Raagens: Elemental and baseline constituent energy dragons

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Depends on what PC class levels Jeff took. I mean he'd be open to both Elemental and Dragon natural HD advancement and Dragon is a pretty decent Monster class. Jeff Raagen seems like he might be pretty scary.

Raagens tend to be Neutral but since there are Raagens made of positive and negative energy, or law and chaos, I usually make them based off of the element they are made of and the properties of that element. So fire might be chaotic or ice might be lawful but usually, yes, neutral.


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how about a quintessence raagen
id guess that it genuinely wouldn't care so either unaligned or beyond
probably be unstoppable unless a greater deity comes around and dropkicks it

I think that'd be fair. I would think a Quintessense Raagen would be like a very powerful God of some type, far stronger than his peers gets Schismed or otherwise separated from his divinity or a dragon God or w/e. So I would say it's alignment would match it's "parent" God. Or for waves of Quintessense Raagens for Gods to munch on like Divine french fries, probably Unaligned or just Neutral.

So Time Raagens would be end game beings made to defend the Supreme Being so they'd be dumb high power and residents of Kuvatchim, so probably at least CR 20000-ish

The Yin Yang Raagen is a legendary creature but it's been fought around level 180 ish. I might beef it up some, but it's more supposed to be a legit low cosmic or mid cosmic threat.

I'm still working on the Time Raagen btw, it's just taking some.. time.
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Upcoming Raagen preview

So it's been a while since I posted on this thread, but I'd like to share the basic concept of the Deirium Raagen. A super high powered being native to the diamond realm of Kuvatchim. Stats will be upcoming but have patience.

So they're roughly about CR 10-20k, delirium Raagens appear like chameleon like beings being the background color of whatever environment they currently inhabit. In their natural state they are a dull metallic silver being composed of a strange near liquid metal like gallium with the tarnishment of lithium.

Power wise they can create tangent realities and read an opponent's fate, doing so they create a narrative where the challenger wins, gets to the Supreme being and becomes God. The effect is not an illusion nor is their ability to read fate anything other than oracular ability meaning the opponent generally has no defense. Only those most keen of mind will be able to spot the deception and possibly break free.

Chiefly the way to tell is that the delirium Raagen cannot make things stronger than it's own CR in any of it's deliriums, nor can it draw from knowledge it simply doesn't have, this may give it the ability to easily mimick any being or effect of up to 20,000 HD, making convincing duplicates of Highlords and whole universes, but it can be beaten.

Once faced with a foe that's savvy enough to see through this, the being uses it's Euphoria breath and symbol claws and teeth to drive a foe back and relies upon transmortality and indissoluable to protect it from true death.

Hey Peeps, here's a creature inspired by a conversation Bootlebat and I had a few days ago. I hope you all enjoy. :)

Blood Raagen, Primal, CR 80

Before you you see an ocean of blood, stagnant, still and foul, it's putrid meaty metallic smell fills your nostrils causing you to gag. Against your better judgement, you step forward and see the ocean ripple, boil, then quake and finally thousands of feet away you see a massive bubble form then erupt in it's center a massive elemental dragon can be seen pulling the entire ocean into itself, a blood raagen, and an overwhelming aura of malevolence surrounds it. It coils upon itself like a massive serpentine blood sausage, grotesque, covered in strings of scablike flesh, and awful asymmetrical globs of semi coagulated blood. Swollen and about to burst, it looks towards you with hollow eyes before smirking and instantly with a rush becomes a wall of blood hundreds of feet tall and thousands of feet wide and rushes towards you with a terrible cacophony and earth shaking ferocity.

NE Macro Tiny Elemental (Dragon)
Init +81, Senses: Low Light Vision, Darkvision 480, Scent 120ft, Keen Senses

AC: 151 (+41 Dex, +106 Natural, +32 Blood Mastery, -28 Size) Touch: 45, Flat Footed: 110
Hit Dice: 134d12+ 5,896 Con, +2,680 Epic Toughness, +134 Toughness (10,318 hp)
Fort +145, Ref +142, Will +112

Immune: Fire, Disease, Poison, Bleed, Paralysis, Sleep, Stunning, Flanking, Sneak Attack, Critical Hits, Mind Influencing Effects
Resist: All Elements 80
Weaknesses: Dragon Vulnerabilities, Undersized Claws, Vulnerabilty to Desiccation
Defensive Abilities: Blood Mastery +32, Elemental Traits, Dragon Traits, DR 30/--, Elemental Resistance 80, SR: 176 (10+ Blood Mastery +hd), Blood Absorbtion, Discorporate, Dimension Slide

