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Raagens: Elemental and baseline constituent energy dragons

Raagens are something ive talked about often but never really defined. They're a race of beings that in my campaigns have been commonplace. They are dragons comprised of pure elemental energy and serve as flying mounts, sea mounts, and powerful enemy threats. Raagens grow in 8 Age Categories:

Small 5hd CR 4
Medium 7hd CR 6
Large 11hd CR 8
Huge 13hd CR 10
Greater 16hd CR12
Elder 19hd CR14
Monolith 39hd CR 20
Primal 67hd CR 38

Presented below is a Monolith Level Fire Raagen, a powerful threat for endgame subepic campaigns or a usable epic campaign threat. Hope you guys enjoy. :)


Fire Raagen, Monolith, CR 20

As the ground shakes and the balls of fire rain from the sky the mountain shakes itself apart continuing to erupt in a 2000ft high column of smoke and lava. Within the smoke, you see almost like a stroke of red lightning, moving around fountain of lava itself, moving in and out of it absorbing it's energy, a massive serpentine dragon made of pure living fire and blazing heat. It turns it’s head in your direction, moving in a strange flowing fashion, eyes of blue flames flashing, and spirals towards you before unleashing a literal tornado of fire from it’s mouth and engulfing the area and your surroundings in a torrenting cascade of flames.

XP: 307,200
N Gargantuan Elemental (Dragon)
Init +18, Senses: Low Light Vision, Darkvision 120, Scent 60ft, Keen Senses

AC: 43 (+10 Dex, +19 Natural, +8 Heat Deflection, -4 Size) Touch: 24, Flat Footed: 33
Hit Dice: 39d12+390+42 (660 hp)
Fort +34, Ref +31, Will +29
Immune: Fire, Disease, Poison, Bleed, Paralysis, Sleep, Stunning, Flanking, Sneak Attack, Critical Hits
Resist: Acid 20, Sonic 20, Electricity 20, +4 resistance to poison,
Weaknesses: Vulnerability to Cold, Dragon Vulnerabilities, Undersized Claws
Defensive Abilities: Elemental Traits, Dragon Traits, DR 20/--, Elemental Resistance 20, SR: 50 (11+hd), Fire Absorption, Discorporate, Dimension Slide

Speed 90 ft, Fly 120 ft (Perfect)
Melee: 6 Claws +42 +Heat (2d6) (2d6+8 +2d6 fire), Bite+51 +Grab +Constrict (2d10+22 +4d6 fire)
Ranged: Breath Weapon +44 Ranged Touch (21d6 Fire Damage)
Special Attacks: Grab, Constrict, Rend, Elemental Form, Adaptive Breath Weapon: 60ft cone, 120 ft line or long range ranged touch attack with 5ft splash, 21d6+5 Fire DC 37 Reflex/half +44 Ranged Touch

Spells: DC 19+ Spell Level; as a Cleric of ½ hd (lvl 19), can only use spells from the Fire Domain
Spell List:
(0) Ignite
(1) Snapdragon Fireworks, Burning Hands
(2) Produce Flames
(3) Fireball
(4) Wall of Fire
(5) Fire Shield
(6) Fire Seeds
(7) Fire Storm
(8) Incendiary Cloud
(9) Elemental Swarm, *Meteor Swarm

Str 40 +15
Dex 30 +10
Con 30 +10
Int 18 +4
Wis 22 +6
Cha 25 +7

Base attack+39; CMB +58; CMD 78 +4 Size, +4 claws

Feats: Weapon Focus, Dodge, Multiattack, Multiweapon Rend, Ability Focus: Breath Weapon, Alertness, Blind Fight, Combat Reflexes, Improved Crit Bite, Improved Crit Claws, Improved Natural Attack Claws, Improved Natural Attack Bite, Quicken Spell, Spell Penetration, Empower Spell, Improved Initiative, Epic Initiative, Pyromaniac
Skills: Appraise +52, Bluff +55, Craft +52, Diplomacy +55, Fly +58, Knowledge
Planes +52, Perception +58, Sense Motive +56, Spellcraft +52, Stealth +20 (while in elemental form) Racial Bonus: +20 Stealth while In Elemental Form, +4 Diplomacy, +4 Bluff, +4 Sense Motive, +4 Perception
SQ: DR 20/--, Darkvision 120, Scent, Low Light Vision, Keen Senses

Environment: High Intensity Fires, the deep Fire Plane, The Primal Fire Plane
Organization: Solitary, Pair, Trio, or Swarm 1d3x1d10 + 1 Primal Fire Raagen and vast numbers of lesser elementals and Lesser Fire Raagens
Treasure: Triple Standard

Raagens are to Elementals what Dragons are the Human beings. They reside in the most intense harshest most pure environments of the primal elemental planes and hearts of the regular elemental planes.

Long ago summoning a Raagen was nearly impossible but when the ancient Anyothen race began experimenting with the magic of tearing the veil of reality, intense energies were released and a race of beforehand exceedingly rare entities were thrust upon the world and into the material plane at large. The Anyothens capitalized on the bewildered Raagens and enslaved the hapless beings en masse. Thus begun a 12,000 year period of symbiosis between the races of man and the races of Raagens.

