[OOC] Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden [closed but waitlist is available]



Edit: For now the game is closed. However, attrition is natural – we started with 9 and are down to 6 as of June 2024. I want to keep the party near 6 players, but I am keeping a waitlist if you're interested in me contacting you about any future space we could have.
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I am running Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden for a group of 6-8 players. This is a story of a land swallowed by endless winter and the evils that come with it, and of the heroes who rise to chase back the ice gripping everyone in fear. The tone I have in mind is "heroic arctic horror western" with fiercely independent towns each with their own problem, the prison of Revel's End and dragons as looming threats in the background, mages of the Arcane Brotherhood wandering the snowdrifts like old gunslingers, and never knowing whether that silhouette in the snow is friend or foe. I'll also be tailoring the game according to what I hear from players and what you guys are interested in exploring and your play styles.

My plan is to use 5e with my own house rules aimed to give it more of an old school feel, starting at 3rd level, but I'm open to feedback if you want to use playtest stuff, or even use an OSR system or older edition if that's the temperature of the room (sorry, pun).

More info below. Also, I'm attaching 5 PDFs:
(1) Bio about me as a GM.
(2) My house rules if we go with 5e (negotiable), along with some extra feats & background variant humans (replacing standard humans) & rewritten spells. The only house rule I don't think would fit this adventure is Bingo XP - instead I think Milestone XP fits the adventure better.
(3) Rough draft of the optional core class changes I've been playing with.
(4) Character Secrets with descriptions
(5) A form-fillable character sheet with an Icewind Dale theme

Safety & Horror
I plan on this being a hard PG-13 / light-R, with the general site rules of "avoiding anything that would offend Eric Noah's grandmother" (e.g. avoiding offensive real-world curses/slurs, anything sexual is best left as innuendo or fade to black, etc). However, if there is subject matter that you would like us to stay clear of, please let me know either by PM or posting here.

While I'm embracing the pulpy heroic side of the adventure, and I am injecting a western undertone, Rime of the Frostmaiden definitely has a horror theme. This is mostly horror of the unknown or of secrets lurking beneath things we assume are familiar – for example, often visibility may be limited and you might be able to "see" an approaching silhouette in the snow, but not yet know who or what it is until it's much closer.

Things I will explicitly AVOID include: gore & excessive mutilation, sexual abuse, PCs harming children or detailed description of harm to children, slavery.

Things that may arise during the adventure: creepy children, insects or similar things in the ice, fantasy depiction of insanity (eldritch horror vibes), charm magic pitting people against each other, non-graphic depictions of dead townsfolk, undead.

Character Creation
Level: 3rd
Multiclassing & Feats? Yes
House Rules? Please download my House Rules document.
Ability Scores (choose a method, rolls are honor system UNLESS 'Old School')
  • Standard Array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
  • Standard Roll: 4d6 drop lowest
  • Two by Two by Two: Roll two strong (6d6 keep 3), two good (4d6 keep 3), two weak (3d6)
  • Three Up, Three Down: Roll three up (10+d6, 10+d8, 8+d10), and three down (15-d6, 15-d8, 17-d10)
  • Character Wheel: Roll 3d6 eighteen times, arrayed in the character wheel, select a set of 6 contiguous stats
  • Old School: Roll 3d6 dice six times, with a witness, in this order: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha. Discuss a boon with the GM to offset the risk of lower stats – an extra uncommon magic item, a bonus feat, more spells in your spellbook, a few extra regional or backstory variant human traits, etc.
  • Rolled Point Buy: Roll 8d6 – the total is how many points you have for making your character point buy
  • Standard Point Buy: 27 points
Equipment: Baseline (either take your Class & Background packages OR use gold by class guidelines in PHB -which involves a roll or taking an average). Plus everyone gets cold weather clothing, snowshoes, and crampons.
Hit Points: Maximum at 1st level. Then, at each additional level thereafter, you can use any of these options, just post rolls if it involves rollings:
  • Average (rounded up) that's in the PHB.
  • Roll for it.
  • The "Worlds Without Number method": At each new level (e.g. at 2nd, and again at 3rd, and so on) roll the entirety of your Hit Dice for that new level. If the amount exceeds your previous HP total, then increase your HP to the new amount. However, if the amount is less than your previous total, only increase your HP by 1 + CON mod (minimum 1).

