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Well, with today being Thanksgiving, I decided to share a scan of something. I posted this to Gygax Games but I figured a lot more people would love to see it, so ENWorld it is. :)

Last year, after sending an electronic card I found on YouTube to a bunch of my friends, Gary sent me back this card. (He said it was so surreal, he still loved to look at it).

Here were some comments when I asked

I like this card. :)

Out of curiosity, I think I recognize Tom Wham, Dave Trampier (was he the artist), Rob Kuntz, and Yourself (holding the reigns), but who else is in the card?

Miss ol' Tramp. I hope wherever he is he's doing okay and enjoying the Holiday.

Gary's Response...

No, Tim Kask is holding the reins, and I am looking back over my shoulder with a smile. Joe Orlowski, RIP, is disappearing head down, Jake Jaquet is sitting calmly, and clinging desperately to a runner Dave Sutherland is looking more upset than is Tom Wham is with his fingers in his beard.


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It was early TSR. Since it says TSR Periodicals I assume it was a Christmas Card sent to Subscribers.

It's hard to see, but I believe I see the Lizard Man Logo version of the TSR logo.

So I assume that this was sent out between 1975 and 1978.


FYI--Tim Kask noted this on the Gygax Games forum.

Just a cautionary note : That art that you posted is owned by me, as all are rights to usage. Gary was the only other person that had permission to use it.

I have no problem with this usage for the Holidays; I have just shared it on another board.

He also posted a photo of the original he has, along with a contest, on Dragonsfoot.

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