Radiance Monster Hunter (IC)


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Chapter 1 - 'Last Remains'


8:01am, Thursday, May 16th, 1889
The White Dining Room, Well’s Manor Estate, Londinium
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Rogue's Gallery

The tall regal female Asimar, whom you all know by the name of Lady Anabel Gearsmith, gazes upon each of you as you finally settle back into to your seats. Habs Grubs, the half-orc cook lingering nearby, ready to hop forward to refill a cup or the breakfast plant in front of each of you, if so request. There is even an empty plate and glass set before Trebuchet, the Warmech’s seat, even though the construct has no need of either. Proper decorum at any table is that when one is seat for a breakfast meeting, one has a place set for them.

Over the last week, each of you has meet privately with the Lady Gearsmith, to recite the ‘Oath’ to become the newest initiates (recruits) into the ‘Order of Shadows’. Afterwards she gave you the basic of the Order’s mission – to protect the Queen and her subjects throughout the Empire, from the very real monsters that lurk in the shadows. She did not inform you on whom invited you into the Order and she made it fairly clear that inquiring would gain no insight. For now it was a mystery.

You have each been assigned a room here within the walls of the Well’s Estate, within the so-called ‘White’ Wing. This manor is only one of many that the Order has within Londinium itself, not to mention spread throughout the Empire. This particular Chapter House, you have been informed, is set up mostly for new recruits such as yourself and serves as your headquarters and safe house until such time as you prove yourself worthy of more dangerous assignments.

You had perhaps meet each other of the last few days, for a meal or within the library or one of the many laboratories that you were informed that you could access. If nothing else you had seen each other in the halls of the Well’s Manor and the White Wing. And each of you had received a hand written note requesting your presence for an early breakfast this morn (8:00am sharp).

Arriving at 7:45am (or in the same general time) you had eaten a quick early meal prepared by Habs Grubs, the Half-Orc cook and chief servant this wing. You had all had meet him before, a pleasant enough chap, who cook all of your meals and inspected your rooms after the maids (male and/or female) had cleaned your rooms each morning. Now as you have finished breakfast, Lady Gearsmith has arrived at 8:01am.

“Thank you for all coming this morning” She said in a clear, smooth voice that held some authority behind it. “Today you will receive your first assignment for the Order.”

“As you may or may not know” She continues “In many of the great cities of the world, the disposal of the recently deceased has many external factors that must be considered. The numerous sentient carrion-eaters that infest many of our sewers, those practicers of the necrotic arts, the various undead creatures who seek to create new servants or warriors, and many others. All seeking the bodies and spirits of the departed. In large cities this can be especially dangers as with more people there is more dead. It is simple mathematics.”

“In Londinium for example there are strict laws for the handling and disposing of the recently deceased remains and strict time-tables that one must obey. These are for the protection of all of our citizens of course and normally are quite sufficient.”

“Most citizens understand the city’s reason and support them wholeheartedly. One might wish to remain with the corpse of a dearly departed, but one must weigh this need to say goodbye with the risk of corrupts that is very real and very possible. Most can see the need. Most of the time…”

“A friend of the one fellow member of our Order has come to us with an inquiry of aid. I have reviewed her request and deemed it worthy of our Order attention but at the lowest level. Hence I have assigned this request to you as our newest initiates.”

“Here is a card with Miss Dianna Byrne’s home address. You will go and speak with her this morning about the disappearance of her mother’s remains. I will allow her to provide the details on this case, but she followed all proper procedures and had sent her mother’s remains to a local Crematorium. Now it appears that the establishment cannot find neither her mother’s corpses nor her ashes.”

“If you have any questions, now is the time to inquire as I may not be available later. Once we are finished here, Habs will summon a carriage. Miss Byrne’s home is about a mile and a half from here, in the Mile End Newtown neighborhood.”

“Finally” she adds “You are now drawing a salary from the Order and you are expected to pay for most of your mundane needs. If there are any extra expenses that you encounter that are outside this, the Order may cover them. Maintain your receipts and Habs will show you were to fill out the proper forms for compensation. With the understanding of course that permanent items in question are now the property of the Order.”