Character Secrets for Rime of the Frostmaiden (d30)
Part of the theme is "fearing shadows" or the "paranoia of isolation", and uncovering secrets is a big part of the adventure. Thus, each PC begins with a secret unique to the adventure. If you are fine with other players knowing, you can discuss them here. Or you can PM me if you prefer to keep yours secret from other players. I'm fine with these being rolled, or chosen, or roll 3 and pick one, whatever you like. Asterisk (*) indicates secrets I found/homebrewed.
  1. A Beast's Magical Life* or Auril's Fickle Ire*
  2. Accursed Shot in the Dark* or Bounty*
  3. Alagondar Scion
  4. Chardalyn Scarred* Dead at Dawn*
  5. Doppelganger Dragon Geased*
  6. Drizzt Companion
  7. Elusive Paramour
  8. Escaped Illithid Prisoner
  9. Falsely Accused of Murder*
  10. Fastest Wand in the Wild*
  11. Hag's Eye Orphan*
  12. Killer Clone*
  13. Littlest Yeti
  14. Midwinter Child Hosttower Exile*
  15. Old Flame
  16. Orc Stone
  17. Owlbear Whisperer Reformed Cultist*
  18. Pact with Levistus* Targos Rebel*
  19. Pirate Cannibal Wendigo*
  20. Reghed Heir
  21. Reincarnation
  22. Revel's End Escapee*
  23. Ring Hunter
  24. Runaway Author
  25. Slaad Host
  26. Spy for the Harpers
  27. Twice Bitten, Once Shy*
  28. Ustilagor Bonded*
  29. Wild by Moonlight*
  30. Youth & Beauty Everlasting*

Character Hooks by Background (Optional)
Acolyte: Auril the Frostmaiden, the god of winter's fury, has cast an evil spell over lcewind Dale. You can bring hope and faith to the people of Ten-Towns or, even better, free them from winter's cold embrace in the name of your god .
Charlatan: Your cons and deceptions nearly got the better of you. You needed to disappear for a while, and lcewind Dale was the perfect place to do so. Nothing could prepare you for the cold and the dark desolation, but at least there's money to be made.
Criminal: You are wanted for crimes in the cities of Luskan and Mirabar, but no one will think to look for you in Ten-Towns, the cold heart of lcewind Dale. Thankfully, nobody in Ten-Towns cares who you are-or what you've done.
Entertainer: You came to lcewind Dale three years ago seeking inspiration for a new song or poem, drawn by tales of the land's harsh beauty and the legendary exploits of Drizzt Do'Urden. Since then, Auril the Frostmaiden has cast an evil spell over the dale, preventing you from return ing home.
Folk Hero: Your name is synonymous with heroism throughout Ten-Towns. Did you save a fisher who fell into the ice, scare away a yeti armed with only a fishing pole and a basket, or beat a drunk goliath at arm wrestling?
Guild Artisan: You came to lcewind Dale to start a business. Your shop was doing well until Auril the Frostmaiden cast her evil spell harkening endless winter. Now, businesses throughout Ten-Town s are suffering, yours included. To avoid hardship, you might need to supplement your income.
Hermit: You've been haunted by dreams of Auril the Frostmaiden for years, as if some cold hand were guiding your fate, leading you to Icewind Dale to learn your mysterious connection to the Frostmaiden. The people of Ten-Towns have little pretense and pay you little mind. To them, you're just another silly old fool.
Noble: Your wealthy grandfather or grandmother sent you to lcewind Dale to learn a hard lesson. Perhaps the cruel indifference of this frozen land will prepare you for the cruel indifference of Waterdeep's politics.
Outlander: You're a child of the icy wilderness, born and raised in one of the Reghed tribes. Imagine, after following herds of migrating reindeer your whole life, getting a taste of what life in Ten-Towns has to offer. There's no place farther from the trappings of civilization than lcewind Dale.
Sage: You came to lcewind Dale in search of ruins and artifacts left behind by the giants who ruled the ancient empire of Ostoria. To find even one Ostorian relic would fulfill a lifelong dream and make your rivals back home green with envy.
Sailor: You've sailed ships up and down the Sword Coast, but a shipwreck made you reevaluate your life choices. Two years ago, you headed north, bought a house and a fishing boat in Ten-Towns , and became a fisher. You were told that the summers here are beautiful, but you have yet to see one.
Soldier: You are a soldier of Ten-Towns, trained to fight orcs, ice trolls, and other threats lurking in the Spine of the World mountains. Auril the Frostmaiden has cast an evil spell over lcewind Dale, and you struggle to see how your soldier's training can save this land from so terrible a doom. Still, you are not about to give up on the people of Ten-Towns.
Urchin: Because you grew up in Ten-Towns, your familiarity with the residents makes you useful to Harper spies and Zhentarim bounty hunters who are looking for criminals and other ne'er-do-wells hiding in your midst. Ratting out these newcomers keeps coin in your pockets.

