[OOC] Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden [closed for now]


Hey sorry for disappearing I've had a very busy few weeks. I'm good with the DM advancing the story is needed if things are too slow. As for party leader, Alma is definitely more reactive and more used to taking orders than not, but she's always going to lean towards a cold practicality.

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Lol. This should be good.

I forgot to talk about how I'm running Experience - I am using Judd Karlman's Experience Bingo idea, which is a way of tracking party XP as if you were playing Bingo. I'll keep an updated version of this on the OOC first page for ease of reference.

It involves all of you getting a say about what goes in the outer 16 squares. Full explanation below...


The party tracks XP collectively using a Bingo style sheet. Before the session, the GM fills in the innermost 8 squares with classic fantasy RPG goals (already done), while the players fill in the outermost 16 squares. Goals should be phrased to be applicable to the whole party, not just one character.

At the end of a session (for us that will be a location or quest), the group marks off any squares whose goals they accomplished. The middle square is a "freebie" that is always filled. Filling in all squares in a row, column, or diagonal equates to one PC gaining a level. Rather than staggering level progression, the party fills in a row, column, or diagonal for each PC before they level up (e.g. with 7 of you, that is 7 rows/columns/diagonals total).

After a level up, all marked squares are cleared. If the group wishes to change any of the goals listed on the Bingo sheet, this is a good time to evaluate and discuss what should change. Some potential ideas for goals that could fit the outer squares include:
  • Broke a law or went against a cultural norm that is an important part of my heritage in order to accomplish a goal or keep a friend from harm.
  • Brokered, tricked, or won your way into power.
  • Celebrated my friend’s cunning or prowess in public so all would know of their amazing heroics.
  • Dressed up as an enemy to trick our way into a forbidden place.
  • Evaded a deadly enemy with them none the wiser.
  • Gave a rousing speech in the face of fell enemies.
  • Helped someone in need at your own expense.
  • Imposed or maintained order in the face of chaos.
  • Made a binding oath with a powerful antagonist in order to accomplish a goal or gain information.
  • Offered an enemy mercy rather than revenge/anger.
  • Perished in a heroic way so that others might live.
  • Righted an imbalance or injustice.
  • Saved a friend from the brink of death.
  • Told a moving tale of my people so my friends could learn from our wisdom.
  • Unraveled a mystery by asking good questions.
  • Upheld an oath, vow, or other stricture even when it could cost you dearly.
  • Used a spell or magic item in an unconventional way to solve a problem.
  • Used the wisdom of my friend’s people, taking a tale they told and applying it.


Hey @Quickleaf, for some reason I didn’t get a notification that you posted ic. Sorry! I’m currently traveling I’ll post in a couple of days.

Cool for bingo Xp. I’m down to try it!

Travel safe! No need to apologize, especially this time of the year when it gets busy.

Could we add something about the secret each character has to the XP bingo card?
Yeah, great idea. If anyone wants to keep secret a secret of course, no need to add theirs, but I think it’s a great idea!


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
We can immeditately resolve either gain wondrous ally (yeti child) or saved folk (yetis) or made a dangerous enemy (again yets, if we let them live) :D


Maybe something like ''prioritized in-character decisions and actions over what was clearly most practical'' lol?

Also, am I misunderstanding that we are leveling one character at a time instead of the whole party at once?

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