D&D (2024) Ranger 2024 is a bigger joke than Ranger 2014:


Now, most will say that 2024 ranger is better than 2014.
And it is, and I will say that it is, but by how much?
2014PHB+Tasha's(and weaker version of Tasha's)+Weapon masteries.

That is is. Well, at least from WotC video. Maybe whole class will be better but I doubt it.
The video is mostly two guys congratulating each other on big nothing.

why 2024 ranger is a joke?
because it was so much room to improve the class and mostly it was lip service.
Weapon mastery is not fix for the class as it was given to all martials.

There are still big issues with the class:

1. Ranger spellcasting:
why does it still have Verbal components on it's spells?
Hard to be stealth, guerilla warrior when you need to use your class abilities by shouting from top of your lungs...

2. Hunter's mark, as above, plus Concentration?? Really? We are still doing this?
Let's give core class feature to the class, but that feature prevents bunch of other possible features(spells) to work together with it. And let's give it extra free usages so we make sure that other features are not being used.

how about we steal a good idea from SW5E?

Ranger's quarry;
Scout: 1st, 5th, 9th, and 17th level
You learn how to effectively read and track your prey. Once on each of your turns, you can choose a creature you can see within 120 feet and mark it as your quarry (no action required). For the next hour, you gain the following benefits:
  • Once per turn, when you hit the target with a weapon attack, you can deal 1d4 additional damage to it of the same type as the weapon’s damage. This die changes as you gain scout levels, as shown in the Ranger’s Quarry column of the scout table.
  • You have advantage on any Wisdom (Perception) or Wisdom (Survival) check you make to find it while it’s on the same planet as you.
You can only have one creature marked in this way at a time. Beginning at 5th level, you can use your reaction to mark a creature when it enters your line of sight, provided it is within range of your Ranger’s Quarry.
The duration increases to 8 hours at 9th level and 24 hours at 17th level.

Is this really that hard to do?

3. Spellcasting from 1st level, but no cantrips at 1st level or none at all unless you spend extra class features for them?
How can 1/3rd casters(EK&AT) manage to learn few cantrips when they get spells, but half-casters(that should in theory be better at it than 1/3rd casters) are somehow too dumb to learn few tricks with spells from the start?

4. Deft explorer: would it kill you that it gives 2 instead of 1 expertise at 1st level. Wow, but you got 2 extra languages. Great...

5. You get nonbreakable Concentration on HM at 13th level.
well, how nice that they included that about 12 levels too late for class to have working mechanics.

6. Nature's veil or whatever that invisibility thing.
Why return to using ability modifier for number of usages again?
Do we really need people to pump their ability scores to max or can we give them options to take feats that are more fun and more versatile thing in the game instead of supreme boring "+1 to certain things".
Return to prof bonus per long rest, +1 usage on short rest and reduce the level needed to 7 or something maybe even lower.

7. Advantage on attack on the target of HM, wow something done right. Almost. Still uses your concentration, so forget about using something cool alongside this one. And it's 17th level so good luck seeing this one in 99% of campaigns.
Maybe lower it to 13th or 17th level?

8. Capstone ability. +1d6 damage improved to +1d10.
And we have come to the main punchline of this half hour comedy attempt.

+2 to damage? So this is it? This is what WotC brain trust can conjure up?

getting +2 damage for using your 1st level feature and your concentration?
Maybe if it removes concentration, it would be somewhat salvageable.

How to quickly and simply fix this joke?

1. Hunter's mark uses Ranger's quarry mechanics from SW5E or if it needs to be a spell it must lose spell components and Concetration and be castable as Bonus action or as free action when you hit with an attack. Same for changing targets.

2. Deft explorer gives 2 instead of 1 expertise.

3. Nature's veil, returned to prof bonus per long rest, +1 usage on short rest, maybe level lowered a little.

4. Advantage on attacks for HM target moved to place of non breaking concentration for HM

5. instead of 17th level advantage on HM target's we can get maybe something boring but reliable here, maybe 3rd attack, maybe rogue's reliable talent, maybe more expertise and move speed?

6. Capstone; if we need to go with improving 1st level spell as a capstone, make it +3d6 at least then. Maybe give possibility to add 2nd weapon mastery effect to the target of HM.

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Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
The thing I lament the most is the lack of the thematic elements such as favored terrain and foes. They were barely ribbons, but if you gave 2 choices at 1st level and the option to retrain them after a long rest, it made a some flavorful thematic options. IMO, way more than "hunter's mark: the class".

It feels strange to me that they did the opposite with warlocks: they toyed with Hex as a feature but decided not to to avoid shoehorning the class into a playstyle niche. But they did with the ranger...

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