GM: Here is where you introduce yourself to one another. Please describe your appearance, apparent age (if appropriate), your attire, any obvious gear, weapons and armor you are carrying and/or wearing (the note that summoned you this morning stated that you would be going on your first mission so be ready to leave with your gear, right after the breakfast).

There is one additional gentleman sitting with you, Victor Spellsong (see NPC in Rogue's Gallery).

If you have any questions for Lady Gearsmith you can ask them now.

Your salary within the Order is 25gp x your Level (max 250gp) a month, but also those whom choice to live within the manor’s walls, get at a minimum a ‘Good Upkeep Lifestyle’ that includes free private quarters, fine food and clothing. The Order might/will compensate you for any unusual expenses and will generally supply you with some specialist items depending on the mission. When you were ‘sworn in’ within the last week or so you were advanced your first month’s stipend so you may now add +50gp to your characters coin on hand.

The Well’s Estate (located just south of Regents Park) is a fairly good sized manor house, with a garden in front and a short wall around it (maybe 5 feet high). Within the White-Wing (the eastern side) there are 3 stories. There are nine private rooms with baths on the top floor (the 2nd floor), along with private studies and/or meditation chambers spread about this level, a number of dedicated libraries (various subjects include Arcana, Nature, Religion and History) within the middle floor (the 1st floor), while the main Dining Room, Kitchens and staff apartments are located on the Main floor. There was also a large basement with both an Alchemist laboratory and various work areas that can be set up for any of your particular fields. Finally the basement area also included a firing range and large underground swimming pool and sauna. Your characters have access to all these facilities (in a sense, any laboratory type your character needs can be set up here at no cost. Of course these are NOT mobile labs).

Any game/rule questions ask over in the OOC

For a great overall map of London at the time, London 1868
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Forged Fury

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[IC] Radiance Monster Hunters

Giuseppe hunched his short frame lower in the seat, his head barely clearing the table. His nature was to avoid notice as much as possible and the seating arrangements made that an extremely difficult proposition. His eyes darted left and right at the various individuals seated around the table. His gaze paused on the warmech, definitely the most interesting thing in the room to the kobold artificer before continuing on to the others. He frowned slightly and made an warding sign under the table when he noticed the Atlan's electrotech suit. Of course, given the kobold's lazy eye, it was somewhat difficult to determine who he was looking at at any given time.

Although he had taken a bath earlier in the morning, Giuseppe's working clothes and face were already smudged with some form of soot or grease; he clearly had been tinkering with something before breakfast this morning. A small, finely-crafted repeating rifle leaned against the table next to his seat. Returning his gaze to the setting in front of him, the kobold gingerly reached out one claw and tapped the goblet, possibly expecting the container to explode at being jostled. Satisfied that no explosion was forthcoming, he grasped the goblet and took a long drink, small droplets of water leaking out from his snaggled teeth. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he returned the goblet to the table and waited for someone else to introduce themselves first.


Eli was leaning back, one boot on the table, a cigar in his mouth. His black Stetson hat was bent low over his face, almost as if he were sleeping. In fact, if it weren't for his occasional puff of cigar smoke, one might have think he was sleeping.

His dark leather duster was partially open, revealing his trusty revolver on his hip, as well as his battle armor, custom fitted tightly to his body, not limiting his movement in the slightest.

Once Lady Anabel stopped talking, Eli looked up, took a bit draw on his cigar, and let it out in a smoke ring. He grinned his lopsided grin as he regarded the others.

"Well, we can't have any wayward corpses wondering around, can we?"

He took out a flask and downed a few swallows before putting it away.

"What do you think, Treb," he said to the Warmech. "Necromancer or undead? Ten gold says it's a necromancer. Probably just needs a girlfriend."

