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What is funny. I don't have to find evidence for a position I don't have.

I have produced evidence for people using wrong comparisons: screenshot from the treant monk video where he clearly compares apples with oranges. Which you chose to ignore.

Since you are using my post as a point of contention, I do want to be more clear.

I am saying IF the Monk feats don't materialize, then we have to account for Monks not having feat-support. This is important, because your contention quoted above is that Treantmonk compared "apples to oranges" in his monk analysis did not include combat feats. But he gave the monk EVERY combat feat they qualify for currently. The fact that THAT is such a stark difference to you is why I'm hedging my bets.

Good monk feats and general monk buffs? Ideal.

But without the feats, we need to account for that gap. And the Monk feats might never appear. After all, we have had 10 years of lack of feat support for monks, alongside a feat tax. And we have seen ZERO new feats beyond level 1 feats in the playtest. The most we see are alterations to existing feats, which will not support the monk, as they never supported the monk.

I wish I could be hopeful about that changing, but I am not. So I hedge my bets on the design goal.

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