Over time as the Anyothens eventually fell to hubris the Raagens were left to fend for themselves and infested the deepest and most intense elemental sources upon the prime material plane propagating freely. Their time with the Anyothens taught them much of how this world works and many have no defined lifespans, meaning there are Raagens alive even today that remember their entering this universe and who’s modus operandis and goals may seem absolutely barbaric and terrible by humanoid sensibilities.

More like sparks of their respective elemental plane vice true individuals, they retain that ancient way of looking at the world and many harbor strange and powerful artifacts and magical technologies that make them even more threatening, imposing any maybe, more able to help the party in unseen ways.

Most Raagens fly high above an enemy and will slowly rain breath weapons down upon a foe or group for as long as it takes. Masters of the long game, the slow burn, and patient, they slowly dry out a foe knowing dry wood explodes the most satisfyingly when it burns. They will break this up with spells and dive attacks from time to time, but will never put themselves in any kind of serious danger.

If encountered in a cavern or other such environment where it cannot escape, it will scorch the entire area with incendiary cloud and fire storm, grabbing weaker foes and tearing them to pieces with a combination of full attack, grab, constrict, rend, burn burn burn, repeat. If struck they will discorporate to relative safety but only if the wound deals damage.

Raagens do not need to eat but do gain energy from consumption. They will burn a defeated foe to ash completely incinerating them and they will consume the ashes gaining a +5 bonus to Charisma based skill checks to the DC of any Fire Spell or abilities.

Special Abilities

Adaptive Breath Weapon (Ex): A Raagen can unleash a breath weapon once every 1d4+1 rounds as a standard action that can be used as part of a full round attack. This Attack can be shaped as either a 60 ft cone, a 120ft line, or a ranged touch attack with a range of 1,960 ft. a Reflex save can be attempted for ½ damage but targets struck with the breath weapon shaped as a ranged touch attack take full damage 21d6+5 with no save but if the attack misses they take no damage however when shaped in such a fashion the attack deals minimum damage to everything within five feet (26 splash damage) with no save including those who the attack initially misses.

Grab (Ex): If a Raagen hits with it’s bite attack it may initiate a free grapple attempt at a +4 bonus as part of his attack roll.

Constrict (Ex): When a Fire Raagen Monolith Grapples a foe it takes an additional amount of Crushing Damage equal to 2d8+15 +4d6 burn damage

Burn (Ex): Any foe striking the Raagen in melee or simply touching the raagen take 4d6 points of fire damage without save, any foe being struck by any of the raagen’s melee attacks take this damage each and every time they are hit, additionally enemies must make a DC 35 Reflex save or catch on fire taking 1d6 fire damage per size category of the creature catching fire.

Discorporate (Su): Any time the Raagen is struck in combat it can as an immediate action teleport (as per dimension slide) up to 35 ft. This ability can be used any time the Raagen is struck but only after damage is taken and can interrupt iterative attacks.

Dimension Slide (Su): As the spell Dimension Door but usable as a free action 1/round. Can teleport up to 5ft per age category of the Raagen (Monolith Age Category 7: 35 ft)

Undersized Limbs: The limbs of a Raagen are very small but powerful, every raagen sports 6 small limbs with clawed and padded hands. Too small and weak to be used to walk for anything more than extremely short distances, opting to instead slither much like a serpent or slowly loft along, these claws are used exclusively for stabilization and manipulating the environment; and give the raagen 6 secondary claw attacks and a +4 on grappling and allow the Raagen to use technology and equipment meant for beings far smaller than themselves without serious penalty ( -1 treated as Large size).

Elemental Form (Ex) If a Raagen discorporates they may stay in that semi solid state becoming a cloud of living elemental energy. While in this form they have no access to spells, and cannot attack but deal elemental damage as a swarm of equal size and their Burn special ability still applies. While in this form they are immune to regular attacks and are treated as being under the effects of a Gaseous Form spell, however they lose their elemental resistance, SR, and DR, and take double damage from elemental Cold damage and have all the same vulnerabilities and immunities as a swarm.

Keen Senses (Ex): Raagens perceive their world twice as well as their human counterparts and all variable numeric effects are doubled. (ie 60 ft scent vice 30ft, etc)

Natural Flight (Ex): Raagens are comprised of pure living elemental force, such powerful raw energies allow the Raagen to fly as an Extraordinary ability at double it's base movement speed with 'perfect' maneuverability. If hit with an anti magic field, the subtle magics holding the Raagen's stability falter reducing it's speed to base movement and reducing it's maneuverability to 'good'.

Elemental Traits:

Dragon Traits: 12 sided hd, Good Saves and BAB, 8+int skills/lvl, darkvision 60ft, low light vision, keen senses

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I also wanted to state that the more obscure the element the stronger the Rragen. So Rragens of Delirium and the other Akashic level or Kuvatchim "wildlife" so to speak like dragons of that level are appropriately leveled with reality spanning and warping abilities and hd to match.

They move like serpents and naturally fly. I didn't actually put that in their stat block they're supposed to hover above the ground most of the time. I'll add an ability to sum it up.


First Post
I like how it's not just some dragon that has the fire subtype, but is instead literally an elemental in the shape of a dragon

ver goo

I'm making the Air Raagen, another monolith, right now. Was curious, I'm going to drop the earth and water raagen as well, do you guys want all monoliths or a large water raagen and a primal earth raagen?

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