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I quite like Steve Carrell, but for this particular role Helms feels like a better choice (still I anot sure he's the best choice). The thing about Drebin is you have to believe he can shoot an innocent person because he sincrely believes its the right the thing to do at the time, but still find him likeable. Something about Steve Carrell, he's almost too nice for that sort of role. Still Helms can definitely come off as not likeable, so who knows. Maybe they'll go in another direction though. Actually, Charlie Sheen might have beea bette choice. I know he hasnt leas a film in a while but he has been in plenty of these sorts of movies and can be a confident jerk but likeable.

Then again, Sheen had the Hot Shots movies...

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I agree

Now that's a high bar to set for success. A movie a quarter as funny as the original would still be rip-roaringly funny.

Though I think Airplane just about has the edge, surely.

I agree that the Airplane movies were a bit funnier.

And stop calling me shirley.

Then again, Sheen had the Hot Shots movies...

I enjoye the first one. Don't really recall the second one except for Rowan Atkinson's cameo toward the end. But whether or not these were good movies, i think sheen nailed the delivery for the kind of humor found in Naked Gun. Based on his performance on SNL John ham (dont know if I am spelling his name right) would probably be a good choice too.

I only saw it once, when it first came out, but I quite liked the butterfly effect. It is an interesting subject for a film to explore. Not sure that a reboot is called for though.

i dont think the issue is they are out of ideas (there are hundreds of screenwriters with plenty of new ideas just waiting to be made into film). It is that they want a sure thing and reboots come with a built in audience. That said, they need to remake every movie and TV show ever made.


I still get a laugh when I see Leslie Nielson in a straight dramatic role. He was good as a straight actor. I think he got pegged into comedy, and went along with it because it was fun.

It is more accurate to accuse Hollywood of becoming amazingly risk averse.

I think this hits the nail on the head.

Ed Helms starring in Thomas Lennon comedy centered based on a police premise is actually a reasonably solid base for me. I like some of work from both the actor and writer, I think they could do well together, and it's a premise that's been done well a number of times.

The fact that the studio is pulling out the Naked Gun brand is just unfortunate marketing. The suits want a well known name guarantee a minimum amount of pull, and they don't care at all about the original source. I don't expect this will movie will be anything comparable to the original, but it has a chance to be decent in it's own right.

Kinda like Dark Shadows or Starship Troopers; unwatchable when considered part of the original source material, but quite enjoyable if considered as stand alone works.

Dog Moon

Why would they need a remake of The Butterfly Effect? What could they capture in that movie that they didn't capture in The Butterfly Effect, The Butterfly Effect 2 and The Butterfly Effect 3?

Note I never actually saw 2 or 3 even though I saw them available on Netflix....

I did enjoy the first movie though. Enough so much that I actually bought it.

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