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Look at the free Necessary Evil Figure Flats for an image of the invading aliens. (Drones on page 1 and complete page 2.)

Specific Persons:

Dr Destruction

Major Jimmy Perez
Warlord Grypon
Richard Lyons
Jenna Jakes

[sblock=Alien Races]
An amphibious and telepathic race with human-like hairless bodies and skyblue skin. If they fight themselves and don't just use the K'tharen, they use advanced weaponry and battlesuits. Additionally, most V'sori possess Psionic Mastery, an ability that allows them to perform a number of psionic-based super-powers.

An amphibious race that combined the nastiest aspects of sharks and crocodiles with an aggression matched by neither. They are the stuff of nightmares to most and soldier slaves of the V'sori. The people
calling them "Fins".


[sblock=Non-human earth Races]
An aquatic race, appearing as blue skinned humans with gills. All of them have at least minimal psychic abilities, and many of them have highly developed powers.
Atlantis was been ruled by King Meros, also known as Aquarian to the surface world. King Meros was lost during the K'tharen attack on Atlantis, though rumors persist that he has survived.

Though the occurrences are rare, humans and Atlanteans can interbreed. Their progeny always have the ability to send their thoughts, and more often than not, have a greater incidence of superior psionic powers.
Other features of the Atlantean parent — such as being amphibious and blue skin — are not guaranteed to be passed on.

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[sblock=Star City]

Star City, built by a space god and home to strange aliens, enigmatic precursors, and more super-powered beings than any other spot on earth. What happens here in Star City determines whether the V'sori are defeated — or the reluctant fighters of Omega meet their final doom.

So, why wasn't it destroyed by the invaders when all the other major cities of the world were left as smoking ruins? Nobody knows, but only some missles hit eastpoint, the rest of it was left untouched.

Northpoint is the much vilified home to many humans who have gone over to the V’sori in order to preserve their safety and way of life. Northpoint is comprised of a series of upper-class suburbs and gated communities.
Since Perez and other community leaders are viewed as targets by human rebels and Omega, Northpoint is frequently patrolled by SOCorp Operatives. Anyone attempting to make trouble in Northpoint will have to deal with a number of SOCorp police vans screaming their way. Even superhumans have learned to fear SOCorp when they come in force.[/sblock]

The V'sori base houses the K'tharen strike squads as well as a number of Warlords and Battle-Masters.
Over 1000 drones are present and somewhere around 144 fins, depending on what’s going on at any given time.

The blue-collar workers who make up most of this section’s population quickly settled back into doing their jobs when the V’sori promised not to blast them and their families to atoms. Hatred fumes beneath their complacency, however, and is fanned constantly by Richard Lyons, the head of the so-called "Eastpoint Insurgents".
It may seem peaceful to the V'sori but Eastpoint is a powder keg ready to blow into full scale revolt.

Tempest is a rough part of town — or so it appears. The gangs that cover this district are actually part of a very subtle neighborhood watch program run by Jenna Jakes — aka the Watcher.
Jakes' power is one of seduction and manipulation, so she’s managed to pull together not only those gangers who might actually want to help, but those who are a bit more “reluctant” as well.

Southpoint was a social experiment gone awry, the result of a prisoner relocation and release program that placed nonviolent, mainly drug-related offenders in government-funded tenements. Without proper supervision and follow-up programs, the one-time prisoners became easy pickings for the neighborhood's criminal element, and soon fell back into their old ways. Drugs are by far the neighborhood’s greatest problem, with perhaps half the adults in the community addicted to alcohol or some sort of narcotic.

[sblock=The Docks]
A smuggler's haven.

Westpoint is a massive sprawl of factories, water treatment plants, and electrical relays.
Rumors abound that the V'sori can "listen" through the power lines and taint the water with drugs to make people docile.

[sblock=Prospect Point]
This elevated point of land is the most secure place on the entire island for the V'sori. Here they are surrounded by large concentrations of their fellows, including a veritable army of drones, patrolling SOCorps, and a K'tharen strike team. High-security walls, auto-targeting lasers (for aerial threats), and hidden infrared sensors round out the community’s defenses from the occasional superbeings.

The rich and powerful of Star City still cling to the hope that the aliens will grow tired of the earth and leave. Those who pledged themselves to the V'sori try to maintain their lives as they were before the invasion. Those who refused, lost everything.

The Mag-Lev winds its way through the dark and dingy streets of Downtown Star City, providing a high-tech contrast to the dark stone and gothic architecture of this gloomy district. V’sori drone patrols often ride random trains, dissuading attacks on the line, and allowing for the efficient transport of the city's denizens to and from work and home.
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SOCorp is a law enforcement agency in Star City established by Major Jimmy Perez.
Ostensibly, they enforce the V'sori rule within the city.
Generally they are well armed, well-armored, and highly motivated. A unit of SOCorp operatives can generally take down even super-powered threats with the right tactics.
When expecting such opposition, they can prove downright deadly.

