PokePaladin or PokeMount?


I need to speak the correct lingo, and this is a burning question that requires an immediate answer.

I am leaning towards PokePaladin simply for its alliterative flair, however PokeMount is obviously a more valid rules-based choice, as it closely reflects the effect of the suffix upon the chosen infix (mount being the thing poke-ized, not technically the Paladin), although by extension the Paladin can be seen as becoming metaphorically poke-ized, vis-a-vis his mount which now has poke-associated attributes, namely near insta-appear and -disapear capabilities via planar travel or some such garbage game-rationalization concept.

So, what is it?

PokePaladin, or PokeMount?

I can't see accepting both, "Your PokePaladin jumps up on his PokeMount, right?" just loses that special kick. The joke is being told one too many times. Every had a bore tell an unfunny joke and then explain it, at length, in your face, with his beery breath curling your beard? No? Be thankful.


I do believe it started out as the PokePaladin, actually, however, I do suppose PokeMount would be the more apt term for it.

In light of this, though, I do believe the Paladin is in need of a name change.

From this time forward, the Paladin is now to be known as the "PokeMount Master."


Not to change the subject but whats a "poke" anything???
Pokémon is short for "Pocket Monster" - a creature that can be summoned or dismissed from a little ball you keep in your pocket.

A Pokémount is, therefore, a Paladin's Mount you can pull out of your pocket at a moment's notice. One of the controversial 3.5 changes.



I described the pokemount scenario as such:

"You're mysterious and trippy horse does fade to an outline of beautiful space and stars, then the outline disappears with an equine call."

"That is, Dave, your horse gets out of the way so you can go into the tunnel with your mates to bash monsters. No don't worry, it is safe, you don't have to worry about your horse."

It works.


So, when your "Wahr-Ponee" has enough fighting experience, does it become a "Wahr-Hurs"? Is is it that your "Courser" evolves into a tougher but less cute "Destrier"? ;)


Nifft said:
PokeMount. "I choose you, Waar-hurs!"

-- Nifft
How is this any worse than

"I choose you, Celestial Hawk"
"I choose you, Formain Warrior"
"I choose you, Feindish Shark"


While seeing the humor of this thread, I don't agree with the fact that the change to the paladins warhorse is controversial or bad. In fact, I think it is a good change since it actually makes the ability worthwhile in all capaigns. I have seen too many players never bothering to call a warhorse because in 70% of the circumstances the horse was a liability.


Not to be disagreeable, but while PokePaladin has the strength of alliteration in it's favor, PokeMount is the best choice.

It's close relation to the original 'Pokemon - PokeMount' makes it a better choice. It has the familiar ring to it, while being on-topic to the issue.