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MnM3 Centropolis Rogue's Gallery


First Post
For those players in my Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition game please re-post your characters here. Also as you run into badguys I will post them here also and you are all allowed to look at them.

Please don't post any OOC questions or anything here

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OOC Thread (original recruitment thread)

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Here's mine

"Karl Svenson" - The Paladin
Dimensional castaway

Abilities: 44pp
STR 4 (8pp)
STA 4 (8pp)
DEX 2 (4pp)
AGI 2 (4pp)
FGT 4 (8pp)
INT 0 (0pp)
AWE 3 (6pp)
PRE 3 (6pp)

Initiative: +2 (2 agi)
Melee Attack: +9 (4 fgt, 5 close attack)
Ranged Attack: +7 (2 dex, 5 ranged attack)
Specific Attacks:
- Hammer Smash: +9 (4 fgt, 5 close attack), DC 24
- Hammer Throw: +7, (2 dex, 5 ranged attack), DC24, range 125/250/500
- Shield Slam: +7, (4 ftg + 5 close attack - 2 circum.), DC 25 (DC 26 if full move)

Defenses: (7 pp)
Dodge: 19 (+9: 7 base + 2 agi)
Parry: 19 (+9: 5 shield + 4 ftg)

Saves: (9 pp)
Toughness: +9/4 (4 sta +5 impervious chainmail)
Fort: +8 (4 base + 4 sta)
Will: +8 (5 base + 3 awe)

Skills: (20 ranks) 10 pp
Athletics +6 (2 ranks + 4 str)
Close Combat +9 (0 ranks + 4 ftg + 5 close attack)
Deception +3 (0 ranks + 3 pre)
Expertise +2 (2 ranks + 0 int)(Mining Engineer)
Insight +3 (0 ranks + 3 awe)
Intimidation +3 (0 ranks + 3 pre)
Investigation +2 (2 ranks + 0 int)
Perception +5 (2 ranks + 3 awe)
Persuasion +3 (0 ranks + 3 pre)
Ranged Combat +7 (0 ranks + 2 dex + 5 ranged attack)
Stealth +2 (0 ranks + 2 agi)
Treatment +2 (2 ranks + 0 int)

Advantages: 4 pp
Close Attack 5
Ranged Attack 5
Wealth 1 (well-off) [between his job at the mines and his investment of the gold, his annual income is between $100K - $200K]

Powers: 60 pp
Chainmail Armor 8 pp (2/rank -2)
- Protection 5, Impervious 5, Removable

Shield 5pp (1/rank +1 arr -1)
Array, Removable
- Shield Block: +5 parry
- Shield Slam: Strength-based Damage 5, only for Slam Attacks

Warhammer 7pp (2/rank +1 arr -4)
Array, Easily Removable
- Hammer Smash: Strength-based Damage 5, DC 23, Affects Insubstantial 2, linked to Healing Smite
- Hammer Throw: Strength-based Damage 5, DC 23, ranged 125/250/500

Dwarven Traits 8pp
- Bump of Direction: Senses 1 (Direction Sense), Innate
- Darkvision: Senses 2 (Darkvision), Innate
- Dwarven Health: Immunity 1 (Poison), Innate
- Tunnel Dweller: Favored Environment (Cluttered or Cramped)
- Short Legs (Complication): Movement reduced to 25'

Divine Magic 35pp
- Divine Health: Immunity 1 (Disease)
- Divine Healing (Array) 34 pp
- Healing Smite: Healing 8 (DC 18), Area: Burst, Selective, linked to Hammer Smash
- Healing Touch: Healing 10, Resurrection, Stabilize
- Healing Word: Healing 8, Ranged (Perception)

Secret - Paladin is not a human being, he is a dwarf. He is originally from another universe, trapped here when he was thrown through a portal opened by an evil wizard.
Phobia - Paladin has a strong fear of deep water (over his head). This stems from the fact that he is unable to swim at all (sinks like a rock).
Short Legs - Paladin's movement is 25', instead of 30', at rank 0 (50' at Rank 1, 100' at Rank 2, etc.)
Motivation: Doing Good - In his own world, Paladin was a servant of the Sun God. In this world, he continues to serve as best he can, using the magic at his command to combat evil and protect the innocent.

COST: 44 Abilities + 5 Skills + 11 Advantages + 63 Powers + 16 Defenses = 139: 135 PL9 + 4 exp spent = 139

[sblock=Paladin's Background]Battered and bloodied, Hrothnak smashed the last gate crystal, then ran for the portal, only to watch in dismay as it closed - with him on the wrong side! Perhaps his friends would be able to re-open the portal to retrieve him, but until then he needed to find shelter before the wizard's strangely clad allies came to. At least they wouldn't be bringing any more of their fiendish weapons into his world!

Paladin comes from a world different from that of Centropolis, a world of elves, dwarves, and magic. When he came to this world, he had no knowledge of its technology, history, or customs. Fortunately, the magic that brought him here provided him with the ability to speak the language, though with an odd accent. He was also fortunate in that the first people he met were inclined to assist him, showing that good people can be found anywhere, even in the District. With their help, he was able to establish an identity for himself as Karl Svenson, with a background in mining that got him a job. He was also able to convert the gold coins that the wizard was using to buy guns into a tidy sum of cash.

Over the next several months, "Karl" settled into his new life in Wellington Heights, his armor and hammer stored in his closet. The disappearance of the Centurians last month caught his attention, though, and he is thinking of taking up arms again.[/sblock]

[sblock="Appearance"]Paladin stands 4' 6" tall, with a stocky build, full brown beard and blue eyes. He wears a sky-blue surcoat, decorated with a sun disk embroidered in gold thread, over a suit of chain mail armor. A shield painted the same sky-blue and bearing a polished brass representation of the same sun disk is strapped to his left arm. In his right hand he wields a mighty hammer, and on his head rests a helmet plated with polished brass.[/sblock]
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First Post
Keiko "Kitsune" Ichimura (PL9)
Reformed Superthief!
HERO Points: 3
Exp: 1


Abilities: 32pp
STR 0 (0pp)
STA 2 (4pp)
DEX 3 (6pp)
AGI 4 (8pp)
FGT 0 (0pp)
INT 2 (4pp)
AWE 3 (6pp)
PRE 2 (4pp)

Initiative: +4 (4 agi)
Melee Attack: +0 (0 fgt)
Ranged Attack: +5 (3 dex + 2 ranged combat adv)
Specific Attacks:
- Photokinetic Laser: +9, DC24 (multifire), 250' rng (indirect 4)

Defenses: (18 pp)
Dodge: +9 (5 base + 4 agi)
Parry: +0 (fgt 0; +5 when power is active)
Toughness: +2 (2 sta) +9 total when power is active
Fort +9 (7 base + 2 sta)
Will +9 (6 base + 3 awe)

Skills: (24 ranks) 12pp
Acrobatics +5 (1 ranks + 4 agi)
Deception +8 (6 ranks + 2 Pre)
Insight +5 (2 rank + 3 Awe)
Perception +7 (4 ranks + 3 awe)
Sleight of Hand +7 (4 ranks + 3 dex)
Stealth +8 (4 ranks + 4 agi)
Technology +5 (3 rank + 2 int)