When SOCorp personnel anticipate dealing with super-powered threats they can gain access to net-guns, foam-throwers, and megatasers.
Against high-priority targets they may field fusion grenades, vibro-blades, and even the occasional plasma rifle.
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Power Level 10
Power Points 150

Experience 3 (17.10.2011)
Hero Points 1

Strength 0
Stamina 0
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 0
Intellect 6
Awareness 6
Presence 4

Power Points: 32 PP

Initiative +4

Dodge 4
Parry 4
Will 12
Fortitude 8
Toughness 0 (“Energy Shield” 16)

Power Points: 22 PP

Deception +10(6)
Expertise: Magic +20(14)
Insight +15(9)
Investigation +15(9)
Perception +20(14)
Persuasion +10(6)

Power Points: 29 PP

Attractive 2
Improved Initiative 1
Ranged Attack 8

Power Points: 12 PP

“Energy Shield” [Magic]
Force Field 16 - (Power Cost: 16-2 = 14 PP)
» Flaw : Activation (Standard) [2]

“Magic Spells” [Magic]
Array (32 PP per Configuration) - (Structure Cost: 32+8 = 40 PP)
» Extra: Alternate Effect 8x1 [8]
[SBLOCK=Configurations]“Teleport” [Magic, Space]
Teleport 10 - (Power Cost: 10x3+2 = 32 PP)
» Extra: Change Direction [1]
» Extra: Change Velocity [1]
» Extra: Accurate [+1]
“Town Portal” [Magic, Space]
Teleport 16 - (Power Cost: 16x2 = 32 PP)
» Extra: Portal [+2]
» Extra: Accurate [+1]
» Flaw : Action (Standard) [-2]
» Flaw : Distracting [-1]
“Glacial Spike” [Magic, Cold]
Damage 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1+1 = 11 PP)
» Extra: Linked [0]
» Extra: Accurate 1 [1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Ranged) [+1]
» Flaw : Distracting [-1]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 20x1+1 = 21 PP)
» Defense: Dodge (Fortitude to remove)
» Conditions: Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobile+Defenseless
» Extra: Linked [0]
» Extra: Accurate 1 [1]
» Extra: Alternate Resistance (Dodge) [+0]
» Extra: Extra Condition [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Ranged) [+1]
» Flaw : Limited Degree [-1]
“Frozen Orb” [Magic, Cold]
Damage 10 - (Power Cost: 20x1 = 20 PP)
» Extra: Linked [0]
» Extra: Area (Cone) [+1]
» Extra: Secondary Effect [+1]
» Flaw : Distracting [-1]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1 = 10 PP)
» Defense: Dodge (Fortitude to remove)
» Conditions: Hindered+Vulnerable
» Extra: Linked [0]
» Extra: Alternate Resistance (Dodge) [+0]
» Extra: Area (Cone) [+1]
» Extra: Extra Condition [+1]
» Flaw : Limited Degree [-2]
“Blizzard” [Magic, Cold]
Damage 10 - (Power Cost: 10x2+1 = 21 PP)
» Extra: Linked [0]
» Extra: Extended Range 1 [1]
» Extra: Area (Cloud) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Ranged) [+1]
» Flaw : Distracting [-1]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1+1 = 11 PP)
» Defense: Dodge (Fortitude to remove)
» Conditions: Hindered
» Extra: Linked [0]
» Extra: Extended Range 1 [1]
» Extra: Alternate Resistance (Dodge) [+0]
» Extra: Area (Cloud) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Ranged) [+1]
» Flaw : Limited Degree [-2]
“Chain Lightning” [Magic, Electricity]
Damage 10 - (Power Cost: 10x3+2 = 32 PP)
» Extra: Affects Insubstantial 2 [2]
» Extra: Area (Burst) [+1]
» Extra: Selective [+1]
“Fire Bolt” [Magic, Fire]
Damage 10 - (Power Cost: 10x3+2 = 32 PP)
» Extra: Accurate 1 [1]
» Extra: Extended Range 1 [1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Ranged) [+1]
» Extra: Multiattack [+1]
“Fire Ball” [Magic, Fire]
Damage 10 - (Power Cost: 10x3+2 = 32 PP)
» Extra: Extended Range 2 [2]
» Extra: Area (Burst) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Ranged) [+1]
“Telekinesis” [Magic, Kinetic]
Move Object 10 - (Power Cost: 10x3+2 = 32 PP)
» Extra: Precise [1]
» Extra: Subtle (detected by Magic Awareness) [1]
» Extra: Damaging [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range (Perception) [+1]
» Flaw : Concentration [-1][/SBLOCK]

“Magic Dress” [Magic]
Feature 2 - (Power Cost: 2-1 = 1 PP)
» Effect: Quick Change 2
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

Power Points: 55 PP

Recognition (The Sorceress wants the people to like her, not fear her)
Power Loss (Gestures and Incantations required to cast spells)

It is not known why it happened, or how, but the kid who was playing his favorite video game at that time, was quite surprised to see his avatar suddenly standing next to him in flesh and blood.
The Sorceress was similarily surprised and also heavily confused, mistaking the kid for one of the numerous enemies she would encounter on a regular basis in her video game world. He barely survived the encounter.
In her confusion, the Sorceress went on a rampage through the city with liberal use of her destructive magical powers. By the time she realized the wrongness of her actions, she was already classified as a new villain.
The arrival of the alien invadors changed all this. Now she gets the chance to redeem herself and to make up for the damage she has caused. A simple 'Sorry!' surely wouldn't have been enough.

