All Marvel TV Shows, Ranked

Dave Goff

I'm really glad I'm seeing love for Legion. I loved that show. I was expecting a normal superhero show and 2 episodes in I stopped it and told my wife she had to come watch. She's generally not into superhero shows, but we were both all in on that one. It's kinda like if David Lynch did a superhero show and wasn't so annoying.

(Side note: unpopular opinion: David Lynch is really annoying.)

Iron Fist would definitely be dead last, except I saw 2 episodes of The Inhumans. I was very sad about both of those because I really liked the comics.

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I was honestly pleasantly surprised by the reworked version of Cloak and Dagger.
The Runaways was fun as well. About as good as I could expect when it was being handled by Marvel Television.
I was saddened to see both dropped during the reorganization.


5ever, or until 2024
Legion is on the list(?!) Because it was really in a class by itself. Like Legion and all those other...shows....

(I guess that pic is a clue to being a fan).

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