Speed 360 ft, swim 720 ft, Fly 720 ft (Perfect)
Melee: 6 Claws +206 +Bleed (99) (16d6+59 (Str+Blood Mastery) +99 bleed, + Blood Lap), Bite+211+Grab +Constrict (20d10+87 (Str+Blood Mastery) +99 bleed, + Blood Lap)
Ranged: Breath Weapon +207 Ranged Touch (134d12+32 Blood Mastery+25,+ Avasculation)

Special Attacks: Blood Bath, Blood Tsunami, Blood Lap, Cause Insanity, Grab, Constrict, Rend, Elemental Form, Adaptive Breath Weapon: 360ft cone, 720 ft line or long range ranged touch attack with 15ft splash, 134d12+32 Blood Mastery+25 DC 134 Fort/half + Avasculation

Spells: DC 67+ Spell Level + Charisma; as a Cleric of ½ hd + Blood Mastery (lvl 109), can only use spells with a blood descriptor (taken from various sources, DanDwiki, Diablo 2 Diablerie, Pfsrd, and the Book of Vile Darkness)

Str 120 +55
Dex 92 +41
Con 98 +44
Int 30 +10
Wis 32 +11
Cha 60 +25

Base attack+134; CMB +221; CMD 262 +28 Size, +4 claws

Feats: Weapon Focus, Dodge, Multiattack, Multiweapon Rend, Ability Focus: Breath Weapon, Alertness, Blind Fight, Combat Reflexes, Improved Crit Bite, Improved Crit Claws, Improved Natural Attack Claws, Improved Natural Attack Bite, Improved Critical Multiplier, Quicken Spell, Spell Penetration, Empower Spell, Improved Initiative

Epic Feats: Epic Initiative, Epic Toughness, Great Charisma (x20), Great Strength (x20)

Skills: Appraise +185, Acrobatics + 216, Bluff +194, Craft +185, Diplomacy +194, Fly +216, Intimidate +190, Knowledge Arcana +185, Knowledge Nature +185, Knowledge Planes +185, Perception +190, Sense Motive +186, Spellcraft +185, Stealth +216 (+236), Use Magic Device +185, (while in elemental form) Racial Bonus: +20 Stealth while In Elemental Form, +4 Diplomacy, +4 Bluff, +4 Sense Motive, +4 Perception
SQ: DR 30/--, Darkvision 480, Scent, Low Light Vision, Keen Senses, Regeneration 30, Fast Healing 35

Environment: Cursed Oceans, Lakes or Oceans of blood, the River of Blood, Avernus, Gehenna, The Nine Hells, The Infinite Planes of the Abyss,
Organization: Solitary, 1 Primal Blood Raagen and vast numbers of lesser elementals and Lesser Blood Raagens
Treasure: Triple Standard

Blood Raagens are terrible beings native to the cursed planes of the 9 Hells, Avernus, The Infinite Planes of the Abyss, The River of Blood, and the Blood Rift, but can be found anywhere where blood elementals full take over an area.

These beings delight in causing misery and pain, bleeding enemies out en masse and drowning those who fight it. Blood raagens are allies of Qlippoth and Yugoloths, or at least associates of those beings. Equally happy killing and draining demons and devils alike, they’re rarely encountered upon the Prime Material Plane.

When encountered however, they generally are encountered in a discorporated elemental state. Usually encountered within oceans or rivers of blood or other such horrible environments, they will appear as if the lake, river, or ocean is quite literally coming to life, and will usually attempt to kill all enemies as quickly as possible, taking their tsunami form and simply crushing their enemies and draining them, or if lazy or facing a single foe or small group or otherwise bound by their environment, launching their breath weapon trapping all foes in a tremendously strong fleshy web made of their own circulatory systems. From here the Raagen will engulf and drown foe after foe driving enemies insane before killing them and draining their blood.

If pressed they rely on their regeneration to keep them safe and their ability to heal via blood lap to restore lost hp. They will use their magic if needed largely using it to make it rain blood or cause mists of blood limiting their opponent’s ability to see and will repeatedly use their blood tsunami and breath weapon in addition to their claws and teeth to go after the most dangerous foes, leaving weaker foes to pick off later, though they’re smart enough to alter tactics if needed and will flee into bodies of water or lakes of blood if totally overwhelmed.