Power Point Summary: Abilities 32 PP + Defense 22 PP + Skills 29 PP + Advantages 12 PP + Powers 55 PP = 150 PP[/SBLOCK]

Voda Vosa

Helis the Destroyer

Abilities ( 40 pp)
Strength 10 , Stamina 8 , Agility 4 , Dexterity 4 , Fighting 8 , Intellect 0 , Awareness 4 , Precence 0 .

Powers ( 60 pp)
- Heracles' Armor ( Device : Removable (saves 6 pp) ) · 24 point/s
- The Might of the Gods ( Enhanced traits 30 : Fighting +4, Parry +4, Dodge +4, Agility +4, Strength +2, Toughness +2 ) · 0 point/s

- Titanomachia ( Growth 4 : Str and Sta +4, +2 intimidate, -4 stealth, -2 active defenses. Permanent ) · 8 point/s

- Xífos (Sword) ( Damage 1 : Str based. Affect insubstantials 2, Multiattack 11, Penetrating 11 ) · 25 point/s
- Kontári (Lance) ( AP: Damage 1 : Str based. Affect insubstantials 2, Homing 3, Increased range 1, Penetrating 11, Secondary effect ) · 1 point/s
- Tóxo (Bow) ( AP: Damage 1 : Str based. Affect insubstantials 2, Homing 3, Increased range 1, Multiattack 11, Extended range 3 ) · 1 point/s
- Aspída (Shield) ( AP: Affliction 11 : 1: Vulnerable, 2: Stunned. Reaction. Limited degree, Instant recovery. ) · 1 point/s

Advantages ( 28 pp)
All out attack 1 , Diehard 1 , Close attack 1 , Evasion 1 , Fast grab 1 , fearless 1 , Great endurance 1 , Imp. Aim, critical (all damage array), grab, hold, initiative 5 , Instant up 1 , Interpose 1 , Move-by action 1 , Power attack 1 , Precise attacl (all) 4 , Ranged attack 5 , Takedown 1 , Ultimate effort (Toughness save) 1 , Uncanny dodge 1

Skills ( 13 pp)
Acrobatics 6 (+ 10 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 6 (+ 16 ), Insight 4 (+ 8 ), Treatment 0 (+ 0 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 0 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 4 ), Perception 4 (+ 8 ), Intimidation 6 (+ 8 ), Investigation 0 (+ 0 ), Stealth 0 (+ 0 ).

Initiative: 8
Xífos + 9 Attack for DC: 26 Range: Melee ( Affect insubstantials, Multiattack Penetrating )
Kontári + 9 Attack for DC: 26 Range: Ranged ( Affect insubstantials, Homing 3, Penetrating, Secondary effect )
Tóxo + 9 Attack for DC: 26 Range: Ranged ( Affect insubstantials, Homing 3, Multiattack , Extended range (200-400-800 ft) )
Aspída + 9 Attack for DC: 26 Range: Melee ( 1: Vulnerable, 2: Stunned. Reaction. )
Grab + 9 Attack for DC: 20 Range: Melee ( Escape DC is at +5 )
Unnarmed + 9 Attack for DC: 25 Range: Melee ( Applies grab )

Defence ( 12 pp)
Parry: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 2 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Dodge: Rank ( 4 ) + Feat/power ( 2 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Toughness: Feat/power ( 2 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Fortitude: Rank ( 2 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Will: Rank ( 6 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
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Ondina Naiada AKA Siren - PL 10 (153 pp)

Abilities: 22pp
STA 0 (2)
DEX 2 (4)
AGI 2 (4)

Initiative: +4 (4 agi)
Melee Attack: +2 (2 fgt)
Ranged Attack: +4 (4 dex)
Specific Attacks:
TK Blast:+8, DC 27 Toughness, Linked Affliction DC 22
Psychic Knife: +8 Melee, DC 27 Toughness

Defenses: (23pp)
Dodge: +11 (7 base + 4 agi)
Parry: +11 (9 base + 2 fgt)
Toughness: +9 (2 sta + 7 Protection)
Fort +7 (2 sta + 5 enhanced)
Will +13 (7 base + 1 awe + 5 enhanced)

Skills: (50 ranks = 25pp)
Acrobatics(+15/11), Deception(+12/8), Perception(+12/11), Persuasion(+16/12), Stealth(+12/8)
*+5 to checks where Attractiveness Matters*

Advantages: (4pp)
Attractive, Benefit(Atlantean Royalty), Luck, Uncanny Dodge

Powers: (80pp)
Atlantean Hybrid Container: [Racial, Innate] (5pp)
Immunity 3: High Pressure, Cold Environments, Drowning - 3pp
Super Senses 2: Sonar(Accurate Hearing) - 2pp
Feature/quirk: Sense/Be Sensed by other Aquatic Telepaths & Descendants - 0 pp

