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I agree with Willow, there's no need to start being insulting. I won't comment further on the reactions to that, except to say this:
Something that hadn't initially been made clear was that the discussion was about being put on ignore - which is where you can't pm. We've had lots of threads about people just not reacting to a character - thus ignoring them. In those cases, you can still pm. So, maybe there was a little confusion as to just what sort of "ignore" was being spoken of. That's been clarified, and yay for that.

I, personally, would have to be really really pushed to use the ignore button. I haven't used it in my memory (which, admittedly, is vague sometimes). So, I can't answer as to why anyone would just randomly put someone on ignore. Maybe it's a power thing. Maybe they read your dessy and think you're someone they know and want to avoid. Not saying those are good reasons. I'm just tossing ideas out there as to possible reasons. Or, maybe, like Bari said, the button is buggy.
Hmmm... I know my cursor jumps around sometimes (darn touch sensitve mouse), and I'll click on stuff I don't mean to (never the ignore button, as far as I know), so that could be a possibility too. (Okay, with the explanation of how the Ingore function works, I don't think the accidental clicking is viable ;) )
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How do you know when you're being ignored?

I mean...hey, there are times when I dont really blame people for ignoring me. I try to ignore myself sometimes. It works on rare occassions.

But in all, my theory, not only for ISRP, but for life is...have a thick skin. If someone ignores you, so be it. If they have no reason to ignore you, judge them in exactly the same fashion as the stranger you just smiled to that frowned as you wandered past on the street. The people here do not rule your life, nor do they rule your character's lives. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need them to have fun, and they do not need you to have fun.

As for the new peoples theory. C'mon... 15 your characters can have just as much dignity, authority and knowledge as when the player is 30, 40 or 100. If you are new to the site, and are honest about wanting to participate, you're not going to ignore people. You're expecting them to ignore you. Or slag you...which apparently a lot of us are getting good at? I dont presume to know it all...or anything at all. I've been around a while and I -still- get on better with 'newbies' than I ever will the oldies. I'm not even telling you not to slag them. If you all want to put someone, or even a general group down, feel free. But do it when you know what ears are listening, rather than flaming a community. I respect your right to an oppinion, just like I expect you to respect that right for me. But unless you can voice it in a dignified manner; I'll wish I could beat you all over the head with a stick!

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Ok i think my problem has been solved, still not sure why i was ignored with the button and i prolly wont know why either but i think i learned enough about it to not worry about it anymore. Thanks yall.

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two reasons for getting ignored on isrp can be something in your description (like your race or clothing), or your reputation, like for instance, by a lot of people (that I have not even role played with) consider Shadow Leaf a godmoter, which is with basically only with that character, I acctually have several files.

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