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So this is for a fighter type character with shields, but with a sprinkle of magic? That feels a bit vague for a class, it might be better to pick more of a focus beyond "defense".

You really want an ability every level. Spellcasters get spells each level...why don't martials? I know the publishers do it...but it is still wrong. You also want abilities to scale up

1st level is shield ally...I think this should be shield focus. Shield Ally would work better worded like "You may assign some or all of your armor class points to one ally inside your reach as an immediate action". I would just leave it up to your full AC, but you could limit it to half if you feel that is needed.

2nd level-Provoke? Feels like an odd magic ability that can be used at will. Maybe, for the low level ability just make this like the Taunt feat: (EX) will save vs Intimidation skill, If they fail, they must use their next action to move closer and attack you.

3rd level Shield Focus is fine, but I'd put it at 1st.

4th level is Rooks Defense, another SU and teleport? Maybe just a bonus to move, not teleport.

5th level is a dead spot. I'd plug in a shield feat here. Shield Specialization works.

6th level is the dual shield feat, and this might be a bit early. Maybe another feat? Or some shield stuff from the knight class?

7th level dead again. This could be make focus +2 and maybe Bulwark of Defense (Ex): When you reach 7th level, an opponent that begins its turn in your threatened area treats all the squares that you threaten as difficult terrain. Your strict vigilance and active defensive maneuvers force your opponents to move with care. Or the spell Shield Other.

8th level Rook is fine here, but maybe make it once a day per Chr bonus.

9th level Provoke....effecting immune creatures is a bad idea. And it's not like "provoke" is a huge part of the class. But with lower level mundane, put the SP magic one here.

10th level is stout guardian? This does not really fit. A good shield user(should) is not going to get hit all that much. Maybe Wrathful Healing: Whatever damage is done, you heal half that amount. SP once a day.

11th level provoking aura? Would you even want this? Though maybe missle attraction?

12th dual tower shield is fine

13 th dead level Fortification? Ghost Touch?
14th sheilding aura, maybe just more a bit like advanced shield other?
15th Some abjuration like anti magic or wall of force fits here
16th-20th are just about empty

Once you get past 12th level or so, you really want to put the magic abilities here. There are a TON of them to add. Put some damage resistance or energy absorption(and space them out every three levels).

Animate shields

Tower shield: Warriors Tower (like mages mansion)

Mettle: You can resist magical and unusual attacks with great willpower or fortitude. If you make a successful Will or Fortitude save against an attack that normally would have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a saving throw entry of Will half or Fortitude partial), you instead completely negate the effect. An unconscious or sleeping character does not gain the benefit of mettle. Really fits this class

And...well, the Captain America throwing shields.....

Thanks for the suggestions. As for the attack abilities I want to let those be player options with the character level feats as this is suposed to be a Tank, draw the attacks and survive no matter what. I thought Taunt was a skill ability....aaaand of course forgot to add bluff on the skills list, will have to look into that but can it work against groups? and I was thinking the energy thing would be coverd by energy resistance on the shields but putting some energy/magic resistance might not be a bad idea. I dont want this more powerfull than a monk, closer to that of a fighter (which is the weakest class of them all next to soulknife)


FYI in Pathfinder: Kingmaker one of the main NPC’s is big into her shield.

Might be something relevant to you, I dunno. I didn’t read beyond using two shields, which seems odd to me.

Also, I have a player in 3.5e with a hoplite (ancient Greek warrior) set of skills from Net Book of Feats. Spear and Shield to use a long spear two handed with a heavy shield, and Rank Fighting. The history book “Warfare in the Ancient World” - specifically its photos of Ancient Greek amphora showing these techniques - convinced me to allow it. :)
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@haakon1 unfortunatly I dont have any pathfinder materials since I've always done D&D from AD&D - 3.5 but the 3rd party supliments do have good materials. I totaly forgot about those and will have to scavage through those materials.

Updated with some of the sugestions. Removed the healing, it really was unnessesary, added growing movement bonuses, and other defence based abilities. I still dont want to put in Fighting abilities, the player should use level feats for that if they want, this is suposed to be purely support. I also dont want energy resistance as a class feature, that would come with upgrading gear

I'm afraid that I really don't like the way this class works in the context of D&D 3.5 - and the problem is really not "they wield two shields". That's perfectly fine as a start. There are however a lot of problems I can see, starting with the fundamental one that if this is supposed to be about dual wielding shields and you only get that at level 5 then what is the point of the first four levels? If you're only going to give them their signature ability at level 5 and are using a lightly modified fighter chassis just make the whole thing a prestige class. Off the top of my head:
  • Is a powerful but limited mind controller really the aesthetic you want to go for? (Also Taunt is going to outscale saves and has unlimited range and cumulative targets and either no serious end condition or a trivial one)
    • Taunt is very much an MMO ability. The 4e version would be to block attacks against your allies with your shield, and it reflects the damage. Making the foe make a choice
  • You've basically got a lightly modified fighter here (there's little you do that couldn't be done without adding balanced feats).
  • The relative strengths of the classes is well known and outlined in the 3.5 class tier list. The fighter is near the bottom.
  • It's a largely passive class. What do you actually do with your time other than play as an NPC-bot?
    • There's no room for "diving shield saves" that would be cinematic
    • Your taunt is basically passive
    • You're joined at the hip to whoever you are shielding so you've no mobility and you aren't even really making the choices of where to go
    • You're not doing any significant damage so in your average or easy fights you're basically redundant (the best damage prevention method is killing them before they kill you). And the only reason enemies don't simply ignore you in a fight is the taunts
    • Out of combat for practical purposes you're a Commoner; 2+Int skill points and no other abilities.
    • You're very equipment dependent; don't have shields with you and you basically don't have a class. How do you go to the bar with two tower shields? (Or do you have two bucklers as well). A "Can count improvised weapons as bucklers" would be a good start
  • You've a bit of anti-synergy going on there
    • Mettle is a decent ability - but you seem to have low Fort and Will saves - so Mettle will rarely trigger. For that matter you've no real defense against spells in general.
    • Endurance letting you sleep in medium armour when the class calls for heavy armour is awkward. Give a custom ability
  • You're making the textbook "Yes a limited variant of a spell is really worth a full class feature" D&D 3.5 homebrewing mistake
    • Level 1 Shield Ally feels like a much less flexible Shield of Faith
    • Level 7 Shield Other 1/day is a 1/day use of a second level spell clerics can choose at level 3 - and they normally get three second level spells at that level up. (Most have better things to do than Shield Other).
  • You're just not that tough for all the hit points and shield. You've two low saves, a low Touch AC, and no energy resistance.
Honestly try playing it. I'm not seeing a fun experience there. And in terms of power it's pretty bad.

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