Advantages: 6 pp
Attractive 1
Languages (Japanese) 1
Ranged combat 2
Redirect (can use Trick action to cause enemy attacks to hit targets adjacent to you) 1
Equipment (5 pts) 1
- Gas Mask (concealed in mask), 1
- Rebreather (also concealed in mask), 1
- Digital Camera, 1
- Undercover shirt (protection 2, limited to ballistics, subtle; doesn't stack with TK shield), 2

Morph 2 (humanoids of roughly the same size and gender), 11pp
- PF: Invisibility (Concealment +4: All Vision, PF Precise)
Super Senses (Radius (Sight) 1, Low Light Vision 1, Infrared vision 1) +3 3pp

Photokinesis Array 40pp (37 + 3 AP)
Illusion (Normal Vision + Hearing, Independent, Dynamic) +7 29pp
- Link: Environment 1 (Light: Bright) 2pp/rank; 2pp
- Link: Concealment 2 (Normal Vision, Burst Area, Attack) 3pp/rank; 6pp
PF: Damage 9 (Ranged, Multiattack, PF Accurate 2, PF Precise 1, Indirect 4, Dynamic) 2pp
PF: Affliction (Dazzle) 9 (Ranged, Burst Area, Selective Attack) 1pp
PF: Affliction +9 (Vulnerable/Perception Impaired - Defenseless/Perception Disabled; Perception range, targets Will, Concentration duration, Extra Condition, Limited Degree, PF Reversible) 1pp

Telekinetic Array 17pp
Leap +3, Speed +2, Super Movement: Wallcrawling +2, Safe Fall +1, Flight (Gliding, Subtle 1) 1, 13pp
PF: Telekinesis (Perception, PF Subtle, PF Precise) +4, 1pp
PF: Affliction (Impaired/Vulnerable or Defenseless/Stunned; Ranged, Extra Condition, Limited Degree) +6, 1pp
PF: Enhanced Str (sustained, subtle 1) +6, 1pp
PF: Protection (Sustained, Subtle 1) +7; Linked to Enhanced Trait: Parry +5, 1pp

Physically Blind - Has congenital condition rendering eyes useless; is completely blind if powers aren't working.
Center of Attention - Likes to feel important, to be noticed; tends to showboat.
Motivation: Fame and Fortune - Wants to be a celebrity, known to all, and to have whatever she wants without having to answer to anyone.
Secret: Has done some crimes prior to taking the high road!

COST: 32 Abilities + 12 Skills + 6 Advantages + 71 Powers + 18 Defenses = 139/139

[sblock=Background]Keiko was born with a degenerative condition in her optic nerves that led to permanent, incurable blindness by the time she turned ten. The youngest of three children, she was already the 'baby' of her well-off family, and her condition ensured that she would be kept in a gilded cage; pampered but kept out of public view for fear of embarrassment.

But even as her eyesight faded, Keiko began to realize other senses. While she could see she read stories about people who could do almost as well with hearing as with sight. She worked hard to try to develop this for herself, but with mixed results. You couldn't 'see' with sound, not unless you were a bat, and running around screeching at as high a pitch as possible was not greeted with approval by the others in the house. Then Keiko reasoned that her eyes were still working, really. It was just that the signals weren't reaching her brain right. Maybe, she thought, she could find some way to get those signals flowing again. She spent days just sitting still and concentrating, trying to find the light. Perhaps it is inevitable that her diligence was rewarded. At first Keiko thought she was just imagining things. The 'feeling' of light in her head was just wishful thinking. In spite of this, experience rapidly proved that she could sense the presence or absence of light, despite the nonfunctioning status of her eyes.

Things progressed quickly after that initial breakthrough. She learned to distinguish between intensities of light, then colors. Then, with time, she learned to use her ability to "see" again; to mentally construct images from light just as she had before she'd gone blind. Only now the information was coming from her psionic power rather than from her eyes. This had advantages. She could 'see' in any direction without turning her head, and her mind was potentially much more sensitive to light than her eyes, letting her see in relative darkness. It went farther than that though. She could not just sense light, but change it. Shape it. Control it.

At first Keiko was overjoyed and told her parents and siblings about the breakthrough, back when she first learned she could still sense light. They didn't believe her, and told her it was all in her head. After a couple of depressing talking-tos from her father, Keiko stopped coming to them about it. Even after she learned to see again...for by then she'd realized that there were advantages to this arrangement.

Her father was an executive officer, a vice president in charge of Western Division sales for a powerful Japanese corporation; manufacturers of consumer electronics for automobiles and personal use. When she was younger and living in Tokyo, he was often away on business. Finally the company purchased offices in New York, and moved most of its Western Division executives there full time...including Keiko's father. She began to sneak out of the house to experience the world that her family tried to shield her from. With clever use of images of sculpted light, and blanking out her own image, she found it easy to get away and back with none the wiser.

Reveling in her newfound freedom, she quickly got into trouble on the streets, and her latent telekinetic ability manifested to protect her. Mental force bolstered her muscles, though her comparatively weak power could only empower her arms OR her legs, not both at once. She did learn to project it outside herself as well, but its force was considerably reduced when moving distant objects.

Now in her late teens, Keiko found herself in a perfect position to express all the frustrations she'd endured, along with the everyday angsts of any teenager. She put on a black bodysuit and a kitsune mask with the intention of becoming a sort of 'silent ninja avenger.' More often than not though she wound up playing petty pranks on kids that annoyed her, or teachers that gave her bad marks. From this she graduated to petty thefts as she learned to 'cloak' herself, by changing light reflecting from her to match light hitting her on the other side. It was effectively perfect transparency. It didn't come easily or quickly, but when she mastered the trick, it gave her a free hand to do as she pleased.

After a while her nightly outings were more about thrills and excitement than a need for money...though she found ways to spend what she stole, making a secret stash that was just hers, not her family's. Her first 'big time' job was a jewelry store, and it was very nearly a disaster. The store used ultrasonic sensors, not infrared, and was easily able to detect her moving in. The police were nearby and responded quickly. And when they realized they had her cornered inside, but couldn't see her, they used tear gas to flush her out. The smoky gas made her invisibility less useful, and blocked her own sight.

The coughing gave her away too. Just before they found her, Keiko managed to make an image of herself running away as she held her breath, luring the police to chase the decoy. She escaped.

After that close call, Keiko kept a low profile. She used some of her ill-gotten goods to upgrade her gear, making a new mask that was actually a filter mask disguised to look like a kitsune. Her new bodysuit was padded and made of ballistic nylon...a special order that cost her most of what she had. She practiced using these projected holograms more, even working out how to use her telekinesis to move the air to make sounds.

