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[OOC] The Missing Warlock [4e, closed]


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My bad I read carts and assumed they were being pulled by horses.

Thanks for the armour update, I wasn't sure what the bonus would be as my PH wasn't to hand. I'll make the changes in any case.



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We've moved on from the armor to the horses, and talk of the sword seems to have passed on, so I am assuming no one has an objection with my taking it.....
going once
adding to my character sheet
going twice


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New character sheet with lifedrinker longsword

[sblock=Todarr Rheland, Dragonborn Tactical Warlord 2]
Initiative: +3 [+0 Dex, +1 level, +2 class]
Senses: Perception +1 (+2 within 5 squares of Karis), Normal vision
Passive Insight: 11
Passive Perception: 11 [12 within 5 squares of Karis]
Alignment: Unaligned (Kord)
Languages: Common, Draconic

Str 16 (+3) [+2 racial]
Dex 11 (+0)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 16 (+3)
Wis 8 (-1)
Cha 16 (+3) [+2 racial]

HP 29; Bloodied 14; Healing Surge 8 [+1 racial] (8/day)
AC 19 [+7 enchanted chainmail, +1 shield, +1 level]; Fort 15, Ref 14, Will 15
Speed 5 [-1 armor]
Action Points 1

Acrobatics^ +3      [+0 Dex]
Arcana^ +6            [+3 Int]]
Athletics^ +6         [+3 Str]
Bluff^ +6               [+3 Cha]]
Diplomacy* +9        [+3 Cha]]
Dungeoneering^ +2    [-1 Wis]]
Endurance* +8            [+1 Con, +1 armor]
Heal* +5                      [-1 Wis]
History^ +8                 [+3 Int, +2 racial]
Insight^ +2                  [-1 Wis]
Intimidate* +11          [+3 Cha, +2 racial]
Nature^ +2                 [-1 Wis]
Perception^ +2           [-1 Wis] [+1 to total when within 5 squares of Karis]
Religion^ +6              [+3 Int]
Stealth^ +3                [+0 Dex]
Streetwise^ +6          [+3 Cha]
Thievery^ +3             [+0 Dex]
* Trained Skill (+5 bonus)
^ Untrained Skill (+2 Jack of all Trades)

  • Jack of All Trades: +2 feat bonus to all untrained skill checks
  • Tactical Assault: When ally in LOS uses AP to attack, +3 damage

Cost   Weight   Item
 15g   33       Adventurer's kit
520g   40       +1 Dwarven Chainmail
 15g    6       +1 Lifedrinker Longsword
  5g    6       Light Shield
 2g   11       Climber's kit
163g    3       gold

Adventurer's Kit: Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Belt pouch, 2 sunrods, 10 days of trail rations, 50' of hemp rope, and a Waterskin.
Climber's Kit: Grappling Hook, Hammer, 10 Pitons.

Racial and class features:
  • Proficiencies: simple melee, military melee, simple ranged, cloth, leather, hide, chainmail, light shields
  • Dragonborn Fury: When bloodied, +1 racial bonus to attack roll
  • Draconic Heritage: +Con modifier to Healing Surge value [already added]
  • Dragon Breath: Encounter power: close blast attack. See below.
  • Combat Leader: +2 initiative for me and all allies w/in 10 squares.
  • Commanding Presence (Tactical Presence): int bonus to attacks from Action Point.
  • Inspiring Word: words of encouragement grant inspiring word encounter power.
  • Life Drink: when melee attack with LD weapon brings enemy to 0 or fewer HP, gain 5 temp HP.

:bmelee: basic melee attack (standard; at will, martial, weapon)
+8 vs AC; 1d8+4 damage [+1 damage if using 2nd hand; +1d6 necrotic damage on critical]

:melee: Furious Smash (standard; at will, martial, weapon)
+8 vs Fortitude; 3 damage and ally adjacent to me or target gets +3 power bonus to attack and damage against next attack versus target (ends at end of ally's turn)

:melee: Wolf Pack Tactics (standard; at-will, martial, weapon)
+8 vs AC; 1d8+4 damage [+1 damage if using 2nd hand; +1d6 necrotic damage on critical]. Before attack, one ally adjacent to me or target may shift 1 square as free action.

:melee: Hammer and Anvil (standard; encounter, martial, weapon)
+8 vs Reflex; 1d8+4 damage [+1 damage if using 2nd hand; +1d6 necrotic damage on critical]. One ally adjacent to target makes basic melee attack against target as free action, with +3 damage.

:melee: Bastion of Defense (standard; daily, martial, weapon)
+8 vs AC; 3d8+4 damage [+1 damage if using 2nd hand; +1d6 necrotic damage on critical]
Hit: allies within 5 squares gain +1 to all defenses until end of encounter
Effect: allies within 5 squares gain 8 temporary hit points

Aid the Injured (standard; encounter, healing, martial)
Target: you or one adjacent ally
Effect: target can spend a healing surge

Inspiring Word (minor; encounter, healing, martial)
Special: power use is twice per encounter, but only once per round.
Target: myself or one ally within 5 squares.
Effect: target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6.

Dragon Breath (minor; encounter, fire)
+6 vs Reflex; 1d6+1 damage
Target: close blast 3; all creatures in area.

"The armor must have absorbed it" (free; daily, healing)
Effect: Regain hit points as if you had spent a healing surge [/sblock]
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By my calculations the sword gives you +8, not +7 to hit.

+3 str, +3 prof, +1 level, +1 magical.

damage seems correct 1d8 + 3 str + 1 magical (+ 1 more if two handed)

The Digger

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Quite the contrary, Digger.... I WANT the sword.

Oops! Sorry Penn! I misread your original post and thought you didn't want the sword. I was only trying to say that I didn't want the sword nor did I particularly need the armour.


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.....Yeah, I said in my post that it would increase by 2, but when I actually updated the numbers, I forgot to add the extra proficiency, editing now, thanks NT.

No worries, Digger, just wanted to make myself clear is all.

The Digger

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Question for NT.

When you post your "Status" post is it normally in Initiative order?

If so then according to the katest such post,and looking at the last few actions (Todarr, Moreen, Rellek and Karis), it looks to me that it's now the turn of the elf archer and then it's Joshua - is that correct?


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Alright, I gotta ask... and I haven't looked around to find out myself, but thought I would just see if anyone else knows first:

What is with the "Goblin Sharpshooter" stuff?? Anyone know?


It's a forum reputation thing. If you click on the little scales-of-justice icon beneath people's user name, you can give them "experience", and they might level up to a better monster.

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