Special Abilities

Avasculating Breath (Ex): A blood Raagen can unleash a bloody breath weapon once every 1d4+1 rounds as a standard action that can be used as part of a full round attack. This Attack can be shaped as either a 360 ft cone, a 720ft line, or a ranged touch attack with a range of 5,760 ft. a Fortitude save DC 134 can be attempted for ½ damage but targets struck with the breath weapon shaped as a ranged touch attack or failing their saving throw take full damage 134d12+32 Blood Mastery+25 however when fired as a ranged touch attack, the attack deals minimum damage to everything within fifteen feet (178 splash damage) with no save including those who the attack initially misses though this splash damage does not inflict the breath weapon’s secondary effect. If the attack hits any foe directly or they fail their saving throw, their blood and blood vessels violently purge from their body and they take ½ their current hp in damage. This purged tissue explodes outwards like a fleshy web immobilizing all foes caught within as per the Avascular Mass spell, however unlike Avascular Mass, this effect continues without a concentration check on the Raagen’s part for up to an hour and the Raagen can more blood into the mass to refresh the effect.

Spells (Sp): as Cleric of 109th Level, needs no spell components nor verbal components to cast any spell it knows and all spells can be cast spontaneously, Blood Raagens cast their spells like a Sorcerer using their Charisma instead of their Wisdom for Spellcasting purposes.
(0) Bleed
(1) Bestow Wounds, Bleeding Wounds
(2) Blood Transcription, Blood Armor
(3) Blood Biography, Bloody Claws
(4) Burning Blood
(5) Blood Golem
(6) Blood Storm, Blood Bomb
(7) Quickened Bloody Claws
(8) Blood Mist
(9) Elemental Swarm (blood elementals), Blood to Acid

Blood Lap (Ex): Any bleed damage caused by the Blood Raagen’s claws or bite heal the Raagen for the indicated damage (99) but only heal the Raagen once per strike.

Bleed (Ex): The Blood Raagen’s claws and teeth deal 99 points (1/2 level 67+ Blood Mastery) of bleed damage. This damage continues every round until a single point of magical healing, Regeneration, or Fast Healing is applied) a DC 99 Heal check can also stop this bleeding. This Bleed Damage can only be applied once. Each additional hit will reinflict the bleed status and deal additional damage but the continuous damage will remain at 99 points per round. This ability can be stacked with the spell Bloody Claws.

Grab (Ex): If a Raagen hits with it’s bite attack it may initiate a free grapple attempt at a +221 bonus as part of it’s attack roll.

Constrict (Ex): When a Blood Raagen Grapples a foe it takes an additional amount of Crushing Damage equal to 20d10+87 (Str+Blood Mastery) +99 bleed, + Blood Lap, this doesn’t stack with Blood Tsunami

Vulnerabilty to Desiccation: Desiccation effects such as Horrid Wilting deal double damage and ignore spell resistance. Even mundane environmental desiccation effects or desert environments cause the Blood Raagen to be considered sickened while within it. Any source of water of at least titanic size can remedy this effect.

Cause Insanity (Su): Eight times per day, a blood Raagen can produce an effect identical to that of the insanity spell, however this is considered a Supernatural Ability and ignores spell resistance (caster level 134; Will save DC 134).

Bloodbath (Ex): With a successful CMD check at a +5 bonus (+217), a blood raagen may engulf a creature of up to its own size category. An engulfed creature is considered grappled and subject to drowning. The Raagen may eject the engulfed creature at any time. A victim that is still alive when it emerges from the blood raagen's body (whether by escaping the monster's hold or by being ejected) takes 26d6 points of Wisdom damage because of the strain on its sanity that the sensation of drowning in blood produced. Furthermore, the victim creature must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 134) on emerging or be nauseated for 20d6 rounds.

Blood Tsunami (Ex): A blood raagen may as a full round action transform into a literal tsunami of blood. The raagen becomes a wave of blood 268 feet tall, 134 feet deep and 2048 feet wide, that then moves in a straight line across water or land, it selects the direction the wave travels (which must be perpendicular to its width), but once set in motion, the wave cannot change course. Over the surface of open water, the wave travels at a speed of 720 feet per round-on land or underwater, the wave travels at a speed of 360 feet per round. The dimensions of the wave will contour itself to the environment allowing the wave to move through large tunnels or canyons but once reduced in width it will remain this new width, not spreading out again until the ability ends.

