Now You Can Have A D&D Notebook!

Amazon has a new official D&D product -- the Dungeons & Dragons Bestiary Notebook Set, with a release date of October 1st. It includes 8 mini notebooks, each featuring a different monster, with stats and a brief history.

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Here's the description -- "This boxed set of 8 pocket-size notebooks pays homage to some of Dungeons & Dragons most reviled beasts and creatures. Each notebook cover features a different monster in a new, modern design, while the interior includes stats and a brief history of each creature. Hand-selected to include a mix of fearsome creations and fan-favorites, The Bestiary Notebook Set is a must-have collector's item for any D&D fan."

You can find it here on Amazon. It's probably of limited appeal, but collectors and gift-buyers might find it well-timed for Christmas 2019. (thanks to Rhineglade for the scoop!)

That's not all! There's also a Book of Holding! A D&D Journal -- "Richly packaged and highly customizable, this officially licensed blank journal is a must-have keepsake for Dungeons & Dragons fans of all levels. Each section of the journal is filled with gridded or lined pages and includes five spreads of interstitial artwork as well as a back pocket for storing character sheets and notes. Whether you're a die-hard dungeon master looking to plot your next campaign, or a part-time player wanting to represent your favorite game, this one-of-a-kind journal is the ultimate companion to any RPG lover's quest."
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What should be the minimum age limit on playing D&D?
Well, according to WotC, it's 12, but I let my oldest daughter start playing when she was 11.

But I think you misunderstand me: I'm not saying people *shouldn't* livestream games or watch other people do so. I'm just saying it's not for me. That said, since it seems like every man and his dog has a livestream D&D game now, it's hard to avoid them. The official D&D Facebook page mostly just posts ads for all the livestream games these days. The more in my face it gets, the less I want to have anything to do with it. But that's all on me. I'm not out to ruin anyone else's fun.

It would appear that my attempt to poke fun at myself failed. I shall see myself out.

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I stopped wondering about wotc's modus operandi long ago. I'm just sad because the precious time of some layout employee, artist* and writer* was used for this instead of using it for a new TTRPG product.

*if the art and text included in those notebooks is new, obviously.
What a curious statement to make...

It’s published by a different company. As a licensed product it has zero impact on WotC’s in house productivity.

And be even if it WAS done by WotC, it’s not coming at the expense of a new TTRPG book.

This is mostly true also for me. And the most important sign, IMO, is being sad at seeying dnd official publishing focus slowly shifting away from printed TTRPG books.
They printed more D&D RPG accessory books in 2018 than in any year since 2012.
And that means they’re “shifting away”?!?

I’m well aware of that, thank you. Doesn’t make them any more appealing to me, though. I’m just having to accept that I’ve become an old grognard who doesn’t like all these uppity kids taking over his hobby.
1) You’d prefer no kids played the hobby and the game shrank and died in 20 years with its current audience?

2) Kids?? The youngest cast member of Critical Role is 30 and the average age is 38. Kids?!?


Ugh. Would prefer to see actual game content. It's like making a D&D t-shirt and then Wizards says "well, there's a product for the year!"


Ugh. Would prefer to see actual game content. It's like making a D&D t-shirt and then Wizards says "well, there's a product for the year!"

I would be highly surprised if this was taking the place of any game product. This is almost certainly just merchandising, for the people who're buying presents for relatives or acquaintances they don't know very well beyond the fact they're into D&D.

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