Need a BBEG to strike fear into my PCs


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OK so i need a big bad end guy for a module and i can't get the monster builder thing working from DDI, so i'm putting it out to the cloud,so to speak.
We kinda take it in turns being the DM for modules, and this time i'm working with another guy and its my job to get the monsters sorted out. However i've looked through a few of the books (MM, Forgotten realms campaign guide, etc) and not found much.
So heres what we want, a mercenary leader, and four guards. The leader must beable to stand up against this party (all lvl 6)
Half-elf bard(valor)
Dwarf cleric
elf avenger
halfling ranger(bow)
shadar kai Paladin
revenent Fighter(greatsword,past life human)
tiefling Warlock
most of them have +10 to hit or there abouts and are pretty well min maxed(except the bard which is jack of all trades).
Would be good if the big bad could do some heavy damage. Strike some fear into them. Also must be human(or elf) or atleast look like he is.

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Oooh, I love coming up with BBEG's!

Not specific, but a couple of things I find really define BBEG's
* Attacks with on miss conditions
* Something to do with Minor Actions (like a dragons Tail Slap or some such)
* Tactical ability, make them mobile. Its so dull when they stand in the one place.
* Reactive abilities, things which keep players "fall back" actions and tactics and turn them on their heads
* Have a look at the "Dragon Of Tyr" in DarkSun handbook. It gets multiple actions per round...


Perhaps if you told us a little bit about your campaign so far it might be easier to make a suggestion? Otherwise our suggestions won't make a lot of sense to you and to your players.

Also, at what level will this party encounter the BBEG? At 6th level as they are now or at the end of one of the tiers?

I would suggest giving the BBEG some ability to save more than once per round.

And give him leader abilities that really back up his bodyguards. For instance, if he's some sort of tactical martial controller, maybe his attacks mark the target... but the target is marked by one of his allies instead. And said ally does bonus damage or something against a marked target...

At least one guard could have some kind of "bodyguarding" ability, eg they can take hits for him (or maybe the leader can force a bodyguard to take a hit for him). Kind of like Lead from the Rear (martial) or the mind flayer's Interpose Thrall ability (controller).


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The BBEG will be encounterd at lvl 6.

The basic plot line is that the party is storming a keep that has been overrun by a group of mercenaries hired by a darker more sinister evil.

Heavy hitting powers would be good, AOEs would be good to. The BBEG should be some sort of martial class with a smattering of magic.

The party hasn't got any ways of shutting him down either, mobility sounds good(or a teleport). The whole module has a very Epic feel to it with the PCs mowing large numbers of minions. This guy should be HARD.

(when he reaches 0 hitpoints he's going to escape, but the PCs have to get him there first :))


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If you want Martial, I'ld think someone who can switch weapons fast. Let me explain.

The party enters a large room. They see at the far end a guy waiting for them.

At Will - +12 vs Reflex Burst 1 20 squares
Shoots arrows in all squares around the target square and slows, save ends.
At Will - +12 vs AC
Poisened blade attacks, ongoing poisen 5 save ends.
Recharge 4,5,6 Smoke bomb Burst 2
Gives concealment and any players/party members that starts their turn in the smoke are sickened, save ends.
Immidiate Reactive
Anytime he/she is the target of a range attack, make a basic range attack against the target +12 vs AC.
And Traps. Just helping out :)



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How fresh do you anticipate the party being when they encounter the BBEG? i.e. will they have just come off an extended rest or will it likely be their 5th encounter? Are you wanting to really push the envelope in terms of encounter level?

One thought that comes to mind, though which isn't exactly in line with your suggestions, is the Spell Weaver Collector from the the Dungeon mod Trouble at the White Lotus Academy.

He's a solo that could easily be skinned into a human. He doesn't deal a lot of damage, but he gets teleport and a lot of minor action attacks. He can teleport adjacent enemies to a sort of pocket plane (save ends), etc. All of this could go to explain his ability to teleport away when he hits zero.

