D&D 5E OAR #7

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And yes: GameNerdz is legit. I've been a customer of them ever since Tyranny of Dragons 2019 was announced and I've gotten all my Alt-covers AND the OAR#6 Temple of Elemental Evil Reincarnated from them as well. (And they are a FLGS too.)

Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
Dang, I thought they were redoing the TRUE classic... DUCK TOWER!


Backed it. I really had to debate whether to go with the 5e or DCC RPG option. I ended up going with 5e because I figure if I run the expanded campaign, it's going to be in 5e, and if I just run the original, that would be easy to convert to DCC RPG on my own.

Also got the t-shirt add-on because when it comes to t-shirts I have A Problem.

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