The setbacks she'd suffered only made Keiko more determined than ever to learn about her powers and use them...but now she started re-thinking whether or not she wanted to be a criminal, or a 'villain.' As she watched television coverage of the jewelry store, she made a decision. From then on, she'd only use her powers against things that deserved it. Anyone, or anything who did wrong and thought themselves above justice would soon learn otherwise.[/sblock]
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The Shadow (Caleb Thomas Black)


Hero: The Shadow
Identity (Secret): Caleb Thomas Black
Height: 6’
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Group Affiliation: New Centurions
Base of Operations: Red Haven, Centurion Tower
Power Level: 9 (135p)
Power Point Totals: Abilities: 74 + Powers 42 + Advantages 13 + Skills 2 + Defenses 9 = 140
Power Points Earned: 5
Unspent Points: 0
Trade-offs (PL9):
- Skill Modifier (19): All Open
- Attack/Effect (Melee): 18/18 (Maxed)
- Attack/Effect (Ranged): 11/18
- Dodge/Toughness: 18/18 (Maxed)
- Parry/Toughness: 18/18 (Maxed)
- Fortitude/Will: 10/18

Abilities (74p)
Strength: 5/9
Stamina: 4
Agility: 6
Dexterity: 4
Fighting: 7
Intellect: 3
Awareness: 4
Presence: 4

Initiative: +6 (6 Agility)
Melee: +9 (7 Fighting + 2 Close Combat)
Ranged: +6 (4 Dexterity + 2 Ranged Attack)
Specific Attacks:
- Unarmed: +9, DC 20/24 (Damage 5/9, bludgeoning; crit 20)
- Taser: +6 vs Dodge, Affliction 5 (daze, stun, or incapacitate) Fortitude DC 15; Range 125/250/500; Crit 20

Defenses (9p)
Dodge: +9 (6 Agility + 3 Defense)
Parry: +9 (7 Fighting + 2 Defense)
Fortitude: +5 (4 Stamina + 1 Defense)
Toughness: +8/9 (4 Stamina + 1 Defensive Roll + 2 Costume + 2 Defense)
Will: +5 (4 Awareness + 1 Defense)

Skills (4 Ranks, 2p)
Acrobatics: +6 (6 Agility + 0 Ranks)
Athletics: +5/9 (5/9 Strength + 0 Ranks)
Close Combat
- Unarmed +9 (7 Fighting + 0 Ranks + Close Combat 2)
Deception: +4 (4 Presence + 0 Ranks)
- Soldier: +4 (3 Intellect + 1 Ranks)
Insight: +4 (4 Awareness + 0 Ranks)
Intimidation: +5 (4 Presence + 1 Ranks)
Investigation: +3 (3 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Perception: +5 (4 Awareness + 1 Ranks)
Persuasion: +4 (4 Presence + 0 Ranks)
Ranged Combat (4 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)
- Taser: +6 (4 Dexterity + 0 Ranks + Ranged Attack 2)
Sleight of Hand: +4 (4 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)
Stealth: +7 (6 Agility +1 Ranks)
Technology: +3 (3 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Treatment: +3 (3 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Vehicles: +4 (4 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)

Advantages (13p)
Accurate Attack (up to -5 on effect for up to +5 on attack)
Close Attack 2 (+2 Close Attacks)
Defensive Attack (up to -5 on attack for up to +5 to Dodge and Parry)
Defensive Roll 1 (+1 active Toughness)
Equipment 3 (15 equipment points)
Favored Environment: Darkness (+2 bonus to attack or active defenses when in darkness, chosen at start of round)
Improved Disarm (no penalty to disarm attacks and can’t be disarmed in return)
Power Attack (up to -5 on attack for up to +5 on effect)
Ranged Attack 2 (+2 to ranged attacks)

Equipment (15)
Utility Belt Array (12p)
- Taser (10p): Affliction 5 (daze, stun, or incapacitate) Fortitude DC15
- Restraints (1p)
- Mini-tracer (1p)
Comlink (1p)
Costume (2p): Protection 2

Powers (40p)
Shadow Form (27p) – Body turns into a living shadow
- Concealment 4 (All Visual, Limited Darkness/Shadows, 7p)
- Immunity (1p) (Environmental Condition – Cold)
- Insubstantial 4 (Limited vulnerable to Light-based powers, 20p)
- Activated Move Action (-1p)

Darkness (3p) – Creates area of darkness
- Concealment 2 (Visual, 4p)
- Close Burst Area Attack (Limited 15’, 0p)
- Activated Move (-1p)

Dark Regeneration (0p) – Heals while in shadow or darkness, remove -1 Toughness penalty every 5 rounds while in darkness or shadows
- Regeneration 2 (Medium: Shadows/Darkness, -2p)

Darkvision (2p)
- Senses 2 (2p)

Shadowport (6p) – Teleport 500’ through shadows
- Teleport 4 (8) (Medium: Shadows/Darkness, -4p; Change Velocity, +1p; Turnabout, +1)

Empowered by darkness (4)
- Enhanced Strength 4 (8)
- Limited Darkness/Shadow (-4)

Motivation: Justice – punish the criminals in Red Haven and protect the innocent citizens
Enemies: The Medved Koroli, The Yellow Hand, Parkour, Death Magnet
Relationships: Kimberly Black, 15 year old daughter (knows his secret identity); Matthew and Karen Black (parents, do not know his secret identity); Virginia Diamond, cousin-in-law (cousin of Caleb’s wife)

[sblock=The Shadow’s Background]
Caleb Black grew up in a working class family in Red Haven. His father was a police officer and his mother worked in a bakery. When he turned 18, Caleb joined the Army in an effort to get out of the crime-ridden neighborhood, but not before he married his high school sweetheart Victoria Armati, who happened to be the daughter of one of the Diamond mob families.

After Caleb returned from basic training and was stationed at the Middleton Army Base, he and Tori discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Kimberly.

After 9/11, Caleb volunteered for special forces training and eventually served with Delta Force in Iraq and Afghanistan. After the war, he returned to Middleton Army Base. During the V’sorri Invasion his team was called upon to board and take out an alien ship. Caleb was accidentally exposed to massive amounts of the exotic dark matter radiation in the ship’s power core.

After recovering, Caleb took an honorable discharge and returned to his family in Centropolis, taking a job as a security guard at the Millionaires Pavilion shopping center. Nothing seemed amiss until all hell broke loose between the established Italian mob families and the new Russian arrivals, the Medved Koroli. Caleb and Tori were shopping when the Russians targeted her for a hit, despite the fact that she had little to do with the family business. Caleb shielded her with his body, taking a few of the spray of bullets meant for her, but then his body changed. Becoming shadow, he became insubstantial, allowing the rest of the bullets to pepper the body of his wife. It was only a fraction of a second and then it was done. Caleb collapsed in a pool of his wife’s blood.

Caleb’s injuries healed remarkably quickly as he discovered that he could draw on the darkness for healing. He was now left with sole care of his daughter, and with a burning vengeance against the criminals that had taken his wife from him.

Caleb tested his new abilities. He trained, enhancing his already formidable combat skills. But he would not take the ultimate justice into his own hands; he would not kill. But he had no problem leaving the criminals in traction for a year.

And so the mysterious Shadow of Red Haven hit the streets, spreading fear into the criminals of the district.


