D&D 5E OAR #8

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And in Backerkit too.
I suspect these are being viewed as collectors editions to be placed on a coffee table more than they will ever be used in a game. What surprises me is the 5E version is outpacing the DCC, at least last time I looked. The opposite of what happened with their monster book.

OK, they've finally put up PDF previews in their most recent update.

But they raise the question of who this product is for: If your trap is doing 30+ points of damage multiple times when it activates, isn't that just functionally instant death? High level characters who can survive that will be bypassing all these traps with Passwall and the like, especially once they know what's going on in the dungeon. This otherwise is just a way to intsa-gib medium and low level characters.

If that's your jam, I don't want to yuck your yum, but this feels like a product decades out of time.
It's the perfect product for those who claim 5E is easy mode!


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