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Rank the Marvel shows

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Okay, using Morrus's list:

  1. Wandavision
  2. Hawkeye
  3. Daredevil
  4. Loki
  5. Falcon & the Winter Soldier
  6. Jessica Jones
  7. Agent Carter
  8. Luke Cage
  9. Punisher
  10. Agents of SHIELD
  11. Iron Fist


Agents of the SHIELD
Jessica Jones
Wanda Vision
Agent Carter

The rest didn't grab me. Iron Fist last.


1. Hawkeye
2. Daredevil (ignoring season 2)
3. Jessica Jones
4. Loki
5. Wandavision
6. What If?
7. Luke Cage
8. Agents of Shield
9. Agent Carter
10. Falcon & Winter Soldier
11. Iron Fist


Updating my list with Hawkeye:

1) Daredevil - Great acting, best villain on TV to date, great fight scenes, pure awesome.
2) Wandavision - Probably the biggest gamble in terms of format, but it was actually done really well. Actually brought the Scarlet Witch into her own, gave us a catchy theme song, very good. I'm not comfortable with how "off the hook" Wanda is so far for her villainous actions (and make no mistake, she is one of the core villains of the show to me), but I reserve full judgment until I see how they handle her in Multiverse of Madness.
3) Hawkeye: Its solid, funny, and keeps a decent consistency throughout the season. Its not groundbreaking the way wandavision or daredevil are though.
4) Jessica Jones: I'll agree with Morrus on this one. Season 1 is beautiful, but it really drops off after that, though the remaining seasons are watchable.
5) Agents of Shield: I get that some of the bad seasons are pretty bad. But all in all I really liked this show. Had some great actor chemistry, went into some really interesting directions, had one of the best betrayals of all time (definitely the best marvel betrayal to date).
6) F&WS - This is my "meh" bar. The show is "fine", not good or bad. It just felt like time spent.
7) Punisher - Similar to F&WS, didn't like it or hate it, just killed time.
8) Loki - So Loki is an interesting one for me. On the one hand, the plot was interesting, cool sets, it was a fun ride. My issue with the show is two fold:
  • A lot of the plot was made at Loki's expense. This was not the cool, suave, scheming Loki we have come to know and love. He bumbles his way through the show, and seems so anemic I think Hawkeye could have taken him 1 on 1. Sylvie was a very cool character, but again a lot of her coolness came at the expense of making Loki look like an idiot.
  • The overall plot feels WAY too over the top for the tv show format. The plot of this show nullifies everything else going on in the MCU, its literally the only thing that matters. We went from this massive battle of omnipotent infinite stones -> infinity stones in a drawer. That is just not ok. I can work with a show that is just whatever, but this show actually screws with the entire MCU in a way that is hard for me to swallow.
9) Luke Cage - All of the "defender" type shows had a pacing problem, but I really felt it in Luke Cage. The show is sloooooooow, as cool as it can be at times, it takes episode after episode after episode to get anywhere. Binge watching is the sole reason this show has any legs, if people had been forced to watch this week to week it would have died on the vine.

Over 9000!) Iron First - This show quite simply....is an embarrassment to the Marvel name. Season 2 is "meh", season 1 is a dumpster fire.


I'll be curious to see people's thoughts in a few months. I honestly like hawkeye, but I think people are rating it a bit high right now based on "newness". Its a fun ride for sure, and well done.... but I don't think it has any legs.

I still have a desire to rewatch daredevil to this day, and definately would wandavision. Hawkeye, I enjoyed the story, but I am content putting it on the shelf and never watching it again.


Eternal Champion
I’m not sure I can mix-and-match the Disney+ and Netflix series but here goes:
  1. Hawkeye
  2. Wandavision
  3. Daredevil
  4. Loki
  5. Jessica Jones
  6. Punisher
  7. Falcon & the Winter Soldier
  8. Defenders
  9. Agent Carter
  10. Luke Cage
  11. What if …
  12. Agents of SHIELD
  13. Iron Fist

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