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D&D 5E Monster Manual Expanded II Second Edition News and Updates


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Monster Manual Expanded 2nd Edition Art Previews #17. We're nearing the release date of the PDF so I'm ramping the previews! Today we're sharing the Adept of Orcus, the Revenant Avenger, and the Yeti Chieftain (a new statblock) - all beautiful pieces done by Todor Hristov!

Adept of Orcus.png
Revenant Avenger.png
Yeti Chieftain.png

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On that cover, I particularly like the top left detail where the Rogue is leaping at Lolth to deliver the mother of all Sneak Attacks in the history of Dungeons and Dragons itself.
Yeah after first trying that particular move on the Night King, Arya sailed westwards away from the peaceful lands of the Boy-King with the Best Stories and eventually Spell-Jammered herself to Toril where she eventually did the one thing Drizzt hadn't managed to do yet, slaying Lolth who had accidentally made her kill list. Remarkably she used that exact same move on the drow deity. The first sword of Braavos would have been proud.

One can only but guess where this uber-field-leaping-assassin is gonna pop-up next.
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What was the other Orcus related monster? I think from the third book if I remember the previews form that thread, there was something else Orcus related in there.


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The 2nd Edition PDF of Monster Manual Expanded will be released on Feb. 25, 12 AM ET. Coincidentally, that also marks its 3rd Year Release Anniversary! Not bad for a book that's still in the DM's Guild Hottest Top 10!

FYI, this version won't be the final one yet, as more art pieces are still being completed and should be applied in the next update.

Also, if you still haven't purchased MME1 yet, you should get your PDF copy now. Once the 2nd Edition goes live, its price will go up to $24.99. Finally, don't expect the PoD/Hardcover yet until the 2nd quarter of 2022.


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