[OOC] Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden [closed but waitlist is available]

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Could the spell Tenser's Floating Disc be used to carry the injured dwarf with us and let him rest?

It lasts for an hour.
Yeah, that seems like a reasonable use of Floating Disc, if you want to bring the KO'd dwarf with.

When I rolled for when the dwarf regains consciousness, I got 2 hours.


Your GM is stuck in limbo. ;) I was going to post, but I realized I'm unclear about what you're doing with the dwarves. And it seems like a "herding cats" situation where everyone has different ideas.

Are you all happy with that approach? If it's not broken, I don't need to fix anything.

If it's frustrating for you, do you want to appoint a party leader to make the call? Or come to some agreement about how decisions are made?


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Unless you're going to bring him back to the dwarves, my plan is in conflict. We dont need a dead(ish) warrior that we need to keep alive while at thensame time we have to carry him AND fight uknown number and type of enemies

I thought the plan is to return Rurm and krep going with Brydum?


I think Alma would vote for having the dwarves take Rurm back to safety and then continue on with Brydum. We still have a guide and Rurm isn't in danger.

Alternatively, we could continue with Brydum and have the others hunker down in this area while we continue ahead and have them rejoin us in a couple hours when Rurm wakes up. Theoretically if we clear the way ahead of us they'd be safe but splitting the party inside the dungeon is always risky.


Would an Investigation check help figure out how to open the door?

If so: 1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18
It depends on what you're doing. And your intent.

For example, if you're just looking at the illusory wall covering the door without risking touching it... that check is kind of meaningless.

If your intent is to look over what you've learned thus far from bas reliefs & objects you've gathered – like a sort of GM quick reminder – that could work.

I just struggle when players give me nothing but "Investigation 18. Go GM!"

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