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Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Pathfinder and Starfinder releases for the coming year announced, new Dungeons & Dragons DM screen coming soon, Regé-Jean Page interviewed about the D&D film, price changes coming to DriveThruRPG, and more!

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In case you missed it elsewhere on EN World this week:

PaizoCon Online is over and now it’s time to wade through the flurry of new product announcements for Pathfinder and Starfinder. And as usual for PaizoCon, it’s a lot from the prolific publisher with releases stretching out into 2022.

First up for Starfinder, we have the Galaxy Exploration Manual which includes new class options for every Starfinder class, a PC background generator, and new equipment. And of course, plenty of new rules for exploration such as rules for creating worlds to explore from asteroids to satellites to colony ships, details for 12 different environmental biomes, rules for creating and expanding a world’s culture, and GM advice for running sandbox-style campaigns. This 160-page hardcover releases to mass market on June 15 with a retail price of $39.99. We’ve also got later this summer Tech Revolutions, a sourcebook on the galaxy’s most cutting-edge technology from lost alien relics to robotic nanites to cybernetic augmentations and more. This 160 page hardcover is set for release on August 25 with a retail price of $39.99.

For adventures, the new six-part adventure path is Horizons of the Vast.
“As part of a massive effort to explore and develop an uninhabited planet full of valuable resources, the heroes are placed in control of a settlement and must deal with challenges from both within and without. Far from home, can the heroes establish a thriving community and survive the uncharted system’s terrible secrets and mysteries?”
The first 64-page adventure Planetfall will be out this July with a retail price of $22.99. For those looking for one-shot adventures, there’s two on their way this summer. Junker’s Delight has the players dealing with the scavengers of a massive junk field in order to return a lost ship, due out this July for $22.99.The Liberation of Locus-1 sends the players to a research station using magic and science to study the celestial phenomenon known as the Locus as they are threatened by pirates, hostile aliens, and the Azlanti Empire, due for release in August for $22.99.


Pathfinder 2nd Edition has three major sourcebooks due for release. Secrets of Magic adds hundreds of new spells and magic items, the Magus and Summoner classes, and new methods of spellcasting like elementalism, geomancy, shadow magic, rune magic, and more. This 256-page hardcover is scheduled for an August release with a price of $49.99. We also got the first look at the cover art for Guns & Gears at the convention, which adds the Inventor and Sharpshooter classes, a new automaton ancestry, firearms and rules for guns, new archetypes, new gadges and vehicles, siege engines, and more. This 256-page hardcover is scheduled for an October release for $49.99. Finally, there’s Book of the Dead focusing on undead enemies and player characters and information on the undead nation of Geb and the devastated Gravelands. This book is scheduled for a March 2022 release. Three new Lost Omens guides are on the way too, The Mwangi Expanse in July, The Grand Bazaar in October, and Absalom, City of Lost Omens in January 2022.

The next adventure path is Strength of Thousnds focused on the magic academy of Magaambya.
“A magic school like no other! The oldest and most prestigious magic academy in the world is the Magaambya, an ancient institution founded by the greatest wizard the world has ever known. This wizard vanished long ago, but his sinister enemies plot against his school and those who attend it. Over their long academic career, the heroes rise from humble students to become teachers, and they ultimately hold the fate of the Magaambya magic academy in their hands. Graduates of the Magaambya are among the greatest wardens of the world, but if the heroes can't marshal the strength of thousands who have come before them, the venerable Magaambya might fall!”
The six-part adventure path kicks off with Kindled Magic available in August for $24.99. We also have the name for the next adventure path, Quest for the Frozen Flame but no other information yet, and the 10th anniversary edition of the Kingmaker Adventure Path crowdfunded on GameOnTabletop set for release this year.


Wizards of the Coast announced a new tool for dungeonmasters, the D&D Dungeonmaster’s Screen Dungeon Kit. As has been their style for a while now, this is more than just a DM’s screen and has several additional products useful to those running games. The boxed set includes 32 punch-out dungeon map cards, a double-sided dry erase sweet with map grid on one side and list of player actions on the other, 18 illustrated punch-out condition cards, and 9 punch-out initiative cards. The dungeon map cards are not to tactical scale, but more are meant for planning a dungeon map or to be randomly shuffled to generate one on the fly as each one has several rooms with a tunnel or hallway leading out to the edge to connect to the others. The condition cards feature an illustration of the condition or a potential cause of it on one side with game information on the other. The initiative cards appear from the promotional images to be the artwork from the included DM’s Screen cut into 9 cards with the numbers 1-9 on them. This boxed set is available for pre-order now for a retail price of $24.99 with a release date of August 17.