The relative lack of damage per attack can be supplemented by his bodyguards. Although he's a controller he has plenty of both ranged and melee attacks which could easily be skinned to weapon attacks if you want the martial feel. What's nice about him is that he won't immediately seem all that tough to the party. It won't be until he starts using APs and throwing out 2 or 3 attacks per round plus a teleport, banishing PC's, making them attack each other, etc. that they realize there's much more than meets the eye with him.

Adding 4 bodyguards could push the EL pretty high, but at the same time you also have 7 PCs so they can handle a larger beat down.


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So you have a party of 7, and want to challenge them with 5 enemies. Budget the encounter for the high end of Level+2 (8), between 2450 and 2800.

I'd go with:

Level 7 solo controller, leader (1500)
Level 7 brute x2 (300x2=600)
Level 7 soldier x2 (300x2=600)

That comes out to 2700.

Focus everyone's powers around the survival of the brutes. The solo can fend for himself, have the soldiers protect the brutes. And have the solo heal them up with an encounter power that heals around 20 HP on two targets if and when needed. Give the solo an aura 5 while bloodied that gives his allies +2 damage. Get the solo in the thick of things early. Have him use something like an enlarged swordburst, and give him a mix of melee and ranged powers, and an encounter power that recharges and is immediately used when bloodied, that lets all his allies make attacks. Make the soldiers some sort of eldritch knight and give them a once per encounter debilitating ranged attack to open up with (daze or weaken, with something bad even on a miss), and a mark that works like the battlemind's mark punishment to really keep the strikers off the brutes.

What should happen is they should first take one brute down fast, then work on the remaining standard creatures in a convenient order, and last the solo. What may happen is they will go after the solo right away. Then they are in deep trouble because they will have lots of attacks coming their way while they try to dispose of the ball of hit points.

7 PC's have a lot of focused fire power. Making some of these guys shadow touched or shadarkai for a turn of insubstantial may also be a good idea.


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That spell weave collector sounds good, can you post its stats?

I was looking for something along the lines of a big tough human, though.

Can those who have posted their ideas for monsters post them in stat form? or alternatively a jpg of the char card?

Thanks for the help btw!


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Here is the example for:

Level 7 solo controller, leader (1500)
Level 7 brute x2 (300x2=600)
Level 7 soldier x2 (300x2=600)

Mercenary Boss - Level 7 Solo Controller, Leader
medium natural humanoid - XP 1500
Initiative +6; Senses Perception +5
HP 320; Bloodied 160
AC 21; Fortitude 20, Reflex 18, Will 19
Speed 6
Action Points 2
Saving Throws +5

:aura: Blood's courage * Aura 5
While there is a bloodied ally within the aura, the mercenary boss gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls. Also, allies within the aura deal 2 extra damage while the mercenary boss is bloodied.
Tough as Nails
If the mercenary boss begins his turn dazed, stunned, or dominated, he makes a saving throw to end the effect (whether the effect allows a save or not). Even if the save fails, these effects end at the end of the mercenary boss's turn.

:bmelee: Flail (weapon) * At-Will
+12 vs. AC; 2d6+8 damage and slide target 2 squares.
:bmelee: Javelin (weapon) * At-Will
+12 vs. AC; 2d6+8 damage and target is slowed.
:branged: Javelin (weapon) * At-Will
Ranged 10/20; +12 vs. AC; 2d6+8 damage.
:close: Flail (weapon) * At-Will
Enemies in close burst 2; +12 vs AC; 2d6+4 damage and slide target 1 square.
Two weapon attack (weapon) * At-Will
The mercenary boss makes two melee basic attacks (one flail and one javelin).
:ranged: Tactical Javelin Throw (weapon) * Recharge :5: :6:
Ranged 10/20; +10 vs. Fort; 4d6+8 damage and target is dazed (save ends).
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: One ally within 5 squares of the mercenary boss may charge the target or make a melee basic attack against the target.
Ordered Assault * Encounter
All allies within 5 squares of the mercenary boss make a melee basic attack with a +2 bonus to the attack roll.

