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A real Spelljammer Setting, not just "connecting the existing ones", which I find stupid. Like a whole Wildspace System like the 2e Astromundi Cluster, just better and bigger. I homebrewed one for the Spelljammer Campaign I'm running. Like ... imagine The Expanse as Spelljammer.

Another Setting I homebrewed is actually a part of the forgotten realms, but separate enough that an inclusion wouldn't disturb the rest of the setting:
400 years ago, a continent just appeared in the ocean and the Kingdoms and Realms saw it as free Real estate and started colonising it, displacing the native goblinoid tribes there. Then, a hundred years later, the continent disappeared again and with it everybody who went there ...

Welcome to the continent of Tamel

- that was discarded and cut out of the realms by the gods in order to stop ... something.

Now we have a continent with cut off colonies, ancient ruins of a lost empire, angry goblinoid tribes and the big mystery to what the f happened to the rest of the realms.

In the North of the continent, after the cut off, two of the colonies start a war, unleashing powerful devastating magical warfare ... until the Cult of Neymon steps in, a cult that arose to stop the misuse of magic in the war. They take over the two colonies and install a regime that tries to controll all magic including all magical races- which means slavery of everything with innert magic, everything that is not Human, Dwarf or Hobbit. Only the priests of neymon are allowed to wield magic, magic items can only be bought trough the cult and must be recharged by the cult.
All magical creatures that can escape flee to the south, creating the order of the moon opposing the cult of neymon. Some other colonies still exist and a lot of wild undiscovered land. Also a more or less pirate island in the south of the continent goes dark after a vulcano erupts covering the sun. The whole Island is surrounded by Ash clouds and fog and nobody who goes there ever comes back ...
Also, if you die and not be resurrected within a minute, you can't be brought back to life.

I DMed a 4 year campaign in that homebrew setting and it was grandiose. It also allowed me to just use stuff directly from the Forgotten Realms without having to adhere to it. When I created it, my thoughts where like: If I want tompublish this on the DMs Guild it must be part of an existing setting ... so I created a whole new part of the forgotten realms - the forgotten continent ^^.

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