Ravnica Table of Contents & More

Straight from Amazon are not only Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica's tablet of contents, but also a double page spread featuring the introduction of character creation!

Races: Centaur, minotaur, simic hybrid, and vadalken races.
Subclasses: Clerics of order, druids of spores.

60-pages on the guild
24-pages on the city/world
10-pages of magic items
70-pages of NPCs and monsters.

The focus is really on the Guilds as the defining feature, which makes some sense. But likely means that details of the setting unrelated to the Guild might be sparse, likely little more than has been seen in the various existing Planeshift PDF products. It's almost a monster & Guild book more akin to Volo's Guide to Monsters with a focus on Guild lore rather than monster lore.

The book also appears to be in the range of 256-pages, which is larger than the shipping weight previously implied. I had almost been expecting a svelte 160-page product.



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Hi, I'm a Mindflayer, but don't let that worry you
This just makes me wish we had gotten Planescape instead.

Alas, what might have been...
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Naked and living in a barrel
This just makes me want Planescape all the more.

Alas, what could have been...

Yeah, this is just a book with factions in it. But they have no history in any DnD setting and the setting from which their come from isn't detailed. A Sigil supplement with its Factions would have made more sense.

I was excited when I first heard this book was coming out. It was a new(ish) setting to DnD and iconic MtG cards would have DnD stats! Win win. Now I'm finding out the book contains neither.

Odd choices were made with this product. It reflects a lot of the supplements of 5e editions. Books that try to do a lot and end up doing not much.


Naked and living in a barrel
I know what is bothering me so much with this campaign string book. It suffers from the gnome effect. What is missing isn't gnomes though. It's the campaign setting. And planewalking. And iconic MtG spells, artifacts and monsters. And colored magic.

Guilds aren't what MtG is about. This is a MtG setting book in name only.

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