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First Post
Real name: Miranda Maria Angelina Cortesi (Mimi)
'Hero' name: Ariel (hasn't actually picked one yet, no 'hero' career yet to speak of)
Concept: Flying powerhouse/paragon (Tactile TK-based)

[sblock= Attributes and defenses]
-STR 4 (8pp)/ Enhanced 6 (or 10, Lift 11)
-STA 6 (12pp)
-DEX 3 (6pp)
-AGI 6 (12pp)
-FGT 4 (8pp)
-INT 1 (2pp)
-AWE 2 (4pp)
-PRE 3 (6pp)

-Toughness: 6 (10, Impervious 2)(0pp)
-Parry: 4 (4 FGT, +0pp)
-Dodge: 6 (6 AGI, +0pp)
-Fortitude: 10 (6 STA, +4pp)
-Will: 6 (2 AWE, +4pp)
-Initiative: +6 (6 AGI, +0)

-Close combat (Unarmed) +6, DC 19/21/25 (+4/+6/+10); other close +4
-Ranged attack (Thrown object) +6, DC up to 25, depending on item thrown; other ranged +3

-Lift: 800 lbs (3200 lbs)(up to 50 tons boosted)(STR 4/6/10+1)
-Leap: 30 feet (up to 120 feet boosted)(Leaping 2/4)
-Flight: up to 1000 MPH (Flight 9, +9= 18)

[sblock= Skills]
-Acrobatics +10 (AGI 6, +4sp)
-Athletics +6 (8/12)(STR 4+, +2sp)
-Deception +3 (PRE 3, +0sp)
-Insight +3 (AWE 2, +1sp)
-Intimidation +3 (PRE 3, +0sp)
-Investigation +2 (INT 1, +1sp)
-Perception +3 (AWE 2, +1sp)
-Persuasion +3 (PRE 3, +0sp)
-Sleight of hand +3 (DEX 3, +0sp)
-Stealth +6 (AGI 6, +0sp)
-Technology +2 (INT 1, +1sp)
-Treatment +2 (INT 1, +1sp)
-Vehicles +3 (DEX 3, +0sp)

-Close combat (unarmed) +6 (4 FGT, +2sp)
-Ranged combat (throwing) +6 (3 DEX, +3sp)
-Expertise: Current events +2 (1 INT, +1sp)
-Expertise: Pop culture +2 (1 INT, +1sp)
-Expertise: Streetwise +2 (1 INT, +1sp)
-Expertise: Student +2 (1 INT, +1sp)

+20 Skill Pts= 10 pp

[sblock= Advantages]
-Attractive (1 pt; see also under Complications)
-Accurate attack
-Agile feint
-Great endurance
-Improved trip
-Instant up
-Languages 1 (Italian)(1pp)
-Luck x1 (1pp)
-Equipment (5 ep= 1pp)
>Smartphone with camera and GPS (4ep)
>'Flash goggles' (fancy sunglasses)(1ep)

TOTAL= 9pp

TO ADD LATER: (no particular order) Contacts, Connected, Evasion, Interpose, Skill mastery (acrobatics), Fascinate (Acrobatics), Takedown (x2), Improvised weapons, Throwing mastery, Benefit (well-off; trust fund), more Luck.

[sblock= Powers]
A. Basic powers:
-Enhanced STR +2 (6; +4 pp)(Sustained)
-Leaping 2 (2pp)
-Regeneration 1 (1pp)
-Feature: Iron stomach (1pp)
-Feature: 'glowstick'/flashlight (1pp); All of her TK effects have a slight visible display- a soft white glow as the adjacent air molecules are affected. For the most part, this is just enough to make her 'glow', but with a bit of effort she can focus just enough light to read by, the equivalent of a cyalume lightstick or small penlight, not even as bright as a smartphone 'flashlight' app. Using this, she is Distracted (but that isn't enough to reduce to 0 cost). It is, at best, a parlor trick- and she would be incredibly impressed by what Kitsune can do with light.
-Immunities: Aging, Disease, Poison, Sleep {All at half effect; 4x (1x 1/2= 1/2)= 2pp]

B. TK Force field (6pp)
-Protection +4 (10), Impervious 2; Sustained

C. 'Tactile TK Tool-kit' (Array)(5pp total; 4+1):
-Slot 1: Move object 2 (Precise, Close range), +Enhanced Advantage: Improvised tools {2x (2-1=1)= 2+1+1= 4pp}
-Slot 2 (AE): 'TK grip'; Enhanced advantages- Chokehold, Fast grab, Improved grab, Improved hold {4x 1= 4; AE +1pp)

D. 'Apply more force' (Dynamic array)(13pp total; 9+2+2):
-Slot 1: (Boosted STR) STR +4, Sustained (10 total); +Powerlifting 1; 8 +1pp, +1 Dynamic, -1 Activation (move action to activate or change dynamic distribution)= 9 total
-Slot 2: (Flight) Flight 9 (Distractible); -1 Activation (Move action to activate or change point array), {9x (2-1=1)= 8 -1= 8pp max effect; DAE 2pp for slot}
-Slot 3: (Movement) Enhanced Leaping +2 (4 total; 2pp); Movement 1 (Safe fall; 2pp); Movement +2 (Wall-crawling 2; 4pp); -1 Activation (Move action to activate or change point array); {2+2+4= 8 -1= 7pp max effect; DAE= 2pp for slot)

Total: 2+1+2+4+1+1+6+5+13= 35pp

[sblock= Background]
(Short form- there is a longer version in progress but I wanted to get something up here):

Miranda Cortesi ("Mimi" to most people) is a young woman of Italian ancestry, a girl from 'the neighborhood' (They don't call it Little Italy anymore), and a freshman at Pine Oak Technical University- but her real story began more than thirty years ago, with her father.

Paulo Cortesi was just another guy from the neighborhood- but while most of the guys his age were joining the mafia's ranks, he stayed on the straight and narrow. He served in the Army (in a combat engineering unit), and when he came home he married his high school sweetheart. He went to trade school, then became a plumber- joined the union and everything. Sure he went to school with Tony Diamond, back in the day, and many of his friends were Made- but Paulo was a hard-working guy. He busted his butt for his family- his wife, and later, his kids, were his life. It wasn't unusual to see that Royal Flush Plumbing van anywhere in town, at any hour of the day or night. Nobody, but nobody, knew that he was also a 'cleaner' for Tony Diamond, an agent of last resort. He was also, secretly, a metahuman with low-level powers of luck, concealment- and a disintegrating touch; this is why he never failed, and was never discovered. When Tony got whacked ten years ago, Paulo went down with him- but even the police never suspected a thing; he was listed as an innocent bystander.

When she found out that her father was gone, eight year old Miranda had a world-class temper tantrum- she literally demolished her bedroom, and with one punch she knocked out her dad's friend Cesar, an experienced thug and enforcer. In short, the trauma activated her own metahuman traits, a 'last gift' from her father. Years went by, and her mother sank deeper and deeper into her religious faith for solace. She took to venerating Paulo as a saint, and raised his son (too young to really remember his dad) to do the same. Miranda grew more independent and athletic, and mostly stopped going to church, to her mother's dismay.

Miranda also found her father's secret diary, and learned what no one else knew, in all the world. It helped her understand what she was, and she swore to keep his secrets- and to make up for the crimes he had committed. She had started training in ballet and gymnastics at an early age- and her interest in sports only grew, though she competed less and had to train on her own to avoid revealing her growing powers. She also began to have a more strained relationship with some of her friends, and with others in the neighborhood- at some level she blamed the mob for what her father had done, and what had happened to him; and she was increasingly intolerant of criminals who preyed on the public, no matter how nice they seemed, or what good they did for the neighborhood. She resolved to keep her word, and to stand up for her friends- but that meant she would have to be more careful about who she actually was friends with. To the dismay of her mother, and many other people in the neighborhood, she went 'away' to college- only to Pine Oak Technical University, not even ten miles away, but in a whole other world.

