D&D 5E Monster Manual Expanded II Second Edition News and Updates


Right now, with DMs day sale, Monster Manual 2 is a pretty screaming deal. I mean 30% off the old price, 14 bucks, which is half off the future price when all the new art is finished. I wanted the yuan ti and zombie variants and such a great deal, so couldn’t stop myself from adding another 300+ monsters to my pile.

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DM's Guild Author
The new art for the Succubus Dark Whisperer, coming in next month's update.

Succubus Dark Whisperer.png


DM's Guild Author
Cool art, but unless that is a baby spino, the scale is way off.

Adults of both species had skulls about the same size.
You are correct. However, at the time I designed these, the spinosaurus was often measured smaller in length and weight compared to the mosasaurus. It was only recently that they've discovered these were nearly the same in length, although the mosasaurus still had the larger head. The art may be not as accurate, but the statblocks are close enough (CR 9 and CR 11).

I can still fix it though.


DM's Guild Author
These are probably the last two art previews I'll share before the next update: the Storm Giant Stormguard and the Dire Werebear! I still have a few more art pieces coming and I'm saving those for the release.

Oh, if you're a 3E veteran and have advantage on Perception or Recall checks, you might recognize something.

Storm Giant Stormguard.png

Here are two more brand-spankin' new art pieces for the upcoming Monster Manual Expanded update: the Frost Giants (Priestess of Auril, Jarl, and Skald) and the Quaggoth Alpha!

View attachment 154444View attachment 154445
That frost giant skald has an almost maniacal smile there lol. I guess he's really, really happy about the upcoming beatdown he's about to inflict on the characters? Or happy to have a new audience for a song?

Still, all great art. Can't wait to see the full update!

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