)
Edoras > Que-Shu (Dragonlance)
Drughu (Woses) > Brute-men "Neanderthals" (from Hollow World)
Angmar > Sithicus domain of Lord Soth (from Ravenloft); remnant Angmarian "Evil Men" > Klantyre (from Mystara)
Near Harad > Paynims (Greyhawk) + Desert Nomads (Mystara) + Zakhara (Al-Qadim)
Far Harad > Katashaka (Forgotten Realms) + Tanagoro (Mystara), located at Hepmonaland (Greyhawk)
Gondor > Cormyr (FR) + the Great Kingdom (Greyhawk)
Mordor > Azzagrat, Graz'zt's dominion (Planescape)
Kingdom of Dale > Dalelands (FR)
Dale > Icewind Dale (FR)
Goblin-town > Citadel of Many-Arrows (FR)
Lonely Mountain > Dragon Mountain
Dwarves of the Iron Hills > Hill Dwarves
Woodmen of Western Mirkwood > Brecht (Birthright)
Lothlorien > Silvanost (DL)
Lindon > Qualinost (DL)
Isengard > The Obsidian Citadel (GH)
Minas Tirith > City of Greyhawk
Udun > Neraka (DL)
Dead Marshes > Vast Swamp (GH)
Ruins of Eregion > Ruins of Myth Drannor (FR)
Moria > Undermountain (FR)
Balrog > Balor
Rivendell > Evereska (FR)
Khand > Khur (from Dragonlance)
Balchoth > Tuigans (Forgotten Realms)
Easterlings with Axes, like half-dwarves > Vos (Birthright) + Stonefist Barbarians (Greyhawk). Also have actual Half-Dwarves (Mul) from Dark Sun amongst the Vos.
Black Men of Far Harad > Tanagoros
Have actual Half-Trolls amongst the Men of Katashaka
Snowmen/Lossoth > Ulutiun (Forgotten Realms)
The Nazgul > Nine Darklords (from Ravenloft)
One Ring > Ring of Nine Facets artifact
Numenor > Istar (Dragonlance)
Andrast Peninsula and Pukel-men > Tilvanot Peninsula (GH) and Brute-men (Mystara)
Witch King > Lord Soth (Dragonlance/Ravenloft)
Mouth of Sauron > Acerak (Greyhawk)
The Necromancer > The Shadow Lord (from Mystara); an aspect of Graz'zt
Sauron > Graz'zt; the Ebon Lord, the Dark Prince
Hobbits/Halflings = Hobniz/Halflings
Harfoot, Stoor, Fallowhide > Hairfoot, Stout, Tallfellow
Eldarin (High Elves and Grey Elves) > Eladrin (High Elves and Grey Elves)
Avarin > "Arvarin" (Wood Elves, Wild Elves, and Dark Elves)
Dwarves = Dwarves
Rangers of the North > Rangers of the Gnarley (GH)
Fornost/Norbury > Tarsis (DL)
Knights of Dol Amroth > Knights of Solamnia (DL)
Ar-Pharazon the Golden > Beldinas Pilofiro the Kingpriest (Dragonlance)
Ungoliant > Lolth
Have Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins as distinct varieties of Orc
Uruk-hai > Orogs
Trolls (are there any D&D trolls which turn to stone? Stone Trolls from Dragon Magazine?)
Cave Trolls
Olog-hai > Black Trolls
Barrow-wights > Wights
Hellhawks > Pterodactyls
Red Dragons
Wargs > Worgs
Ents > Treants
Eru > Io (In Middle-Oerth, Io is not pictured as a dragon)
Manwe > Odin
Varda > Pistis Sophia
Aule > Moradin
Tulkas > Kord
Yavanna > Ehlonna
Nienna > Raven Queen (Nerath)
The Fellowship of the Ring > A blend of the Heroes of the Lance (DL) and the Companions of the Hall (FR)
Aragon Elfstone > Tanis Do'Urden: a blend of Driz'zt (FR) and Tanis Half-Elven (DL)
Boromir, son of Denethor > Sturmgar: a blend of Wulfgar (FR) + Sturm (DL)
Gimli Gloinson > Flint Forgehammer: a blend of Flint Fireforge (DL) and Bruenor Battlehammer (FR)
Merry Brandybuck > Regis Burrfoot: a blend of Tasslehoff Burrfoot (DL) + Regis "Rumblebelly" (FR)
Pippin Took > Tasslehoff Rumblebelly: a blend of Tasslehoff Burrfoot (DL) + Regis "Rumblebelly" (FR)
Sam Gamgee > Cam Minere: A halfling version of Caramon Majere.
Frodo Baggins > Raisto Minere: A halfling version of Raistlin Majere.

All Hobniz party at first, then each player plays Hobniz + another character.

What do you think?
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Seems like you put a lot of work into it.

In my D&D campaign -- a Greyhawk campaign, variant on the Paizohawk version published on four maps in Dungeon magazine -- I have Middle Earth off to the west.

The Sea of Dust is just the westernmost part of the Mordor/the wastes of Nurn.

The Plains of Rhun and the Plains of the Paynims are two ends of the same vast, arid plain.

How, if at all, the Big Bads of the two ends of the continent are related is left to the players to figure out . . .

It actually doesn't come up all that often . . . the players were amused when they found in a treasure horde of some orcs a manuscript (hand written book) called "There and Back Again", with a signed dedication from someone named Bilbo to someone named Balin. Those Moria orcs got around, it would seem.

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