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Trebuchet, a mostly man-shaped thing made from pounded brass and iron-reinforced wood, emitted a ticking noise as it tilted its head and considered. Light flickered behind the lenses that served as its eyes, like the moving picture projectors for a moment. Though there was no other 'face' on the head, it had a surprisingly warm baritone voice when it replied.

"Insufficient information to determine." Its vocal register shifted a little, sliding downward. "Old chum." There was more ticking, and when it spoke again, its voice was a few registers higher again. "Suggestion: consult nearby mortuaries; graveyards; cremetoriums; hospitals. Those who prey on corpses rarely need only one." Another pause, and in a slightly deeper voice, it added, "Ya'all."

A deep grinding sound emanated, and the warmech rose from its seat. Its arms and legs were deceptively spindly looking, with clacking chains and interlocking gears meshing visibly in the spots where its joints were exposed between plates.

Strange runes were engraved over its metal and wooden hide.

It looked at Lady Anabel and added, "Addendum: Information about the 'friend of someone in the Order' would also be useful. This person's direct testimony is relevant to the case."
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It took a minute to realize just who she was, the young woman with golden-bronze skin and long wavy black hair. She wore a white shirt with ruffled cuffs and a high collar, underneath a vest of heavy black leather (instead of a proper and sensible corset), and black ruffled skirt over dark stockings and ankle high boots. A heavy satchel was slung over the back of her chair. She hadn't said a word through the first part of the breakfast, and it even seemed as if she wasn't quite there, at least until Lady Gearsmith began talking.

At first, she was no one you had seen here in the House before- perhaps she was connected with whoever had reported the 'problem'. But then, a moment of recognition, and a second glance...

She had been around the House at least a week, longer than any of the 'foreign arrivals' certainly- you had all seen her. But she had been dressed in plain wool and linen, with that marvelous hair bound up under a sensible kerchief. Surely she was a servant of some kind, some member of the Lady's household staff. She had certainly been in the library often enough, and in and out of some of the unmarked rooms (labs of some kind, perhaps) elsewhere in the building. She had been meek, nearly silent and keeping her eyes down- of course she was a servant of some kind...


During the course of the week or so that you had been here, most of you had seen her in the hallway. In passing, almost in apology, she had said a few words, spoken in the local accent- words that didn't seem to have any meaning at the time, just normal words, but nothing exactly relevant. For just a second, she had lifted those dark eyes to match you gaze (or in the case of the kobold, she had dropped her gaze even further)- she had even managed to meet the warmech's "eyes". It was as if she was looking for something, some recognition. A heartbeat passed, her eyes shifted away, there was a muttered apology- and she fled.

Perhaps she was simple-minded, and that was why she was a servant here- or since this WAS the infamous Order of Shadows, perhaps her mind had been blasted by some dark knowledge, and they kept her on in pity. But certainly, she looked nothing like the woman sitting at the breakfast table with you now. Both in terms of dress, and in mannerism, it was no wonder that recognition had taken a while.

Oh, wait. She had spoken, however briefly with MOST of the new arrivals. There was, of course, an exception. Coming around the corner one morning, she had almost run headlong into Eli- and when she glanced up at him her eyes had filled with sudden fear. With a squeak she had fled, but the cowboy had seen timid folk before, and she was gone before he could decide to apologize.

Throughout the first part of breakfast, she was seated as far away from Eli as she could get, and she looked anyplace other than at the man in the battlesuit.

But once the cowboy and the warmech had said their piece, the young woman leaned back in her chair, looking at, and seemingly speaking to, the ceiling. Her voice was pleasant and mellow, and her local accent was strong- she sounded nothing like she had before (much as she LOOKED nothing like she had over the last few days). "Good call on asking the local purveyors of the funerary arts- it MAY be a bigger problem, to be sure. But we 'ave other roads to walk as well. We will need to see the 'ouse, the room where this lady died. We will need to see who was tasked to move the body to the crematorium, and the coach they used- if they did it. We will need to see the crematory, speak to the men of the business. Spirits, they say, can leave a trace as they pass- and we will need to see if those traces lead where they ought, or if they go astray. And to be sure, I'll need to be out and about for a bit later, ask around a few of the local lads, see who might have seen or heard a bit odd." She leaned forward, drooping her head over her teacup for a moment. Almost reflexively she reached for the tiny pitcher of cream, and poured a few drops into not her teacup, but the saucer beneath it- with the tip of one fingernail she stirred the drop of cream for a moment, then flicked it aside (somewhere).

