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D&D 5E New survey from WotC about boxed sets


Eh I'm not sure if that's the case. Both the current Starter's Box and the upcoming Essentials box are for FR. Obviously WotC could make another FR box (FR has such a long published history that WotC could launch content for it until the end of time), but it wouldn't add too much incremental value over what already exists for 5e.

I think Lowkey13 is more on the mark about what they're working on. Greyhawk for a boxed set makes complete sense to me for a starter's set, and would be picked up by people who already own the current starter's set but also want Greyhawk 5e content.

I wasn't taking about another starter set, but a full on campaign box set, which is a very different beast from a starter set. Might not have an adventure for example, it'd have updated lore, a big map of Faerun (maybe Toril as a whole), info on various regions, the target audience would be not be newbies (although perhaps it would be presented in a newbie friendly fashion), but rather major fans of FR.

Also remember WotC is hiring consultants on various none European inspired FR cultures.

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You don't need campaign setting maps, campaign setting DM screens for that, so if it was for starter sets, why ask about that? It's because this is for Campaign Settings, not starter sets. Also why ask if it should have a basic rules booklet if it's intended for started sets, without that it's not a starter set, so there would be no reason to ask that.

Wizards doesn't need a survey on starter sets, they have a ton of sales data and they know the basic requirements of starter sets by now.

Plus they have four starter sets right now, four. R&M starter set, Stranger Things Starter Set, Starter Set, amd Essential Starter Set. How many do you think they need? Anymore more things can they tie into?

I agree. The Essential Set is coming out in the next few weeks and they showed people the contents already , and the R&M is probably already set.

My guess is that Target is eager for more boxed products, and they can't really do too many more Starter Sets. The time might be ripe, commercially, for themed setting boxes sets.


Questions seemed that they were angling for a basic set or beginner set.

The only element that seemed to lean that way was the question about basic rules: the adventure question specifically called out demonstration of the theme for a setting, as did the map question. If they do include adventure material in a setting box, it would be low level: that's the nature of the game.


Seriously, in my eyes, the whole point of a ‘boxed set’ is the MAP.

And an adventure or arc of adventures relating to the MAP.

For what its worth, I prefer regional settings (that plug-and-play into any world). So a regional map, rather than a world map.

For me, a world map is an online offering for those who want it.

Compare, Salt Marsh is about right for me, in terms of a specific regional setting. A town and its hinterland.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
How fascinating: this is clearly about a campaign setting boxed set. Maybe the Eberron product won't be a book after all...?

I'd be much more interested in an Eberron boxed set than a new campaign guide, tbh. I've got my 4e hardcovers, 3.5 pdfs, and dragon/dungeon mag articles. I don't at all need repeats of any of that. I need 5e player options that are balanced by extensive playtesting, and I'd love maps, adventure stuff, some minis, etc.


Thinking about this a bit more: last year, alongside the Ravnica Hardcover, they released two products, a dice set and "Maps & Miscellany." The latter product included much of what they were asking about in this survey. I would hypothesize that maybe they are thinking of a similar product for Eberron, combining both of those ideas with some more meat from the hardcover and some adventure material, that can be stocked at places like Target...

Meh. It's just asked me how likely I was to buy a boxed set, I said "unlikely" and it told me to get lost. It would have been nice to be asked why (boxed sets are massively expensive in the UK compared to books).

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