Psychic Array [Descriptor: Mental] (40 point pool +6 Alternate = 46 pp)
Psychic Siren(31+8+1=40) [Descriptor: Sonic]
-Siren Song: Affliction 10 (Area Perception(Hearing)+1, Selective+1, Cumulative+1, Limited: Singing -1, Alternate save: Will+0, Insidious) *3/rank+1=31*
**Affliction: Will save, causes Entranced; Compelled; Controlled**
-Cleansing Song: Nullify 8 (Mental Effects, Area Perception(Hearing)+1, Selective+1, Distracting-1, Limited: Singing-1) *1/rank=8*
-Enhanced Traits: Advantage: Fascinate *1*
Psychic Illusions(40) Alt Effect +1pp
-Illusion 10 (All Senses, Selective+1, Resistable by will-1, Concentration-1): 4/rank=40
**1,000 Cubic feet**
Psychic Blades(40) Alt Effect +1pp
-Damage 12 (Multi-attack+1, AccurateX3, Incurable, Penetrating 12) *2/rank+16=40*
TK Blast(38) Alt Effect +1pp
-Blast: Damage 12 (Ranged+1, Accuratex2, Homing, Power Attack) *Linked:Stunning Force* 2/rank+4=28+10 Linked=38*
-Stunning Force Linked: Afffliction 12 (Ranged+1, Instant Recovery-1, Limited Degree-1, Accuratex2, Homing, Power Attack) - *1/2 ranks+4=10*
**Affliction: Fort save, causes Dazed; Prone**
Telepathy (20+13+7=40) Alt Effect +1pp
-Mind Reading 10 (Alternate Save[Dodge=Will]+0, Area Burst+2, Close-2) *2/rank=20*
-Communication 2, Mental (Area+1, Selective+1, Subtle 1) *6/rank+1=13*
-Enhanced Communication 2 (Area+1, Limited: Familiarity-1, Move Activation) *4/rank-1=7*

Atlantean Outfit: (Psychic Armour & Tiara set) [Removable] - (28pp)
Protection 7 - 7pp
Enhanced Abilities: +2 Sta +2 Dex +2 Agi - 12pp
Enhanced Saves: +5 fort/will - 10pp
Sexy armour: (Enhanced Advantage: Attractive) - 1pp
Aquatic Package: Favoured Environment(Underwater), Comprehend 2: (animals, speak & understand) Limit: Sea Creatures, Swimming 2: 2mph(30/round), low light vision - 5pp

Complications: Vulnerability: Heat, Motivation: Protecting Atlantis, Weakness: Dehydration(While not in armour or water)

COST: 22 Abilities + 25 Skills + 4 Advantages + 23 Combat + 79 Powers = 153/153

Atlantean Armour:


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Ben O'hare

Power Level 10 (150 PP)
PP awarded: 3 PP

Abilities [40 PP]

Str 2/10 (Base/Metal)
Sta 2/10 (Base/Metal)
Agil 2
Dex 2
Fighting 8
Int 0
Awe 2
Pre 2

Defenses [20 PP]
Dodge 11/7 (Base/Metal)
Parry 11/7 (Base/Metal)
Fort 2/10 (Base/Metal)
Tough 2/6/10 (Base/Def Roll/Metal with imp 10)
Will 10

Skills [24 PP]

Athletics 9 (+11 Base /+19 Metal)
Insight 7 (+9)
Intimidation 8 (+10)
Perception 8 (+10)
Ranged Combat (Pressure Spray) 8 (+10)
Stealth 8 (+10)

Advantages [13 PP]

Advantages: All-out Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Diehard, Equipment 1, Hide in Plain Sight, Interpose, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Takedown 2

Powers [56 PP]

[56 PP] Material Mimic: Variable 8 (7/r)
* 40 active PP for settings
* Standard action to activate

[sblock=Primary Settings]
Setting: Air 
* [8 PP] Concealment 4 (2/r)
  All Visual Senses (4 ranks)
* [3 PP] Elongation 3 (1/r)
  60 feet
* [6 PP] Flight 3 (2/r)
  16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round
* [2 PP] Immunity 2 (1/r)
  Suffocation (all)
* [10 PP]Insubstantial 2 (5/r)
  Gaseous (2 ranks)
  Immune Physical Damage
* [11 PP] Low Oxygen: Affliction 10 (2/r)
  Fort DC 20
  Subtle (flat +1)

Setting: Metal  
* [16 PP] Growth 8 (2/r)
  Density (+0)
  +8 Str/Sta
  -4 Active def
* [3 PP] Immunity 5 (1/r)
  Damage Effect: Electricity (5 ranks)
  Limited - Half Effect (-1/r)
* [10 PP] Impervious Defense: Toughness 10 (1/r)
* [1 PP] Power-lifting 1 (1/r)
  +1 STR for lifting
* [10 PP] Strength Effect: Penetrating 10 (1/r)

