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D&D 5E New Baldur's Gate 3 Video


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I will say, Bioware from the '90s through KotOR was a lot worse on the bug front than Bioware from Mass Effect onwards. I suspect the Infinity Engine might be part of this (which even KotOR was built on a relative of, IIRC).

KotoR used the Odyssey Engine, which is basically an upgraded Aurora Engine (the first-person, 3D engine that Neverwinter Nights and the first Witcher game used).

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I didn't recognize her visually either. I AM holding out hope for a Viconia appearance.

I actually think that is very recognizably a middle-aged version of this character:

That's her BG2 in-game portrait. She even helpfully has the same haircut, which is certainly not true for me from my 20s to my 40s, which is basically the age difference for her here. And I'm pretty sure they used the same voice actor.


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Frankly, the reason I didn't recognize Jaheira is that I always thought she was much darker-skinned than that. Like...slightly darker than the brown of cardboard. Not "basically white like every bland elf NPC ever."


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Okay. That's one game--released earlier this year. Do you have another? You did specifically say "games." One moderately-successful game, which launched with only about half the existing classes (Barbarian and Druid from the first DLC, Bard, Warlock and Monk from the second), and only to level 10 (12 with DLC)...it's not exactly selling the "just use the 5e rules as-is!" thing you mentioned, nor the "this is super successful" either. Particularly when it...isn't actually using 5e rules as written, even if it's closer than I expected. They rewrote parts of the Bard, for instance, and very clearly don't use standard HP gain (since Paladins get +11 HP per level, apparently!)
I really enjoy Solasta, so I have to clarify a few things here. Solasta is from a small studio that launched a Kickstarter for the game. So yes, they started small, but IMO it is very impressive for an outfit of 17 staff (IIRC). The level cap increase from 10 to 12 came out with a DLC pack, but is a separate free update. As we are dealing with a CRPG, yes, there are a number of adjustments they needed to make with the 5e rules to accommodate CRPG play. Some spells/abilities are not available as they would not be relevant. And as it is not a licensed D&D game, they only have access to the SRD content. Finally, they do use standard HP gain and paladins do not get +11 HP per level; all classes get their base HD average+1 + CON bonus (as suggested in the SRD) each level above first (so 6 + CON for paladins).

Additionally, since the launch they have added a Dungeon Maker tool (another free update, though the paid DLCs offer additional terrain, monsters, and items to use with it) so users can create dungeons to share with the community. A number of these free campaigns have rivaled the original campaign of the game. And they have recently added multiplayer support as another free update. And to use DLC content in multiplayer, not everyone needs the DLC, just the initiator of the multiplayer session needs to own it.

I have not played BG3, though I am interested in looking into the game when it comes out, and will probably buy it. I understand that BG3 will only go to level 12 as well, and they have also made tweaks to the base 5e rules for computer-based play. And I completely understand and accept the reality that high level play in 5e would be difficult to implement in a CRPG without major changes. I doubt that BG3 will offer more freeform spells like contingency or wish unless restricted to a list of specific options.
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Jaheira also looks quite different between BG1 and BG2. She could pass for a human in BG1 and elf in BG2. Maybe the two games combined is what makes her a half-elf.


as opposed to what? elf and dwarves always looked like humans with a height or build difference at best.

I'm not going to bother reinstalling, I should have taken screenshots.

There is art that reflects that Elves do in fact look different, slightly alien, in FR.

In this game? Legit just a human with ears pointing.

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