D&D General My GM has changed the setting, now its set in Narnia but use's the DAD rules and all 5 Pcs are The 4th child of A Noble that support Caspian

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The GM of my group has had a great, in his opinion, on the other hand I find it so ridiculous that I'm impressed that my response to his idea wasn't laughing in his face

The GM's idea was to change the setting, so that set in Narnia but use's the DAD rules and all 5 Pcs are The 4th child of A Noble that secretly supports Caspian but unlike their fathers The 5 Pcs won't settle for secretly supporting Caspian, which would ensure that no matter who wins the winner will class their families as allies, rather they are openly fighting for Caspian against Miraz

The GM very foolishly, and I will admit that the fact that he'd had several pints of some alcohol likely played a very large part, that theirs 5 rather strange reasons for running this campaign

The 1st reason is so that The Pcs can ally with creatures like Minotaurs, Ogres, Bugbears, Werewolves, Goblins, most Giants, all Drow that aren't evil, but they can be evil and Orcs whilst still being, in the eyes of the goods, being among the followers of good, but I will admit that in all likelihood things like Minotaurs, Ogres, Bugbears, Werewolves, Goblins, most Giants, all Drow that aren't chaotic, but they can be evil, and Orcs are still evil but Miraz forces are so great that the only way they will have a chance is those that would normal attack each other on sight work together, the enemy of my enemy is my friends

The 2nd reason is that he likes the idea that even though Miraz is evil and Caspian and his allies, including The Pcs, are good Miraz has convinced all Telmermine Nobles and most Telmerines Commoners that he/King Miraz is good and Caspian and his allies, including The Pcs, are evil

Need I point out that even though A Large part of Miraz ruling council don't like him this is A cross-over RPG, meaning that if Miraz Ch is very high and most of his ruling Council have both A INT of 9 or 10 and A Wis of 9 or 10 then even though most of them don't like him he should find it easy to get them to side with him in order to protect the country from insurgents?

The 3rd reason is that he wants to use the attack on Miraz castle from The Film but do it in a way that even though The Narnians are found out and they have to try to get to safety but thanks to The Pcs most of them escape alive, I estimate that in The Film between 63% and 67% of The Narnians that take part in the attack on Miraz castle die but The GM says in this RPG cross-over idea roughly 70.2% of The Narnians that take part in the attack on Miraz castle survive but roughly 53.1% of the survivors will be so badly injured that they will be unable to take part in the final battle

The 4th is that Peter actually does decide that the situations so bad, The GM's thinking is that even though most that died the attack on Miraz castle in the film will live in this cross over doesn't mean that their injuries don't mean their unable to fight in the final battle and The GM's planning to ensure that happens by having Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy appear in The Forest of The Lantern, this is the place that in The Books, can't remember if its name is mentioned in the film, is known as Lanterns Waste, not the ruins of their former Castle, this way their won't be time to get their, get Lucy's life saving Elixer and get back in time to prevent Miraz winning, that they must resurrect The White Witch and in return for her giving him her word that she won't kill any of his family, friends, followers or innocent Termines he gives her his word that niether he nor his brother or either of his 2 sisters will kill her

The 5th reason is so that he can add in a scene were Peters telling Aslan about The Deal that in the desperation of his darkest hour he felt that in order to have a chance of winning he had to make with at the time undead but now living White Witch, Aslan gets very annoyed, trust me any Lion being that gets that angry is going to so dangerous that theirs a good chance that even Peter would be so scared that he'd wet himself but A Lion like Aslan being that angry?, the thoughts so scary that even thinking about it scares me a little

But then Aslan quickly calms down, likely because he knows Peter well enough to know that Peter will have deliberately made or included a loop hole that will allow them to kill The White Witch, Peter then reveals that he did include a loop hold that will let them kill The White Witch and the loop hole is that he deliberately worded the deal with The White Witch so that she can be killed as long as the person that kills her isn't either him, his brother or either of his 2 sister
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This is a bit of a run-on. My biggest problem is that the DM appears to be telling the players how to run their PCs. The world or Narnia is fine for a game world, but railroading the players to fit his story sounds like trouble.
I'll admit that this will be The 1st campaign, this means that before The 4th of next month 2 of The 7 GM's that I know will start running their 1st ever DAD Campaign and both of them will be using 1e, The GM's ever done, which is why either he doesn't know that he's railroading us or he doesn't realize that A GM should never railroad his player/players


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Is it just me, or are these threads all written by a neural network? They've all got long titles spelling out some wacky idea that is then presented in garbled, run-on sentences with random capitalized words and the all-important numbered list of "reasons"!
Also zero misspelled words. Grammar is all over the place, but not a single mispelling.

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