Setting: Sand 
* [5 PP] Digger: Burrowing 5 (1/r)
  2 miles / hour, 30 feet / round
* [1 PP] Elongation 1 (1/r)
  15 feet
* [7 PP] Immunity: Immunity 7 (1/r)
  Damage Effect: Electricity (5 ranks)
  Suffocation (all) (2 ranks)
* [5 PP] Insubstantial 1 (5/r)
  Fluid (1 rank)
* [2 PP] Movement 1 (2/r)
  Slithering (1 rank)
* [10 PP]Sand Shapes: Create 5 (1/r)
  up to 30 cft
  up to DC 15
  Movable (+1/r)
  125/250/500 ft 
* [10 PP] Sand Trap: Affliction 10 (1/r)
  DC 20
  Alt Resistance (Dodge) (+0/r)
  Fort to remove

Setting: Water
* [20 PP] Drowning Grip (Affliction 10) (1/r)
  DC 20
  Alternate Resistance (Dodge) (+0/r)
  Fort to remove
  Cumulative (+1/r)
* [1 PP] Elongation 1 (1/r)
* [2 PP] Immunity 2 (1/r)
  Suffocation (all) (2 ranks)
* [5 PP] Insubstantial 1 (5/r)
  Fluid (1 rank)
* [9 PP]Pressure Spray (Move Object 4) (2/r)
  800 lbs
  DC 19
  Damaging (+1/r)
  Split (2 targets) (flat +1)
  Limited Direction: Away from self (-1/r)
  100/200/400 ft.
* [3 PP] Swimming 3 (1/r)
  4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round

Equipment: Commlink, Flash Goggles, Flashlight, Rebreather, Night Vision Goggles (5 EP / 1 PP)

[Abilities 40 + Powers 56 + Advantages 13 + Skills 24 + Defenses 20 = 153 PP] fine


Motivation: Acceptance. Having lost the steadiness of his initial powers, Brick struggles to figure out his new, mutated abilities and find his role now that it's not as clear as it used to be.

Honor: Brick still has an overwhelming desire to to the right thing, though the current state of alien invasion makes what the 'right thing' is more difficult to always identify.[/sblock][/QUOTE]


[sblock=Oni Sumo] Fujii Miki

Abilities: 60pp
STR 12 (14-20) (24pp)
STA 14 (16-22) (28pp)
DEX 1 (2pp)
AGI 0 (0pp)
FGT 1 (2pp)
INT 1 (2pp)
AWE 1 (2pp)
PRE 0 (0pp)

Initiative: +0 (0 agi)
Melee Attack: Unarmed +3 (fgt 1 + Unarmed 4 + Close Combat 3)
Melee Attack: Everthing else +4 (fgt 1 + Close Combat 3)
Normal Grab: +4 (fgt 1 + Close Combat 3)
Ranged Attack: Throwing +6 (dex 1 + Ranged Combat: Throwing +5)
Specific Attacks:

Defenses: (13 pp)
Dodge: +3 (4 base - 1 size)
Parry: +4 (4 base + 1 fgt - 1 size)
Toughness: +16 (2 sta + 2 Growth)
Fort +16 (14 sta + 2 Growth)
Will +6 (5 base + 1 awe)

Skills: 14pp
Close Combat: Unarmed +8 (5 ranks + 1 Fight + 3 Close Combat)
Expertise: Nerd Stuff +5 (4 ranks + 1 Int)
Insight +6 (5 rank + 1 Awe)
Perception +6 (5 ranks + 1 awe)
Ranged Combat: Throwing +6 (5 rank + 1Dex)
Intimidation +5 (4 ranks +1 Growth)

Advantages: 8 pp
Improved Grab 1
Languages (Japanese) 1
Ultimate Effort (Toughness) 1
Interpose 1
Fast Grab 1
Close combat 3


Movement - Wall Crawling - 2 points
Leaping Rank 8 - 8 points
Immunity Rank 12 (Cold and Heat Damage, Fatigue, Pressure) 12 points
Impervious Toughness Rank 12 - 12 points
Growth Rank 8, Permanent at Rank 2 -(+2 Str, +2 Sta, +1 Intimidation, +2 Mass, , -2 to Stealth, -1 Dodge, -1 Parry) going up to Normal Growth Rank 8 (+8 STR, +8 STA, +4 to Intimidation, +1 Speed, -8 to Stealth, -4 Dodge, -4 Parry, Size 0 ) -16 points
Regeneration 5 ranks - 5 points

COST: 60 Abilities + 14 Skills + 8 Advantages + 55 Powers + 13 Defences = 150/150