She kept her head down, as if staring into the teacup, but seemed to have run out of words for the moment.

OOC: see note in OOC thread


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Lady Gearsmith purse her lips for a second before answer Trebuchet "The Order operates with a certain about of... anonymity. If Miss Byrne deems fit to share the information with you she can inform you. Otherwise I don't feel the information is relevant, at this time. The situation may change and if it does so I will consider it again."

To Lane she simply smiled and added "I am sure you all can handle the details"

The last Human fellow, dressed in a fine business style suit, sitting at the table looks at the raven sitting on his shoulder and says "Well the sooner we started the sooner we shall finish..."



Londinium/Well’s Manor Estate/The White Dining Room
Thurs May 6, 1889/8:01 AM

The dwarf with the long black beard leaned back in his chair, his boots up on the table as he finished his plate of a Full English breakfast. He stabbed the last banger on a knife and nibbled on it as he listened to Lady Gearsmith lay out their first mission together. The dwarf wears well-tailored traveler’s clothes under a chain shirt. A belt and bandolier hang on the back of the chair. The belt holds a pair of handaxes, and the bandoleer is the carrier for a battleaxe and several shotgun shells. The shotgun leans against the wall within reach next to his pack.

The dwarf studied his companions as they asked questions. The kobold was jittery, jumping at shadows. The Texan was deceptively calm and the warmech stiff. Finally there was the young human girl. Moradin swore he’d seen her around before, but definitely not in that get-up. She was a strange one, but maybe he’d just gotten his English mixed up again.

Moradin finished his sausage and downed the last of his tea. Then he dug one of the waterskins out from his bag and took a pull. This one didn’t contain water, though, but good Russian dwarven vodka! It would rip paint off the walls! Ah! That hit the spot.

The dwarf’s chair hit the floor with a thunk. “If we aiming to possibly tangle with undead, da, then we should get special equipment, nyet? What needed? Silver? Holy water?” he asked, his Common thick with Russian accent.

Religion: 1D20+4 = [12]+4 = 16


DR: 4 (Chain shirt)
FORT: 18
REF: 16
*Dwarven Resistances: +2 vs poison and magic.
*Earth Anchor: +5 vs Bull Rush, Charge, Grapple, Trip when on the ground.
*Bear’s Endurance: +5 vs attacks that cause fatigue or exhaustion.
*Trap Sense: +5 Reflex vs traps.
Vitality: 16/16 Wounds: 11/11

Special abilities:
*Identify (1h, 1 vit): identify all properties of a magic item
*Piloting: +10 1/day
*Resist Energy (5m, 1 vit): +10 DR vs a specific energy, or +2 DR vs all energy types
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Lady Gearsmith nods her head to Moradin, and waves Habs forward. The orc is carrying a small leather satchel which he hands over to the dwarf. "There are five vasts of Holy Water within. Until you know more about what you are dealing with, there is not much more I wish to advance you. If you are dealing with undead, Holy Water should work on all kinds."

GM: With Moradin's roll, he would think there is a lot of different undead types and each tends to be vulnerable to different things. The only real universal vulnerability that they might have is verses Holy Water.

Forged Fury

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[IC] Radiance Monster Hunters

"Are we, uh, ready to go?" Giuseppe asked, his voice cracking like a bark. "Seems we won't get anymore, uh, information here." Preparing to leave, the kobold reached for his short rifle and checked his ammunition bag.


"May as well get on it," Eli said, dropping his foot and standing. He made sure his hat sat right, then looked to the dwarf. "Don't suppose I could have one of them vials?"

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