Miranda has just begun to consider how she might start doing good in the world- she is considering a degree in Social Work, or maybe nursing. And she has started using the gym and other resources at school to practice and improve her 'gifts' in ways she never could back home.

[sblock= Description]
-Height: 5'4"
-Weight: 125 lbs (Well-toned and athletic; dancer's/runner's build)
-Hair: Black (long and wavy; usually in a tight braid in civilian ID)
-Eyes: Brown (no glasses or contacts)
-Age: 18
-Description: Miranda is an attractive young woman, just a bit under average height with a slender but well-toned build- the body of a dancer or a runner. She has long black hair (usually in a simple thick braid) and big brown eyes; her complexion has a slight hint of an olive/Mediterranean coloration, but this is usually hidden under a golden tan that would make a Southern California girl envious. She tends to dress in a simple, relatively modest fashion- and often in clothing suited to athletic pursuits, though she hates spandex. Her typical expression is a warm, confident smile. She wears little jewelry and almost no make-up (her power tends to keep her freshly scrubbed so she gave up on cosmetics; she does have a small tattoo (Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, in the appropriate spot)- just don't tell her mom...

-Costume/clothing: Miranda doesn't exactly have a costume yet, but she does have a stretchy fabric mask for most of her face, and some nice sunglasses; she also wears her hair loose and flowing (something she never does the rest of the time- she always keep her hair in a thick, simple braid otherwise). She usually wears sneakers, jeans or cargo shorts, and a tee-shirt or cut-off sweatshirt over a sports bra. She also usually has a denim jacket or a hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of lightweight leather gloves.

[sblock= Complications]
1. Her mother: Annabella Cortesi (nee Lucano); Miranda's relationship with her mother has become more and more strained over the years- Anna was always very Catholic, and she dove deeper into religion for solace when her husband died. She would have been happy if Miranda had joined a convent, and is a stern woman at heart. She also venerates her husband as nearly a saint- and she must never learn the truth. Recently her religious 'evolution' has taken a darker turn, blaming metahumans for many of the world's problems- Miranda has been nearly sickened by some of the newsletters she has seen in the mailbox (and that is why she lives in her dorm and almost never comes home lately).
2. Her little brother: Paolo junior (AKA 'Paulie), age 13; Paulie is really too young to remember his father, so he goes by what his mother tells him. Living in the neighborhood, he is friends with many other kids his age, whose parents are involved with the Mob at some level. Miranda wants him to grow up 'clean', and go to a good school- maybe become a doctor or engineer or something; anything but become another junior mobster...
3. Her father (deceased): Paolo Cortesi; on the surface, he was clean- a hard-working union plumber who just happened to have a lot of friends in the mob (he and Tony D went to school together, ages ago). In truth, he was (also) a cleaner for Tony, who was the only one who really knew his identity. A mutant with powers of luck and concealment (and a psychokinetic disintegration touch), he kept his two lives firmly separated- even his wife and most of his friends had no idea. He died when Tony was whacked, but even the police put him down as an "innocent bystander caught in the crossfire"). Miranda found his secret diary, and it changed her life. His deeds (and atoning for them) are a part of her motivation; she also burned that diary and vowed to keep his secret. She sometimes talks to him, like he is a guardian angel now. Miranda also inherited his mutant gene, and her powers were first manifested on the day he died- she considers that his last gift, left to protect her since he couldn't do it himself...
4. Her ex-boyfriend (but still kind-of friend, for now): Vincenzo Vinzetti (AKA 'V'), age 18; Miranda's boyfriend for the last two years of high school (where he was captain of the football and wrestling teams), and an old friend 'from the neighborhood'. Instead of going to college, V has gone into the family business- THAT family business (as a low-level goon, part of the Mob's efforts at rebuilding with a new generation). Not really a BAD guy, at least not yet. While his career choice is the direct cause of their break-up, they are still friends (and they tease each other more like a brother and sister); Miranda still hopes that he can change his ways. (Maybe he will move up in the mafia ranks- lots of room to get a promotion; maybe he will be mutated into a mafia super-enforcer; maybe he will die on the streets- and maybe, just maybe, something will happen to change him for the better). While he doesn't know of Miranda's powers, he might have some idea that she is stronger than she ought to be...
5. Her roommate at POTU: Mitzi Goldstein, age 19; Mitzi is quiet and shy, and very bookish (very much the opposite of the outgoing and physical Miranda). Nonetheless, they are very good friends and like to do stuff together. Mitzi has no idea that Miranda is metahuman- is that a secret she could keep?
6. The Neighborhood/The Mob: Everybody who lives in the neighborhood knows something about the mob- some more than others, and some deny it better than others; nobody talks about it to outsiders. Many kids around Miranda's age were literally godfathered by Tony D, and even after his death the legacy and respect are strong. Whether the new generation of mobsters will keep that respect, and keep the neighborhood together, is yet to be determined. In any case, organized crime is a constant undercurrent in that part of town- and it makes Miranda uncomfortable whenever she is around. She is just starting to learn how deep those currents run (Expertise- Streetwise, and maybe future Contacts/Connected)

-Motivation: 'Doing the right thing'; while Miranda is not as deeply Catholic as her mother would like, she does feel a lot of guilt about a lot of things, many of which are not her fault. She also believes very firmly in good deeds and charitable work, and she honestly enjoys helping less-fortunate people- it is likely she will use college to get a degree in social work or something similar. In the meantime, she may be helping people in a more immediate, concrete fashion. She is also a firm believer in 'keeping your word' and staying loyal to your friends- no matter how much trouble it brings.

-Attractive: Miranda is an attractive young woman- sometimes a bit too much so. Lots of guys do foolish things to attract her attention (even dangerous things), and she seems to have bad luck with drawing the attention of guys that she wants nothing to do with- weird, or creepy, or even old...

-Eats like a whole stable full of horses: Her enhanced metabolism has one big downside- she eats a LOT of food. Luckily she is on the Unlimited student meal plan at school... She is often hungry, and sometimes does unusual things to get food- like a late night flight half-way across town just to find a decent diner that is still open at 3 AM.

-Secret (identity): Miranda is brand new to the hero game- so new that she doesn't have a real costume, or a firmly chosen codename. She very much wants to keep her identity secret- she feels that it would endanger her friends and family, and her mother would KILL her. So while she doesn't have a costume exactly, she does have a mask- soft stretchy fabric that covers most of her face, combined with wraparound sunglasses and wearing her hair loose (which she never does normally).

-Not sure if 'novice superhero' actually qualifies as a Complication, but it will likely apply. She hasn't really thought about being a Hero- she will just kind of fall into it...


-Point accounting: ATT 58 +DEF 8; +SK 10; +AD 9; +POW 35= 120 PP
-Caps: attack/effect (+6/effect 10); Dodge/Tough (6/10); Parry/Tough (4/10); FORT/WILL (10/6)

[sblock= Design notes and improvement]
-At a basic level, Miranda is a powerhouse- she just tends to look and fight more like a gymnast. As a fledgling hero, she doesn't have a lot of combat experience, certainly not in an 'all-out' fight anyway. She tends to use grabs, holds, and throws on most 'normal' foes, and saves punches, kicks, and so on for obvious 'super' or artificial foes.