Miki, a nerdy Japanese girl graduates from her small town High School with dreams of becoming a model. Yet due to her short, chubby figure, she's kicked out every modelling agency she tries to get into. After years of rejection, she turns to an experimental weight loss surgery. Scientists at the 'Divine Waistline' weight lost mega-corp implanted into her an artificially made organ, codenamed the Oni Organ, that would pump her body with a strange element, keeping her slim and pretty forever.
But after the surgery, they discovered that the Oni Organ had malfunctioned. Instead of making her slimmer, it made her fatter. Not only fatter, but bigger and stronger too. Her skin became a monstrous reddish hue. She could leap to great heights and climb tall buildings with her claw-like fingers. Her alien could make her grow even bigger and healthed Miki's wounds. She had become a mountain of a woman, like a great big fat oni sumo.
Miki just laughed, perhaps driven slightly insane by the experience. She was now powerful enough to do whatever she wanted and take whatever she wanted and no one could stop her.
Escaping from Divine Waistline, Miki stole some super stretchy fabric and made herself a colourful super villain outfit. She renamed herself THE ONI SUMO, raider of banks, jewelry stores and chocolate factories, all to satisfy her endless hunger. Yet now that all super heroes have been wiped out and aliens have taken over the world, that short little nerdy girl still inside her wonders 'how long can I stay bad?'

Over-sized: Even at her smallest size, Oni Sumo is still towers over people at 8 feet tall. Her bulkiness makes it hard to fit into things designed for normal sized people. This also means she'll stand out in a crowd and will draw attention.

Biggest is best: Oni Sumo is well aware that she's the biggest, fattest criminal in the city and in her mind, that gives her power. She knows that she'll never fit in with normal people after her transformation, so likes to show them just how much more powerful she is than them. She likes to demonstrate just how big she can get, even when it would be a bad idea to do so and bullies those smaller than her. This can lead to her underestimating smaller characters.

I want your respect: On the surface, Oni Sumo wants to feed her greedy, gluttonous lifestyle. She seems to have only a love for money and food. Yet deep down, she longs to be respect by her peers and the public. If she has to get that respect through fear, then so be it. However she is very loyal to her peers who tell her they respect her, even if they secretly don't.

A big fat nerd: Inside this greedy behemoth, beats the heart of shy nerd. Oni Sumo spends her free time reading comics, design cosplay outfits and getting into arguments on the internet. She's sadden that she can no longer be part of that world and her sweet nerdish heart may stop her doing something truly evil. It might make Oni Sumo feel obliged to do something if she witnesses the tyranny of the alien invaders first hand.

The makings of a super-sized solider: Oni Sumo may not know it, but there are factions who might have an interest in her. Both the Alien invaders and rogue human factions may want her 'Oni Organ' in order to turn it into a weapon. The Divine Waistline mega-corp may want to get rid of her and scientists that made her before they create too much bad publicity for them. The scientists may ask Oni Sumo to help them if this happens



Sachiko Ichimura

[sblock=Background]Sachiko is from a wealthy Japanese family, with a father who serves on the board of a biotech company. She has an older brother who's driven to try to get out of their father's shadow, a doting mother, and a genetic abnormality that resulted in a deterioration of her optic nerves, leading to irreversible blindness by the time she was thirteen. Many treatments were considered, and tried, and finally in desperation her father turned to one of the researchers of the company to use an experimental procedure on her. This failed as well, and Sachiko went blind.

In her eyes, at least.

Sachiko doesn't know if it happened because of something that had always been there before, or if that last strange treatment had unlocked something, but after just a few weeks of darkness, she began to 'see' things. Her therapist assured her it was normal, a kind of visual equivalent of the 'phantom limb' syndrome amputees suffer. Her brain, wired for vision, was making up input to replace what it had lost. At first she accepted that...but as time went on, the 'vision' became clearer. From a simple perception of the presence or absence of light, to an awareness of color, to being able to grasp the dim outlines of objects nearby. After a stern reprimand from her father for not learning properly, Sachiko stopped trying to tell anyone about the development...and soon realized that it gave her some unique advantages.

By the time she was sixteen, her sight was fully restored and she was learning more of how this strange mental vision worked. It was constant, in all directions, though her -attention- was still focused in one location. It was like having all-around peripheral vision, and she didn't have to move her head or eyes to change her focus. With practice, this vision became even better than her eyes had ever been.

It didn't stop there though. Sachiko became aware that the same sense she possessed that 'detected' light could be used like a muscle. Not simply passive, it could reach out and change light. Bend its path. Absorb it away. Create it from nothing. Developing this power consumed entire summer vacations. While other children played in fields, she practiced over and over making images in midair, all in secret.

The turning point came when she read that 'light' was a different manifestation of the same electromagnetic force that gave objects solidity. When she realized she could manipulate that as well, create a kind of telekinetic effect by moving massless, invisible 'solid' electromagnetic fields...all the possibilities of her strange powers came crashing in on her.

Sachiko wanted for nothing during this time, but she had nothing she wanted. She was pampered and her every need seen to, but she keenly felt the way her parents drew back slightly from her. Her blindness was a repudiation of their genetics, a flaw that did not interrupt their love, but colored their attitudes. Like a princess in a Western fairy tale, she was in a gilded cage in a tower, taken care of but sealed away so she could be forgotten about.