Keep on Fighting (Healing) * Encounter
Two allies within 5 squares of the mercenary boss regain 20 hit points.

Tripping Flail (weapon) * At-Will
Trigger: An enemy enters a square adjacent to the mercenary boss
Attack (immediate reaction): Melee weapon, +12 vs AC
Hit: 2d6+8 damage and target is knocked prone.
Frantic Order * Encounter
Trigger: The mercenary boss is bloodied.
Effect: Ordered Assault recharges, and the mercenary boss uses it as a free action.

Skills Athletics +13, Insight +10, Intimidate +10
Str 20 (+8) Dex 17 (+6) Wis 14 (+5)
Con 16 (+6) Int 11 (+3) Cha 15 (+5)
Alignment Neutral; Languages Common, Giant
Equipment: hide armor, flail, 5 javelins.

Mercenary Boar Clan Warrior - Level 7 Brute
medium natural humanoid - XP 300
Initiative +5; Senses Perception +6
HP 98; Bloodied 49
AC 19; Fortitude 21, Reflex 19, Will 17
Speed 6

Boar's Charge
The boar clan warrior deals 5 extra damage with charge attacks, pushes the target 2 squares and knocks the target prone.

:bmelee: Maul (weapon) * At-Will
+12 vs. AC; 3d6+6 damage.
:melee: Goring Attack * Encounter
This power may be used as a charge attack; +12 vs. AC; 3d8+6 damage, ongoing 5 damage (save ends)

:melee: Head Butt * At-will (once per turn)
+10 vs. Fortitude; 5 damage, target is pushed 1 square.

Death Strike * Encounter
Trigger: The boar clan warrior drops to 0 hit points.
Effect (No Action): The boar clan warrior makes a melee basic attack.

Skills Athletics +12, Endurance +12, Nature +11
Str 19 (+7) Dex 14 (+5) Wis 17 (+6)
Con 18 (+7) Int 10 (+3) Cha 8 (+2)
Alignment Neutral; Languages Common, Giant
Equipment: Hide armor, maul, boar tusk helmet

Mercenary Eldritch Knight - Level 7 Soldier
medium natural humanoid - XP 300
Initiative +8; Senses Perception +5
HP 82; Bloodied 41
AC 23; Fortitude 20, Reflex 18, Will 19
Speed 6

:aura: Protector * Aura 1
Enemies who move out of the aura take 10 damage.

:bmelee: Longsword (weapon) * At-Will
+12 vs. AC; 2d8+6 damage.
:melee: Eldritch Attack (weapon) * At-Will
+12 vs. AC; 2d8+6 damage, slide target 1 square, and shift 1 square.
:melee: Binding attack (weapon) * Recharge :5: :6:
+12 vs. AC; 3d8+6 damage, target is immobilized until the end of the eldritch knight's next turn.
:ranged: Eldritch Grasp (psychic) * Encounter
Ranged 10; +10 vs. Reflex; 3d8+6 psychic damage, target is slowed and dazed (save ends both). Miss: 5 psychic damage, target is slowed (save ends)

Eldritch Mark * At-Will
One target within two squares of the eldritch knight is marked by him. The eldritch knight can only have one target marked at a time.

Eldritch Retribution (psychic) * At-Will
Trigger: An enemy marked by the eldritch knight hits with an attack that does not include the eldritch knight.
Effect (immediate reaction): the marked target takes 3d10 psychic damage.
Shadow touched * Encounter
Trigger: When hit.
Effect (immediate interrupt): the eldritch knight becomes insubstantial until the end of its next turn.

Skills Arcana +13, Endurance +12
Str 14 (+5) Dex 17 (+6) Wis 15 (+5)
Con 18 (+7) Int 20 (+8) Cha 8 (+2)
Alignment Neutral; Languages Common, Draconic
Equipment: leather armor, longsword

It might need some tweaking here and there, but hopefully most of it is clear.

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