Trinkets of Icewind Dale (d100 Optional)
01-04 A small wooden figurine of a yawning walrus, painted in red and black.
05-08 A pair of scrimshaw cufflinks with an image of a fisherman on a boat engraved on them.
09-12 A small iron key with a frayed blue-and-gold cord tied to it.
13-16 A small illustrated book of Northlander myths that has pages missing.
17-20 A damaged scrimshaw cameo depicting a merfolk.
21-24 A stone from a burial cairn with a tiny Dwarvish rune carved into it.
25-28 A ripped cloth sail with a symbol you don't recognize.
29-32 An Ulu knife with scrimshaw handle.
33-36 A jar containing an unidentifiable sweet, sticky substance.
37-40 A delicate glass ball painted with snowflakes, capped by a metal loop with a tiny hook attached to it.
41-44 An expedition log with missing pages and a pressed flower used as a bookmark.
45-48 An owl figurine carved from whalebone.
49-52 A sewing box that smells of old wood and has three spools of blue thread inside.
53-56 A scrimshaw-handled ink pen with black runic designs along its length.
57-60 A brooch made from a small insect encased in amber.
61-64 A scrimshaw pepper shaker etched with the letter W.
65-68 An old, wooden-handled ice pick stained with blood that won't wash off.
69-72 A fabric doll bearing an angry expression.
73-76 A set of wind chimes made from seashells.
77-80 A beautiful silver tin that, when opened, emits the smell of rotting fish.
81-84 A bloodstained dreamcatcher made from fishing line, gold wire, and snowy owlbear feathers.
85-88 A figurine of a polar bear made of ice that never melts.
89-92 A snow globe that doesn't need to be shaken.
93-96 A piece of sea glass shaped like a unicorn's horn.
97-100 A dark blue scarf that gets lighter in shade the higher the altitude of the wearer.



  • DM Profile.pdf
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  • QL_House Rules v0.6.pdf
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  • QL_modified core classes_v0.6.pdf
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  • dnd_icewinddale_chsheets_fillable.pdf
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  • Character Secrets v2.pdf
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Hey Quickleaf, I am up for this game. One of my favorite games was the Al-Qadim game you ran on here.
Hey Vlad, that's great to hear! I know it has been several years. Yeah, the AQ game was a blast. Good to see you're still active here!

I think I have some interest from other folks I've GMed for via Discord, so I'm directing them here.

I'll post the character secrets pdf momentarily. Also, here's a cool "map" I found of Icewind Dale:
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Count me in!!! Looking forward to his, thanks Quickleaf. :D

I'm flexible on character choice, whatever fits the party. Maybe an arcane magic wizard? Variant wildmagic sorcerer? Crusader paladin?


Count me in!!! Looking forward to his, thanks Quickleaf. :D

I'm flexible on character choice, whatever fits the party. Maybe an arcane magic wizard? Variant wildmagic sorcerer? Crusader paladin?
I think you'd have a blast with either of those caster hacks I put together. 😄

Hey Quickleaf, Devin from Discord here. Definitely looking forward to this one. Thinking a Ranger would be a great fit.
Hey Devin! Solid choice. Definitely you have options when it comes to Ranger - there's the PHB version, there's the alternate features from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (I can share the ranger features if you don't have access to that), there's the D&D One Playtest ranger, and then in the first post I attached my modified core classes which include alternate features for the ranger derived from Baldur's Gate 3. So you've definitely got options.


Is there room still? I'm game. I'm thinking a crazy Texan Warlockwho uses his rod like a revolver to shoot his eldritch blasts. Can we use the One DND playtest?
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This looks great and the PDFs are really impressive!

Would there be room for a Warlock? Probably Fiend or Great Old One.

I favor classes that don't require memorizing/keeping track of a ton of abilities and the Faustian bargain variant rule seems good for both mechanics and roleplaying.

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