She did not wait to be rescued. Her powers made disobedience simple. Guiding light around herself to make perfect camouflage. Walking on thin 'solid fields' to mute footsteps. The occasional hologram...augmented with an invisible false-solid vibration to make sounds as well...to distract. Sachiko found she could easily leave her room at will, and roam freely. For all the wealth of her family though, she had access to none of it...so she stole some cash off a counter in an unguarded moment. The rush of adrenalin was intoxicating, but even more was the giddy, heady feeling of power. Not that stealing a wallet required superhuman abilities, but rather...power to break free of barriers and walls. Power to assert her will, and do as she pleased instead of what was expected. Sachiko wanted to feel like that more.

Her thefts became more complex, more daring, and almost resulted in disaster several times before she focused on training her body to match her mind's prodigious abilities. It wasn't easy, but the house staff accepted that she knew her way around well enough to walk without a minder within the house, which gave her enough privacy to get some work done. After realizing the limitations of her powers, she invested some of her ill-gotten gains in a protective costume as well. What had at first simply been a jokey disguise she'd sometimes threw over herself became a genuine secret identity: The Kitsune.

Sachiko's exploits continued, and even attracted some superheroic attention though she was able to escape uncaught. Whatever else might have been was interrupted though by the massive alien invasion. Her father's fortunes tumbled, and he was one of the first influential people in Japan to petition for surrender at any cost; a proposal that Japan ultimately had no choice but to accept. Sachiko maintained her double life, but now waged guerrilla war against an occupying force rather than just various heists and thefts.[/sblock]

Abilities: 36pp
STR 0 (0pp)
STA 2 (4pp)
DEX 4 (8pp)
AGI 4 (8pp)
FGT 1 (2pp)
INT 2 (4pp)
AWE 3 (6pp)
PRE 2 (4pp)

Initiative: +4 (4 agi)
Melee Attack: +1 (1 fgt)
Ranged Attack: +4 (4 dex)
Specific Attacks:
- Photokinetic Laser: +12, DC23 (multifire, penetrating 7), 250' rng (indirect 4)

Defenses: (15 pp)
Dodge: +10 (6 base + 4 agi)
Parry: +2 (1 base + 1 fgt) +4 situational
Toughness: +2 (2 sta) +8 situational
Fort +7 (5 base + 2 sta)
Will +6 (3 base + 3 awe)

Skills: (40 ranks) 20pp
Acrobatics +10 (6 ranks + 4 agi)
Deception +10 (8 ranks + 2 Pre)
Insight +7 (4 rank + 3 Awe)
Perception +9 (6 ranks + 3 awe)
Sleight of Hand +8 (4 ranks + 4 dex)
Stealth +8 (4 ranks + 4 agi)
Technology +10 (8 rank + 2 int)

Advantages: 4 pp
Attractive 1
Languages (Japanese) 1
Equipment (5 pts) 1
- Gas Mask (shaped like Japanese kitsune mask) 1pt
- Kevlar bodysuit (protection 2, subtle) 3pts
- Cellphone 1pt
Taunt 1

Morph 3 (any humanoid, Quirk - Does not affect touch), 14pp
- PF: Invisibility (Concealment +6: All Vision, all hearing, PF Selective; 13pp) 1pp
Super Senses (Radius (Sight) 1, Low Light Vision 1, Infrared vision 1) +3 3pp

Photokinesis Array 42pp (40 + 2 AP)
Illusion (Visual + Auditory, Independent) +8 32pp
- Link: Environment 1 (Light: Bright) 2pp/rank; 2pp
- Link: Concealment 2 (Normal Vision, Burst Area, Attack) 3pp/rank; 6pp
PF: Damage 8 (Ranged, Multiattack, Penetrating 7, PF Accurate 4, PF Precise 1, Indirect 4) 1pp
PF: Affliction (Dazzle) 9 (Ranged, Burst Area, Selective Attack, Cumulative, Limited to Vision) 1pp

Telekinetic Array 15pp (12 + 3AP)
Leap +3, Speed +3, Super Movement: Wallcrawling +2, Safe Fall +1, 12pp
PF: Telekinesis (Perception, PF Subtle, PF Precise) +3 1pp
PF: Enhanced Str (sustained, subtle 1) +5, 1pp
PF: Protection (Sustained, Subtle 1) +8; Linked to Enhanced Trait: Parry +4, 1pp

Physically Blind - Has congenital condition rendering eyes useless; is completely blind if powers aren't working.
Center of Attention - Likes to feel important, to be noticed; tends to showboat.
Motivation: Life of Comfort - Desires to be wealthy again, live in comfort, and want for nothing...and owe it to no one.
Motivation: Bring Low the Mighty - Sachiko, being a free spirit herself, has little patience for individuals or organizations that try to exert what she considers to be excessive control over people, especially via force and intimidation. She loves to take them down a peg, and try to teach them little lessons about humility.
Secret Identity - Sachiko Ichimura is so far unconnected with Kitsune; it would be troublesome for her family if that information were revealed to the invaders now contolling the world.

