EN World New GMs, players, read the first post in this thread! (updated 5/21)


Hi, I'm beginning to build a Star Trek game using Savage Worlds and was looking for 4-6 people to join me in Exploration.

Star Trek + Savage Worlds game game (WIP)
Savage Worlds, Adventurer's Edition (SWADE)
Recruitment Thread for ST+SW Game.
Looking for 4-6 players by Feb 15.

Come drop by the thread. I'm still open to a lot of details on the pitch (where the posting will be, etc) but I do plan on players running two characters (a Junior and Senior officer to help make sure people aren't dumped on Conn or something).

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Hello to everyone, I am very new here, but a friend from my homegroup raved about the couple of years he spent on pbp. And I wish to give it a try myself.

I originally signed up to play but it looks like D&D games are all full. So in the interest of learning through playing I'm going to run a quick game and see where we go from there.

System Being Used - D&D 5e
Name of Game - Baptism by Fire
url to your recruitment thread - I don't know how to do this yet
my url attempt : Baptism by Fire
Date recruitment will end - Need 4-6 players by Sun March 12th - Game is full
Setting - Forgotten Realms

So I'm going to look into the other urls here and see if I can copy them somehow.

See you in the game.
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