-Also, as a fledgling hero, she does have some issues with power activation- mostly those powers which require more effort or control. In due time, she will get better at this, but for now some things take a little extra work.

-Her powers are designed to be close range- her only ranged ability will be throwing stuff (or flying slam/tackle). Hopefully, despite some surface similarities, she will play out different enough from Kitsune- though the similarities may build some bonds (or a friendly rivalry)...

-Her TK is Tactile-based- that is, it is 'conducted' by her own body, and fades out about an inch or so from her skin. She can use it to boost her strength and durability, and she can lift herself through the air (at basic level, this is astounding jumps, but she has just learned to actually fly, though it still requires a lot of mental effort). The constant flow of energy has improved her metabolism greatly, and improved her 'natural' strength and durability. Her power is strongest and best controlled around her hands, and one of her best 'tricks' is to use the TK energy to 'lock onto' something she is directly touching- which allows her to do things like open doors or lift objects where she could not normally get leverage or grip, or to climb a wall without real handholds (it also lets her 'grab hold' of things or people without a physical grip, which makes combat grabs a snap). On the flip side, it means she can't move objects at a distance, or with a glance- and no force bolts or weird force constructs...

-For improvement, she will look to increase her strength and defenses, as well as improving her control (moving powers from arrays to solo, removing restrictions, etc.). She may also improve her social resources (learning Contacts and Connected, improving PRE, etc.)

Charwoman Gene

Galatea (Eliza Petroski)

Nerdy Art Historian by day, Marble-skinned hero by night.

Introvert finding life as a hero a great change from a nice but boring life.

Origin, the short version. Mysterious statue, Villian trying to unlock its power, she's a hostage, escapes but that sets in motion her being exposed to weird energies and absorbing the essence of the statue, gaining the power to transform into a living marble statue.

Making a name for herself as a hero, she's stopped a major art heist, met up with a villian or two, but still a little new to the game.

Life in Eliza’s corner of the world has gone weird. After getting tangled up in the just-forming New Centurions, Eliza, determined to try to integrate her powers into normal life, tries to join the Centropolis Fire Department. In trying to do so, she was publicly exposed as a super. Her family has disinherited her, but she still retains enough wealth she doesn’t need a regular job to maintain a basic life. Eventually she caught back up with the New Centurions and is now content with using her abilities as part of the team.


Strength 12(0), Stamina 9(2), Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 3, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 2

"Marble Form:
Marble Form: Alternate Form [Activation (Move Action)], Marble Strength: Enhanced Strength 12 [Permanent], Marble Stamina: Enhanced Stamina 7 [Permanent], Suffocation Immunity: Immunity 2 [Immune to Suffocation], Environmental Immunity: Immunity 5 [Immune to cold, heat, high pressure, radiation, and vacuum], Jumping: Leaping 6, unharmed: Impervious 10 [Toughness], skin: Protection 4
(65 points)"


Benefit 1 [Wealthy], Languages 4 [8 Languages], Interpose

Athletics 5 (+17), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+6), Deception (+2), Expertise: Art History 4 (+8), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation (+2), Investigation 4 (+8), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion (+2), Ranged Combat: Throwing 3 (+5), Stealth (+3), Technology 4 (+8)

Initiative +3

Dodge 5, Parry 5
Toughness 13 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 9, Will 9

Power Points
Abilities 40 + Powers 64 + Advantages 6 + Skills 16 + Defenses 9 = Total 135

"Family: Eliza is wealthy from her Old Money family, but they are constantly poking into her life and would likely not approve of her heroic shenanigans.
Motivation: Thrills. Being a hero is fun, and I haven't run into real trouble yet."Galatea.png
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First Post
The Stomers


REAL NAME: Chelsea Lincoln
OCCUPATION: Information technology specialist

PL 9 (Power Points 133)
Powers: Flight (Flight 5 (60 MPH)); Magnetism Control (Dynamic Array (20 points); Magnetic Energy Blasts (Ranged Damage 10, Dynamic), AE: Magnetic Manipulation (Move Object 10, Perception Range, Limited Material (Ferrous Metals)); Metallic Armor (Impervious Protection 8, Sustained)
Advantages: Improvised Tools, Inventor
Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+7), Expertise: Computers 5 (+9), Expertise: Current Events 8 (+12), Ranged Combat: Magnetic Energy Blasts 3 (+6), Technology 5 (+9)
Offense: Initiative +4, Magnetic Energy Blasts +6 (Ranged, Damage +10), Unarmed +7 (Close, Damage +3)
Defense: Dodge 16 (+6), Parry 16 (+6), Fortitude +6, Toughness +10, Will +10
Totals: Abilities 54 + Powers 49 + Advantages 2 + Skills 12 + Defenses 16 = 133
Complications: Motivation—Greed: The formerly humble Chelsea now wants it all, and wants it now. Temper: Where there was once sweetness and light, there is now hostility and rage filling Chelsea’s soul.


REAL NAME: Elaine Chao
OCCUPATION: Martial arts instructor

PL 9 (Power Points 115)
Powers: Claws & Teeth (Strength-based Damage 6); Jumping (Leaping 4 (120 feet)); Keen Nose (Senses 3 (Acute (All Olfactory), Tracking))
Advantages: Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Evasion, Fearless, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Power Attack
Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+11), Athletics 7 (+10), Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+9), Perception 10 (+12), Stealth 7 (+11)
Offense: Initiative +8, Claws & Teeth +9 (Close, Damage +9)
Defense: Dodge 21 (+11), Parry 21 (+11), Fortitude +10, Toughness +7/4*, Will +8 *Without Defensive Roll.
Totals: Abilities 46 + Powers 13 + Advantages 12 + Skills 18 + Defenses 26 = 115
Complications: Motivation—Thrills: Elaine’s love of action has been exacerbated in her new animal form. Temper: The formerly self-disciplined Elaine is now quite feral, and prone to vicious retaliation.

REAL NAME: Harry Essex

PL8 (Power Points 98)
Powers: Tentacles (Elongation 6; Extra Limbs 4)
Advantages: Benefit (Ambidexterity), Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Startle, Takedown 2
Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 7 (+8), Intimidation 8 (+9), Perception 3 (+5)
Offense: Initiative +1, Unarmed +8 (Close, Damage +8)
Defense: Dodge 19 (+9), Parry 19 (+9), Fortitude +10, Toughness +7, Will +6
Totals: Abilities 50 + Powers 10 + Advantages 6 + Skills 9 + Defenses 23 = 98
Complications: Motivation—Greed: Becoming a monster hasn’t dulled Harry’s appetite for the long green. Prejudice: Octaman is a six-foot-tall walking, talking squid-man. That tends to get a reaction. Temper: Octaman is mad pretty much all the time.
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SILVER STREAK (Bobby Braddock)


[sblock="COMBAT STATS"]
Initiative +12
Lightning Bolt: +9, (Ranged Damage 9 electrical)
Lightning Flash: +9, (Ranged Dazzle 9 vision)
Taser Blast: +9, (Ranged Affliction 7, cumulative)
Overload: +9, (Perception Range Indirect Damage 7 electrical, devices only)
Unarmed: +1, (Damage 1 bludgeoning + Damage 3 electrical)