COST: 36 Abilities + 20 Skills + 4 Advantages + 75 Powers + 15 Defenses = 150/150 [/sblock]


Dynamo - PL 10
James (Jim) Galen
Age: 32 Height: 6' 2" Weight: 200lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Strength 1, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence 1

Close Attack 6, Contacts, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Ranged Attack 8

Athletics 4 (+5), Expertise: Electrician 6 (+8), Expertise: Streetwise 4 (+6), Insight 2 (+3), Intimidation 4 (+5), Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 6 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+5), Technology 4 (+6)

Electrical Form: Insubstantial 3 (Energy) 15pp
Electromagnetic Field: Force Field 6 (+6 Toughness) 6pp
Energy Control: Energy Control 10 (DC 25, ranged damage, 250/500/1000 feet) 24pp
Alt: Electrical Arc: Dazzle 10 (Alternate; Affects Sense: visual, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20, ranged damage, 250/500/1000 feet)
Alt: Static Electricity: Move Object 10 (Alternate; 25 tons; Limited Material: Ferrous Metals, ranged 250/500/1000 feet)
Alt: Taser: Cumulative Affliction 10 (Alternate; 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Cumulative, Close Damage Attack)
Alt: Teleport: Teleport 10 (Alternate; 4 miles in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Accurate; Medium: Electrical wiring)
Immunity: Immunity 10 (Common Descriptor: Electricity; Limited - Half Effect) 5pp
Immunity: Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison; Limited - Half Effect) 1pp
Senses: Senses 1 (Low-light Vision) 1pp

Initiative +2
Electrical Arc: Dazzle 10 (Ranged Damage), +10 (DC Fort 20)
Energy Control: Energy Control 10 (Ranged Damage), +10 (DC 25)
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 11)
Static Electricity: Move Object 10, +10 (DC 20)
Taser: Cumulative Affliction 10 (Close Attack), +10 (DC Fort 20)
Throw, +10 (DC 16)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 16)


Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10/2, Will 9

Power Points
Abilities 30 + Powers 52 + Advantages 19 + Skills 19 (38 ranks) + Defenses 30 = 150


Power Loss: Dynamo loses his powers when immersed in water or covered in an electrical insulator such as rubber.

Relationship: Ex-Wife Lisa Galen and children Jeff and Amanda.

Identity: Dynamo’s real identity is known by law enforcement and the hero community.


Jim was just a regular guy, married with 2 kids, and working as an electrician. Everything changed one fateful day when he was working at a job site. There was a fight going on nearby between Captain Incredible and the villain Dr. Photon. Most of the other guys on the job site had gone to watch. Jim had no desire to goof off like that. He was being paid to work and that's what he did.

Jim continued to work even when the sounds of battle drew closer. He had just finished completing the wiring and had turned the main breaker on when Captain Incredible came crashing through the building and into Jim, knocking both of them into the live electrical box. As the electricity coursed through his body, Jim watched as Captain Incredible simply got up and went back to continue the fight.

Minutes later, the fight was over and the rest of the guys came back into the building. When they saw Jim laying on the floor, near death, they called emergency services. Jim was rushed to the hospital where he eventually recovered. While he recovered, he developed an intense hatred for Captain Incredible. Not only had the hero caused the accident in the first place, he didn't bother to stay around and make sure he was okay. To add to the insult, the hero never bothered to visit him in the hospital.

Within weeks after his release, Jim began to discover he had some new and powerful abilities. He was scared of these new abilities and they frightened his family. Jim wanted nothing more than to get rid of these abilities and have his life return to normal.

Through sheer luck, he came into contact with a Dr Markus. He told Jim that he could help him with his problem but it would take time and a lot of money. Jim agreed and, in desperation, robbed a bank to get enough money for a down payment on the treatments. After that initial theft, Jim decided he needed a better disguise in order to protect is family. He created the identity of Dynamo.

Over time, he started robbing more and more banks, ATMs, and armored cars. During one of these heists, he encountered Captain Incredible. Jim's hatred for the hero took over and the two battled. Jim was able to escape the hero by turning himself into living electricity and entering nearby power lines.

The two would clash a couple more times before Jim was captured and put into a special jail cell. His family found out what he had been doing. They were devastated. His wife left him and filed for divorce. Not only that, she got a restraining order against him.

As Jim sat in jail, awaiting trial, his hatred of Captain Incredible grew even more. He blamed the hero for the loss of his family, believing that if he had not caused the accident that gave Jim powers, then his wife would never have left him.

Jim was broken out of jail one day by Dr. Photon. Even though the man was a villain, Jim was grateful. After all, this would give Jim the chance to continue with his treatments and hopefully be cured. What he didn't know was that Dr. Markus and Dr. Photon were the same person. Dr. Markus was not trying to cure Jim, he had been working on increasing his power for the sole reason of defeating Captain Incredible once and for all.

Not long after, the aliens came. Everything changed after that day.

During another robbery, this time of a diamond shipment, the aliens grabbed Jim. He found himself powerless and restrained on some sort of spaceship. His fate unknown, Jim could only hope his family was safe.