[NEW] Star Frontier Adventure [IC]

Axel watches disconnected in his accelerated state. The electricity arcs across the man and dissipates. The man barley moves as Axel assaults the mans mind. The purple flashes in Axel's eyes and a psi-blast slams into the man. Axel pauses for a second as he watches the results of his mental assault before he continues to move.

OOC: Action 1 to use my Psi-Blast exploit. I am spending a Luck die to add to my attack.
Psi blast attack w/ luck die: 3d6+1d6o6 29
Psi blast damage: 3d6 11 this is psionic damage.

If he drops then I will move towards him to cover anyone coming up the stairs. If not I will draw my pistol and aim so I get an additional die on my next attack.

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