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D&D General Online performance of She Kills Monsters, May 7 at 8pm Eastern

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
As we face continued isolation, the theatre at University of Maryland is doing a livestream performance of Qui Nguyen's play, She Kills Monsters tonight. Info is here. It's free (and I have no connection to the production). The play is about a young woman joining a D&D group her sister had belonged to -- a very positive presentation of D&D in pop culture. It's thoughtful and fun, and normally a very physical play. The playwright has adapted it for online production.

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I’m really interested to watch that, but won’t be available then. I’ve read the material on the website, but can’t find if it will be available for viewing later. Do you think that will be the case? I’m inclined to think not, since that could create copyright/licensing issues.

1am UK time means I might not see this, but thank you for pointing it out, because maybe I will, and it's a really interesting and cool thing to see here.

Thanks for the info!

This is a great show. I was looking forward to a local production before all of the theater shut down. I had hoped to be somewhat involved, but they already had a props person.

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