Creatures struck by a tsunami take 67d6 points of bludgeoning damage, begin drowning, and take 99 points of bleed damage.

In addition, the tsunami makes a 221 CMB check against any creature it strikes If this CMB check defeats a creature’s CMD, the creature is knocked prone and carried along by the wave. A creature carried along by a tsunami can attempt to escape the wave on its turn as a standard action by CMB check, if a creature fails to escape, it takes another 67d6 points of bludgeoning damage (Fort save for half) and another 99 points of bleed and continues being carried along by the wave.

Objects struck by a tsunami are swept up if they are Macro fine or smaller and are carried along by the wave, deposited in a pile at the end of the wave’s journey. Macro Fine or larger objects, as well as structures or objects firmly attached to the ground, take 67d6 points of bludgeoning damage when a tsunami passes through its space and 99 points of bleed damage if applicable -if this is enough to destroy the object or structure, the remains are carried along by the wave. Hardness does not reduce this damage, nor is it halved as damage dealt to objects normally is. Freedom of Movement prevents a creature from being carried along by the blood tsunami but does not prevent damage caused by it hitting the creature.

A solid barrier that is taller than the tsunami that is not destroyed by the wave stops that portion of the wave from continuing onward, leaving a gap in the wave as the rest of it continues forward. The Blood Raagen may maintain this form for up to 5 rounds before reverting back and must wait 1d2 rounds before transforming again. All foes swept up in the attack take 13d6 wisdom damage and are nauseated for 10d6 rounds from the mental assault of being nearly drowned in blood.

The raagen may not use this ability when flying, simply falling out of the sky and taking appropriate falling damage and being stunned for 1d2 rounds if attempted though creatures on the ground will be affected by the blood tsunami normally

Discorporate (Su): Any time the Raagen is struck in combat it can as an immediate action teleport (as per dimension slide) up to 40 ft. This ability can be used any time the Raagen is struck but only after damage is taken and can interrupt iterative attacks.

Dimension Slide (Su): As the spell Dimension Door but usable as a free action 1/round. Can teleport up to 5ft per age category of the Raagen (Monolith Age Category 8: 40 ft)

Undersized Limbs: The limbs of a Raagen are very small but powerful, every raagen sports 6 small limbs with clawed and padded hands. Too small and weak to be used to walk for anything more than extremely short distances, opting to instead slither much like a serpent or slowly loft along, these claws are used exclusively for stabilization and manipulating the environment; and give the raagen 6 secondary claw attacks and a +4 on grappling and allow the Raagen to use technology and equipment meant for beings far smaller than themselves without serious penalty ( -20 treated as Macro Fine size).

Elemental Form (Ex) If a Raagen discorporates they may stay in that semi solid state becoming a cloud of living elemental energy. While in this form they have no access to spells, and cannot attack but deal bleed damage or bludgeoning damage as a swarm of equal size and their Blood Bath, Blood Tsunami and Cause Insanity abilities are still usable. While in this form they are immune to regular attacks and are treated as being under the effects of a Gaseous Form spell, however they lose their elemental resistance, SR, and DR, and have all the same vulnerabilities and immunities as a swarm and take double damage from Desiccation magic.

Keen Senses (Ex): Raagens perceive their world 4x as well as their human counterparts and all variable numeric effects are quadrupled. (ie 120 ft scent vice 30ft, etc)

Natural Flight (Ex): Raagens are comprised of pure living elemental force, such powerful raw energies allow the Raagen to fly as an Extraordinary ability at double it's base movement speed with 'perfect' maneuverability. If hit with an anti magic field, the subtle magics holding the Raagen's stability falter reducing it's speed to base movement and reducing it's maneuverability to 'good'.

Incomprehensible (Ex): Because of its alien mentality, a blood elemental does not understand verbal communication of any sort, nor can its own gurgling language be understood by any creature except its own kind. A blood elemental is immune to all language-dependent spells and effects, and no mundane or magical effect that usually allows verbal communication (including a tongues spell or a monk's tongue of the sun and moon ability) functions with respect to it.

Elemental Traits: Immunity to Bleed, Paralysis, Poison, sleep effects, and stunning. Not subject to critical hits or flanking. Immune to precision based damage and sneak attacks. Proficient with natural weapons only Elementals do not breathe, eat, or sleep

Dragon Traits: 12 sided hd, Good Saves and BAB, 8+int skills/lvl, darkvision 120ft, low light vision, keen senses
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