D&D Movie/TV Paramount+ Orders 8-episode D&D TV Show

According to Deadline, an 8-episode TV show has been ordered by Paramount+. The pilot epidode of this Dungeons & Dragons TV show was written by Rawson Mashall Thurber (Red Notice) who will also direct that episode.

Apparently multiple networks were interested in the show, with Paramount+ winning out.

The show is a partnership between Paramount+ and eOne, Hasbro's studio. Hasbro is currently in the process of selling eOne.

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100% chance it's set in the Sword Coast and never leaves it. Just floating between

  • Waterdeep.
  • Neverwinter.
  • Luskan.
  • Baldur's Gate.
Also, 0% chance of Dark Elves. They aren't going to chance the wrong impression with "Purple Face" or whatever color they make Drow now.

They have the John Wick guy doing a Drizzt script so your pretty wrong about the Drow.

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Jedi Master
I'd guess that they'll be leveraging assets used in the movie to keep costs down on the show, so I'd guess that it's going to be based in Neverwinter and the Sword Coast. If the first season does well it could branch out from there.


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And I won't watch it and give it a terrible review to help undermine Hasbro
You'll give it a terrible review even if you don't watch it? Why?

I get people are mad at WotC....and I don't love big companies. But man, I think emotion is running very high over logic. Compared to how phone companies treat their employees, farms treat migrant workers, big companies steal wages from employees, etc.....WotC is doing nothing compared to them. I don't like what WotC is doing at all.....but it is a drop in the bucket compared to the awful things other companies do all the time, companies people on this site buy from all the time (like Amazon and UPS not having AC.....).

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