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When I learned that I can improve and revise the PoDs of the two previous MMEs, I made a promise to myself that I will go back and improve them if the pre-PoD Monster Manual Expanded III hits a milestone. I did and now I'm making it official.
I will be working on their 2nd edition versions, which will include new covers, artwork, layout, and updated statblocks to reflect current WoTC standards. I'm not replacing all the artwork though, just the ones that need replacement. Don't expect the PoD of these 2nd editions to be available until probably the 1st-2nd quarter of 2022. The PoDs of the current 1st editions will be available only until the end of October. After that, they will be both deactivated.
I know you have many questions. I'm not going to answer them yet though. Just pose them and I'll come up with a comprehensive FAQ sometime next week!

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DM's Guild Author
Monster Manual Expanded I and II Second Editions FAQ

1. What does Second Edition mean?
A Second Edition is an updated version of a pdf or book that has significant or substantial changes.

2. Will the Second Edition copies become new DM’s Guild products that we need to repurchase?
For PDFs, no. These will be the same Monster Manual Expanded I and II copies you’ve already purchased. When the Second Editions are released, you only need to download them if you’ve already purchased the previous versions.
For Print-on-Demand/Hardcovers (PoD/HC), yes. You will have to purchase them if you wish to have a second edition copy.

3. Why did you decide to do a Second Edition?
When I learned that I could update the Print-on-Demand/Hardcovers, I could have simply fixed the errors/typos and upload that version and be done with it. However, I felt that this was an opportunity to improve the pdf and the hardcovers. I also felt that, with the success of the MME books, I owed it to you to try and improve the previous books by spending more on commissioned art pieces and give the content the polish you’ve seen in MME III. Obviously, this greatly benefits everyone who already own the PDFs as they are essentially getting free upgrades.

4. When will the Second Editions be released?
The Second Edition PDFs for both books will be released earlier than their PoD/HC versions.
The MME Second Edition pdf will be released sometime in December or January. The PoD/HC will be released sometime late 1st quarter or early 2nd quarter. Just like in MME III, I want to be sure we catch all typos/errors before the PoD is released.
The MME II Second Edition pdf will probably be released sometime late in the 1st quarter of 2022 and the PoD/HC will be released late 2nd quarter 2022.

5. Will the Second Editions cost more they are released?
Yes, the Second Edition PDFs price will increase to $24.99 (up from $19.99). Again, if you already own the PDF, this will have no effect on you. Now if you still don’t own the PDF, then I suggest you purchase them now while they are still only priced at $19.99.
However, the PoD/HC versions will still have the same base price of $19.99 plus PoD/HC cost. Please be aware though that I have no control of the PoD/HC costing as this is set by DM’s Guild.

6. Why increase the price of the PDF Second Edition?
The price increase reflects the significant costs made to upgrade the PDF. Earnings from future sales will cover Second Edition upgrade costs (payments made to professional WoTC-level artists, editors, etc.).

7. I’ve already purchased a hardcover; can I get a discount or replacement?
Unfortunately, no you can’t. However, the Second Editions will not be arriving until late 1st or 2nd quarter of next year. That is still a good 6+ months before they become available. I understand that it leaves a bitter taste if you’ve recently purchased the book, and I’m sorry. But that is why I am making this announcement as early as possible with the new editions still a long way off.
You don’t have to buy the Second Edition hardcovers anymore as the first editions are still very good products as is. But if you decide to for any reason (such as replacing a badly worn-out MME), then purchasing the second edition hardcover would be worth it since you are getting a vastly improved product.

8. Are the first edition Print-on-Demand/Hardcovers still available?
Yes, but only until the end of October, 2021. After that, they will be deactivated until the second edition PoDs/HCs become available.

9. What are the significant or substantial changes being made in the Second Edition?
  • Layout improvements
  • Artwork improvements
  • Statblock improvements
  • Addition of tables
  • Correction of typos/errors

10. What kind of layout improvements will there be?
Streamlining, cleaning, and polishing of the layout as seen in the layout Monster Manual Expanded III

11. What will be the artwork improvements?
  • Book covers will be replaced with new commissioned artwork.
  • Pixelated artwork will be replaced with new commissioned artwork or better stock art.
  • Artwork that doesn’t represent the statblock well be replaced with new commissioned artwork or better stock art.

12. How much artwork will be replaced?
Probably around at least 25-35% of the artwork will be replaced for each book.

13. What kind of statblock improvements will be made?
  • Statblocks will be streamlined (to be more efficient and easier to use/manage)
  • Statblocks will adapt current WoTC style and standards (as seen in the latest books Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft and The Wild Beyond the Witchlight). These will include:
    • Addition of proficiency bonus
    • Alignment changes (addition of ‘Typically’)
    • Arrangement of Actions (i.e., spells and innate spells moved to Actions, etc.)
    • Addition of Categories (Bonus Actions get their own category)
    • Capitalization of Weapons (Bites, Claws, Tails, etc.)
    • Rewording of specific actions (i.e., Multiattack with Claw/Claws, etc.)
14. What tables will be added?
Tables that show creatures by CR, environment, etc. as seen at the end of MME III.

15. What about the Fantasy Grounds versions? Will they be updated too?
I will reach out to FG developers (Rob Twohy and company) and send them copies of the Second Editions so they can update their current versions. However, I have no control as to when they will complete the Second Edition update. Fantasy Grounds versions, once updated to Second Edition, will increase in price as well.
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Will the current PDFs be updated or will these be treated as separate titles?
It will be the same PDFs. If you've already purchased the PDF, then you just have to redownload them once the 2nd editions are out. The hardcovers, however, have to be repurchased. It's still going to be a long wait though as it will take at least 5-6 months before the 2nd ed MME1 hardcover/PoD will become available.


DM's Guild Author
I have the same question as Rabulias but for Fantasy Grounds.
It should be, but I have no control over the Fantasy Grounds version as I am not the developer. I will reach out to the developer to have them update it once the 2nd edition is out but again, I have no control.

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