Calling all players!

My profile was lost. Therefore, I'm recalling everyone without the adequate contacts! If you guys are still there and interested in the campaign, please, post here!

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Guys, I'm reposting the original instructions for the campaign! Please post your chars here for now!


THE GAME: Tideruler of Maran


THE GROUP: Anything from 3 to 5 players

THE SETTING: A home-brew fantasy continent named Gaelia.

The Story:

In the southern wastelands of Gaelia, the dwarven colony of Maran defied it's metropolis, vying for freedom. The Old Kingdom, as it is known in the island-continent of Gaelia, forced a blockade against Maran's naval forces, and with the support of the dwarven clan leaders of Odros, surrounded the would-be republic, submitting it by force. As hope fades away, the Freemen party of Maran decides for a desperate measure: to seek out an ancient artifact known as Tideruler. Legend says that anyone that claims Tideruler will earn the favor of the dragon-gods that once wielded it's power, bring the southern waters of Gaelia once more to life to do one's biding. That alone might break the Old Kingdom's fleet, maybe granting the end of Maran's servitude.

The players' characters are approached by a prosperous dwarven merchant named Grontar Ironsight. Claiming to be a member of the Freemen Party and a friend of all races, he hires the adventurers as a searching party for the artifact. He promises bounteous rewards and the friendship of the Republic, should they succeed, but he warns that the journey is perilous and others might be seeking Tideruler to sate their own selfish reasons. The artifact is most likely located amidst the dark mountains named the Mouths of Narosh, a chain of black peaks born from the rage of volcanoes, long ago.


The first adventure is supposed to be a presentation of Gaelia and the kingdoms, as players work their way through adventuring, dungeon-crawling, political intrigues and wars. As soon as we begin, the game will open up to become a sandbox campaign. In it, several factions will compete to obtain supremacy in the magical and political disputes of Gaelia - and beyond! Note that every decision will transform the world around and bring consequences as the characters grow and form alliances - or create enmities!


We will use the following books:

- Pathfinder Basic Module
- Player's Guide
- GM's Guide

Others could be included, should the need arise.


- Characters begin at level 3.
- Standard build mode (4 dice, three higher are used)
- Players may choose any of the seven original races. Others might be allowed, but you must talk to me first, so I can see how to make them fit.
- Unchained allowed.
- Initial resources as usual.
- Additional rules and books can be employed, but we must discuss it as potential need arises in character creation.

Player selection will be made by the presentation of a concept and a short backstory. We are to write a story together, so feel free to create elements and work your styles into the texts! But for now remember to keep it short and sweet!

Yay! Now I'm happy! I couldn't find you (My user was erased and my player list went with it!). There was another player with us! I hope he finds his way back!

Post your sheet here, so we can recover our original group!

I'm writing like crazy for this! A little story already came out of it!



Yay! Now I'm happy! I couldn't find you (My user was erased and my player list went with it!). There was another player with us! I hope he finds his way back!

Post your sheet here, so we can recover our original group!

I'm writing like crazy for this! A little story already came out of it!
Glad to be back. I haven't had a chance to troll through the boards to find all my games yet to see if they're back. Posting on the general ad thread caught my attention. I will get my character up tonight at work.

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@KahlessNestor @Trogdor1992 Thanks, guys! I'll be waiting!
@Jago Thanks, man! I'll take a look soon enough! It's time I set up the game thread! Also, I do remember your backstory. I might even have it here. I'll search for it!

EDIT: as soon as I get tne posts once more, I'll re-post the map!
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Morgrym Irontongue, Dwarf Druid

Morgrym Irontongue


Morgrym is about as ugly a dwarf as they come. His craggy features, too big nose, and eyes of two different colors make him rather unnerving when he stares at you. His black hair and beard are unkempt and matted with sticks, dirt, and leaves…and probably other things. And the smell! Morgrym bathes only in a thunderstorm or if he happens to accidentally fall into the river. Despite this, he does keep his gear in good condition. His hide armor may not be too clean, but it is well-mended. He stutters and is anxious around people, especially large crowds.


Morgrym grew up in a hard working, but well-off farming family, the middle of three children. Despite being relatively intelligent, he had problems in school due to dyslexia. This led to constant mockery and abuse by his older brother. Morgrym got along fairly well with his younger sister.

But Morgrym never seemed to fit in. He was awkward and shy due to a stutter, which led to further abuse. He enjoyed it most when he was out alone in the fields, but the ways of people always eluded him.

When he was just a young man in dwarf terms, Morgrym was caught out in the fields in a severe thunderstorm. Lightning lanced down around him, wind and rain buffeted him, and finally a tornado swept him up. He landed out in the wilderness, lost and alone, but more or less unhurt. He found a circle of druids and decided the tornado and storm had been a calling from Gozreh and petitioned to join them. He was assigned as an apprentice and began to learn the druidic ways.

This was the life. Alone and unperturbed by other people. He set up a small home in a clearing with a small plot of land and a herd of goats, ministering to the wilderness and the animals around him, and even a few adventurers that wandered his way.