Regé-Jean Page sat for an interview with the entertainment magazine Variety to talk about, among other things, the Dungeons & Dragons live action film. He talks about his history with gaming, admitting that beyond a few Dungeons & Dragons podcasts, he’s more “a second-generation ‘Dungeons and Dragonser’” from playing D&D-inspired games.
“I’ve listened to a couple of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts in my time. I played a ton of JRPGs and basically everything that’s come out of it. I played a ton of Diablo as a teenager, so I’m used to the fact that I play a paladin — that’s just what I do, and I know what that means, to a degree. I watched my friends play Baldur’s Gate, so I’m like a second-generation ‘Dungeons and Dragoner.’ […] It’s a brilliant job. I’m literally paying my mortgage by fighting imaginary dragons.”
Wait, “I play a paladin”. Does he mean in Diablo or in the film? Curious. Depending on how you read the statement, it may be the first hint at information about the protagonist characters. Page also commented on the script, saying the film will be a “huge sigh of relief for Dungeons & Dragons fans everywhere” due to the elevation of genre storytelling in a “post-MCU world”.


DriveThruRPG announced an upcoming increase in the cost of premium color print-on-demand books. Back in May, OneBookShelf (the parent company of DriveThruRPG) warned of potential price changes following a shift in printing technology with Lightning Source. At the time, it was expected that the change in printing presses would result in a slight decrease in prices but warned “if the quality of printing drops significantly…we may have to consider more significant changes.” This appears to be the case as the announcement states “As of July 1st […] the price of premium color books will increase dramatically.” The post did not specify how much they will increase by, but provided a link to available POD print books for those wanting to grab titles before the price goes up.


Modiphius released a free quickstart adventure for the Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game this week. The adventure Wormsign sends the player characters beyond the shield wall to locate a group of smugglers stealing your House’s spice, forcing them to survive the dangers of the deserts of Arrakis. The quickstart includes basic rules needed to play, six pregenerated elite agent characters, and a brief overview of the setting along with the adventure. If the quickstart manages to pique your interest, the Core Rulebook is available now in PDF for $19.99 with the hardcover edition for $59.99 coming to stores soon.


Geek Native noticed that the terms of service for Hero Forge 3D printed miniatures had a few terms included about who owns the rights to the miniatures you create using the site. Specifically, the Terms of Service state that Sky Castle Studios (parent company of Hero Forge), “retains all ownership, rights, title, and interest in the 3D models” and that they may only be used for “personal, noncommercial use”. So right out of the gate for clarification, no this does not mean that Hero Forge “owns” the characters you create minis for, but that they own the design of the miniature itself (the same way that Hasbro doesn’t “own” Star Wars but does own the rights to the designs of action figures they create). Further clarification of the Terms state that the wording isn’t to prevent casual use of the miniatures created such as videos or streams of games using the miniatures or of miniature painting streams. The Terms are meant to prevent unauthorized commercial use of the STL files for 3D printing that can be purchased. For example, you can buy and resell physical miniatures you purchase from Hero Forge or use them in giveaways, but you cannot take the STL file and print your own miniatures to sell. You can find more specific information about the rights involving Hero Forge miniatures used on sites such as Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube in the full article.


Free League and Humble have partnered for the Tales from the Loop and Symbaroum Bundle. The bundle features over $200 worth of digital books including the core rules for the kid adventure Tales from the Loop, the teenage sequel Things from the Flood, and the dark fantasy exploration Symbaroum roleplaying games along with sourcebooks, adventures, and more. This bundle runs until Monday, June 14, and benefits a charity of your choice. Meanwhile, the Pathfinder 2nd Edition bundle is still available featuring over $400 worth of books for Pathfinder 2nd Edition including the Core Rulebook, Gamemastery Guide, Bestiary, the Extinction Curse adventure path, maps, adventures, fiction, and more. This bundle benefits. This bundle benefits Stop AAPI Hate and runs until Thursday, June 10.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Erdric Dragin

Gunslinger got changed to Sharpshooter?

Eh...not as invocative as Gunslinger. Or is this class supposed to be a class based on ANY ranged attacker now?


Interestingly enough, the pocket editions of G&G and SoM look to be released at the same time as their hardcover versions of Amazon is anything to go by!

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