TOUGHNESS 6/2[/sblock]
Lightning Powers
Electrical Immunity: Immunity 5 (Electricity)
ElectroSense: Senses 11 (Detect: Electrical and Electronic devices, Accurate, Acute, Analytical, Penetrates Concealment, Radius, Range)
Electric Arc Jump: Teleport 1
Electricity Control:
Overload: Damage 7 (Ranged: Perception, Subtle, Indirect IV, Limited: Only affects Electrical/Electronic devices)
Device Manipulate: Move Object 8 (Perception Precise, Subtle, Limited: Only to control Electrical/Electronic devices)
Lightning Bolt: Damage 9 (Ranged)
Ball Lightning: Damage 6 (Ranged, Area: Burst)
Lightning Flash: Dazzle 9 [Vision - Impaired, Disabled, Unaware] (Ranged, Cumulative)
Taser Blast: Affliction 7 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated] (Ranged, Cumulative)​
Speed Powers:
Super Speed:
Enhanced Initiative 2
Quickness 4 (Physical tasks only)
Instant Up​
Super Running:
Speed 8 [600 mph]
Run on Water: Movement 1 [Water Walking] (Only while moving)
Run up Walls: Movement 2 [Water-crawling 2] (Only while moving)​
Fast Defense:
Defensive Roll 4
Enhanced Dodge 8
Enhanced Parry 11​
Acrobatics 5 (+9)
Athletics 2 (+3)
Deception 4 (+6)
Expertise 2 (+5) [Electrical Engineer]
Expertise 3 (+6) [Student]
Perception 4 (+6)
Ranged Attack 6 (+9) [Electricity Control]
Technology 2 (+5)[/sblock]
[sblock=BACKGROUND]Bobby Braddock comes from a good, middle-class family in California. He lettered in track in high school, earning a scholarship to Pine Oak Tech.
Unfortunately a car accident involving a downed power line and a truck carrying chemical waste left him in a wheelchair halfway through his Sophomore year.
Over that summer, his new powers developed, starting with twitching in his legs and being able to feel the electricity around and within him.
He had learned about Atlas, the Centurians, and other superheroes during his time in Centropolis, and decided to see if he could turn this into something good.
Eventually, practicing in secret, he learned the full extent of his new abilities. He devised a costume and hit the streets as Silver Streak.
He still uses the wheelchair out of costume, though, to help conceal his secret.[/sblock]
[sblock=COMPLICATIONS]Motivation: Doing Good.

PL 9[/sblock]


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Princess Starlight


Princess Starlight
4'7", 4'11” in platform shoes
Pale Blue
Blue/Black, very long, in twin pony tails

Brandon Wein
Sandy Brown, crew cut

Princess Starlight (Hero; PL: 9; PP: 137/138)

STR: -1; AGL: 3; FGT: 5; AWE: 7
STA: 7; DEX: 4; INT: 2; PRE: 2
Dodge: 11; Parry: 11; Fortitude: 7; Toughness: 7; Will: 11

SKILLS: Acrobatics +8 (5r); Athletics -1; Deception +2; Expertise (AWE): Magic +10 (3r); Insight +7; Intimidation +2; Perception +7; Persuasion +6 (4r); Stealth +3
ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack; Benefit, Wealth (well-off); Equipment 1; Improved Initiative; Ranged Attack 3

COMBAT Initiative: +7; Close: +5; Ranged: +7
  • 1) "Chiromantic Ultra Force": Damage 13: +5 (DC 28)
  • 2) "Sunny Rays of Chromatic Goodness": Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 8: +5 (Fortitude DC 18) Range: 60 feet cone, dc 18
  • 3) "Radiant Blazing Laser Beam": Damage 9: +9 (DC 24) Range: 225/450/900 ft.
  • 4) "Kinetic Comet Claws": Move Object 7: +11 (DC 22) Range: 175/350/700 ft.
  • 5) "Cage of the Stellar Lord": Cumulative Affliction 13: +5 (Will DC 23)
  • Grab: +5 (Special DC 9) Range: Close
  • Throw: +7 (DC 14) Range: Varies by weight
  • Unarmed: +5 (DC 14) Range: Close
  • A) Light Spells - (31 PP)
    • 1) "Chiromantic Ultra Force": Damage 13 - Extras: Penetrating 12; Descriptors: Light, Magical - (1 PP)
      "She strikes her opponent with the palm of her hand, light force bursting from it."
    • 2) "Sunny Rays of Chromatic Goodness": Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 8 - 1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware, Resisted by: Fortitude; Extras: Area (Cone) (60 feet cone, dc 18), Cumulative; Descriptors: Light, Magical - (1 PP)
      "A cone of blinding light shoots from her hand." Causes Blindness.
    • 3) "Radiant Blazing Laser Beam": Damage 9 - Extras: Accurate (+2), Increased Range (Ranged), Ricochet 2 (2 bounces); Descriptors: Light, Magical - (1 PP)
    • 4) "Kinetic Comet Claws": Move Object 7 3 tons - Extras: Accurate 2 (+4), Damaging; Descriptors: Light, Magical - (1 PP)
      "Similar to the Bird Sentinels, a flock of bird-claws fly off and strike or fly off, pick up, and move the target. IOW, Telekinesis."
    • 5) "Cage of the Stellar Lord": Cumulative Affliction 13 - 1st degree: Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Paralyzed, Resisted by: Will; Extras: Cumulative; Flaws: Quirk: Only one cage can be manifest at a time. - (25 PP)
      "An inescapable cage of light forms around the target."
    • 6) "Brilliant Comet Birdie Sentinels": Deflect 11 - Extras: Reflect; Descriptors: Light, Magical - (1 PP)
      "A flock of luminous bird-like comets of light streak off to defend an ally."
    • 7) "Brighter, Stronger, Lighter, Better": Healing 12 - Extras: Persistent; Descriptors: Light, Magical - (1 PP)
  • B) "Illuminated Wings of Glory": Flight 6 Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round - Flaws: Wings - (6 PP)
    "White feathered wings, aglow with light, appear on her back as she takes flight."
  • C) "See No, Hear No, Speak No": Senses 4 - Awareness: Evil, Extended: Evil Awareness 3 (X1k); Flaws: Distracting - (2 PP)
    "She closes her eyes and a nimbus of light surrounds her head. Her arm rises and points."
  • D) "Aurora Aura": Environment 2 Radius: 60 feet - Light (Bright); Flaws: Quirk: Does not power her own effects - (3 PP)
  • E) "Princess Starlight Shine in Luminous Splendor"/"Princess Starlight Slumbers": Feature 1 - (1 PP)
    Transform freely as a free action. "In a cascade of light and a montage of camera pans across and around her body, accompanied by a theme song, she changes from Brandon to Princess Starlight or With little fanfare, he changes from Princess Starlight into Brandon Wein."
  • F): Regeneration 10 Every 1 round - Flaws: Source: Only in Sunlight - (5 PP)
  • Cell Phone (Smartphone) (2 ep)
  • Computer (1 ep)
  • Video Camera (2 ep)
Gender: Female Age: 15
Eyes: blue Hair: black
Height: 4' 7" Weight: 87 lb.


