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Radiance Monster Hunter (IC)


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The young woman had clearly been distracted for some time- since leaving the breakfast table, in fact.

When she had stood up from the table, a canny observer might have seen the small holster clipped to the waist of her skirt- to most of this group, it looked like a toy. She had retrieved a dark colored hat and a black frock coat from the hallway on the way out to the carriage.

It looked for all the world as if she spent most of the trip with her eyes closed- it was almost as if she was listening to something. Even during the first part of the interview she sat quietly and said nothing. Finally, though, her eyes snapped open and she looked at their hostess.

"Three weeks is quite a time- there won't be traces here now. You would have noticed." She paused and blinked her eyes quickly. "Since she passed, 'as there been anything strange what's 'appened 'ere in the building? Or anyone who 'as stopped by unexpected like, asking any odd questions? Like one of you mother's friends? Anything else just strange?"

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Miss Byrne shakes her head in the negative again. "I have seen nothing of the sort myself. The building is simply closed and locked. I spoke with a few others who where there when I visited and they tell the same story. They are looking for their love ones remains. There were no unusual smells that one might suspect if a lot of rotting corpses where present. No feelings of dread or unnatural loathing. Nothing."

"I have not spoken with any of his neighbors though. Much of the neighborhood is simply shops and warehouses, but there are some testament homes above a few of them."

"My mother had few friends and they all paid their respects to her shortly after her passing... I can think of nothing supernatural about her passing or any such events in the weeks since."



Londinium/Well’s Manor Estate/The White Dining Room
Thurs May 6, 1889/9:01 AM

Moradin gratefully took the vials of holy water and carefully tucked them away. “Here you go, tovarisch,” he said, tossing one of the bottles to Eli. “Is good insurance, da.” The dwarf hefted his pack and followed the others out.

At the home of Miss Diana Byrne, Moradin gave the others a cross look when they rejected her hospitality. “Da, I will have some tea, spaceeba,” he told her. One didn’t turn down offers of food!

He let the others handle the questioning as he sipped his tea, listening carefully. She didn’t seem to know too much more about what was happening. It was time to check out the scene.


DR: 4 (Chain shirt)
FORT: 18
REF: 16
*Dwarven Resistances: +2 vs poison and magic.
*Earth Anchor: +5 vs Bull Rush, Charge, Grapple, Trip when on the ground.
*Bear’s Endurance: +5 vs attacks that cause fatigue or exhaustion.
*Trap Sense: +5 Reflex vs traps.
Vitality: 16/16 Wounds: 11/11

Special abilities:
*Identify (1h, 1 vit): identify all properties of a magic item
*Piloting: +10 1/day
*Resist Energy (5m, 1 vit): +10 DR vs a specific energy, or +2 DR vs all energy types

Forged Fury

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[IC] Radiance Monster Hunters

"What, uh, were the names of the people at the funeral home?" Giuseppe asked. The kobold's lazy eye was now pointed at a clock on the wall that was a few minutes slow.


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"The Mortician whom owns the establishment is one Aerin Vaquera" Miss Byrne replies. "No one has seen or heard from him in over two weeks!"


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Well that took longer than expected. The first half of the morning he had been questioned as to what he knew on certain occult matters, and he had missed breakfast and the carriage as a result. Only now was he catching up to the rest of the group as they reached the mortuary. He would need help today, but he needed everyone to see what help he would need, seeing as they were headed to a mortuary and were looking for a missing body, Nefriti sounded like a good target for help. Nefriti had a rather twisted effect on his personality, so it would be best to avoid that unless absolutely necessary.

His hair was short, blonde and his armor was well kept. He carries no visible weapons, but wears a small pack with essentials within. He is of average appearance, though muscular with a few visible scars. Though not visibly apparent, he gives off a sort of negative vibe that is kind of hard to place, "My apologies for being late, I hope I haven't kept you all waiting. For those who I have not yet met, I am Grynm, and I am something of an expert on the occult."



First Post
Lane is fairly confident that Miss Byrne is telling the truth and not lying. She is obviously very upset and more then a bit angry.

She answers the door and leads Grynn into the sitting room and then asks "Is there anything else I can tell you? Will you help me find my mother's remains and necklace?"


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Too Giuseppe Miss Byrne replies "It is a small simple silver necklace with the symbol of Mithrais on its face. It opens and has a small photo of my grandmother and great grandmother within.

[sblock=Mithrais Symbol]Mithrais.jpg


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Victor speaks up "I believe that is all I need to know. Any other questions my good chaps ? Otherwise it might be best to investigate the crematorium in the light of day."

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