Radiance Monster Hunter (IC)



Summer Street
Thurs May 6, 1889/9:27 AM
Round 4

Moradin staggered under the blows that rained on him. He took a step to steady himself and shook his head to clear it, his dwarven toughness asserting itself. He growled and swung his battleaxe once more at the flesh construct.

Standard: Battleaxe attack on flesh golem: 1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13
Battleaxe damage: 1D8 = [2] = 2
Ammo: 5/6/39 (1 reload move action; full reload full round)

DR: 4 (Chain shirt)
FORT: 18
REF: 16
*Dwarven Resistances: +2 vs poison and magic.
*Earth Anchor: +5 vs Bull Rush, Charge, Grapple, Trip when on the ground.
*Bear’s Endurance: +5 vs attacks that cause fatigue or exhaustion.
*Trap Sense: +5 Reflex vs traps.
Vitality: 7/16 Wounds: 11/11

Special abilities:
*Identify (1h, 1 vit): identify all properties of a magic item
*Piloting: +10 1/day
*Resist Energy (5m, 1 vit): +10 DR vs a specific energy, or +2 DR vs all energy types

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First Post
The warmech twists away from the golem's arms with deceptive speed, bending at an angle impossible for a living spine to avoid it, then as it snaps back upright it uses the momentum from that springloaded movement to bring its sword down on the bizarre creature's head!

(Yes, I'll use dodge. I'll speak of this more in the OOC thread.)

2H sword attack: [roll0] for [roll1] damage.


Eli takes aim at the machine he missed, this time taking better aim (only firing once to get better aim).

OOC: Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

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