Gold buckled, black platform shoes, about four inches high adorn her tiny feet. She wears a black leotard, studded with sequins that glow in various colors due to her aura. Her crimson, short, pleated skirt has slightly lighter red panels showing in the pleats. Her top is a crimson, V-neck, T-shaped sweater over a short sleeved, puffy shouldered, black blouse with a red cravat. Near her shoulders, stiff red circlets flare.

Her face is heart-shaped, with high cheek bones. Her eyes are a pale blue and they are slightly large for her size. Her skin is pale, almost white and her lips always seem to be colored the same red as her outfit. Her hair is midnight blue, not black, straight and, even in two pony tails that rise unnaturally off her head, it falls down to her hips. Woven into the pony tail are two red ribbons, also as long as her hair.

She is a bit busty for her size and is obviously embarrassed by it. She has a very high pitched voice.

The first public photo of The Princess is of her flying away, from below, in a skirt. He cringes every time he sees it.


One night, Brandon was star gazing when he saw a shooting star. Feeling foolish, he wished he had super powers. The next for night his dreams were filled with an image of pretty girl casting beams of light from her hands while saying goofy phrases. Each night the dreams ended with the girl saying "Princess Starlight Slumbers". After a week of this non-stop "training", he learned one more phrase: "Princess Starlight Shine in Luminous Splendor". He had no memory of learning these words but they were stuck in his mind. After a while he just had to say it.

At that point, Brandon Wein was replaced by Princess Starlight. That first time, Brandon immediately said "Princess Starlight Slumbers" and was relieved when he was himself again. But curiosity made him try it again, in a setting far from his house. And, while he just cannot get use to being a girl, he does want to do good. So it puts up with it. That, and the dreams spoke of a coming evil she is supposed to prevent. So he figures he should become proficient with being Princess Starlight (why, he laments, why that name?) before it happens.

Unknown to Brandon, the Princess Starlight powers sought out his sister but found him instead.


Brandon is the younger of two children. His sister Brandy is two years older than him. Melissa Byrnes-Wein, his mother, is on the board of several charitable (and prestigious) organizations headquartered in Centropolis. Jonathan, his father, is a low-level executive in one of leading scientific companies. He holds two Ph.D.s in biochemistry.

The Weins come from old money and live in one of the first, "older", modest-sized mansions along Millionaire's Pavilion. Being an older mansion, they own a larger plot of land than most including a private canalway off one of the main canals. Brandon usually goes into the copse of trees surrounding the private canal to change into Princess Starlight as he is fairly certain there are not any security cameras there. (Both on his property and the neighboring ones.)

Enemy: Something from her scary dreams
Identity: Brandon mostly doesn't want anyone knowing he's Princess Starlight because she's a girl and he's a guy. And while he would have no problem with this if it were someone else. Somehow it is a problem for him.
Motivation: Doing Good
Power Loss: If she is unable to perform the song and gestures that announce her Light Spells, her power ranks are effectively halved.
Quirk: She cannot stand cuteness and yet people tend to thrust cuteness upon her. People always think she like pink, ribbons, stuffed animals, and other "girlie" stuff.
Reputation: The Princess looks like a 14 year old girl and sometimes she even finds her self acting like a young girl. This makes it hard for some people to take her seriously. (They don't distrust or hate her initially. But they don't listen to what she says much either. Particularly law enforcement folk.)

TOTALS: Abilities: 58 + Powers: 48 + Advantages: 7 + Skills: 6 + Defenses: 18 -> 137

princess starlight.png
HP: 4; Condition: Normal
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Hero: N/A
Identity: Kimberly Virginia Black
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110 lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Group Affiliation: New Centurions (The Shadow is her father)
Base of Operations: Red Haven, Centurion Tower
Power Level: 1 (15p)
Power Point Totals: Abilities: 12 + Powers 0 + Advantages 3 + Skills 1 + Defenses 0 = 0
Power Points Earned: 0
Unspent Points: 0
Trade-offs (PL9):
- Skill Modifier (19): All available
- Attack/Effect (Melee)(18): 4/18; 8/18
- Attack/Effect (Ranged)(18): 1/18
- Dodge/Toughness: 3/18
- Parry/Toughness: 4/18
- Fortitude/Will: 1/18

Abilities (12p)
Strength: 1
Stamina: 1
Agility: 1
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 2
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 0
Presence: 1

Initiative: +1 (1 Agility)
Melee: +3 (2 Fighting + 1 Close Attack)
Ranged: +0 (0 Dexterity)
Specific Attacks:
- Unarmed: +3, DC 16 (Damage 1, bludgeoning; crit 20)
- Stun gun: +3, DC 15 (Affliction 5, vulnerable/stunned/incapacitated; crit 20)

Defenses (0p)
Dodge: 1 (1 Agility)
Parry: 2 (2 Fighting)
Fortitude: 1 (1 Stamina)
Toughness: 2 (1 Stamina + 1 Defensive Roll)
Will: 0 (0 Awareness)

Skills (2 Ranks, 1p)
Acrobatics: +3 (1 Agility + 2 Ranks)
Athletics: +1 (1 Strength + 0 Ranks)
Close Combat
- Unarmed: +3 (2 Fighting + 0 Ranks + 1 Close Combat)
- Stun gun: +3 (2 Fighting + 0 Ranks + 1 Close Combat)
Deception: +1 (1 Presence + 0 Ranks)
Expertise: 0 (0 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Insight: 0 (0 Awareness + 0 Ranks)
Intimidation: +1 (1 Presence + 0 Ranks)
Investigation: 0 (0 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Perception: 0 (0 Awareness + 0 Ranks)
Persuasion: +1 (1 Presence + 0 Ranks)
Ranged Combat 0 (0 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)
Sleight of Hand: 0 (0 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)
Stealth: +1 (1 Agility + 0 Ranks)
Technology: 0 (0 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Treatment: 0 (0 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Vehicles: 0 (0 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)

Advantages (3p)
Close Attack 1
Defensive Roll 1
Equipment 1 (5 points)

Equipment (5)
Stun Gun (Affliction 5 vulnerable/stunned/incapacitated; Crit 20) 5p

Powers (0p)

Motivation: Doing good.
Enemies: Parkour (unknown), Medved Koroli, Yellow Hand
Relationships: Caleb Black, The Shadow, is her father; Virginia Diamond, leader of the local Italian mafia, is her aunt and godmother
Secret: Knows The Shadow’s secret identity

Kimberly Black grew up an Army brat. Her father was a soldier in Delta Force and her mother worked as a nurse. After the Iraq war, they settled on the Middleton Army Base outside her father’s home city of Centropolis. During the V’sorri Invasion, her father’s team was called upon to board and take out an alien ship. Caleb was accidentally exposed to massive amounts of the exotic dark matter radiation in the ship’s power core.

After his recovery, Kim’s father took an honorable discharge and returned to his roots in the Red Haven neighborhood of Centropolis, taking a job as a security guard at the Millionaires Pavilion shopping center. Kim’s mother was killed in the violence that surrounded the Diamond family’s loss of control of the city’s underworld to the Russians.

As her father discovered and practiced with his new abilities, Kim was there by his side. She waited home worried and patched him up each night he returned injured as he worked to clean up the streets of Red Haven. She also trained with him, and he taught her some self-defense and fighting techniques. When he joined the Centurions, she moved into Centurion Tower with him.

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