5E Recommend me a tier 3 adventure

Looking for a good adventure for a party of about level 14. The setting is FR, and the edition is 5, but I am happy to adapt content. I like "unconventional".


I visited Adventurelookup.com and plugged in FR, 5E and starting levels 13-15 for parameters. It gave me four options. Disclaimer: I haven't run or played any of them.

And its sequel:

Also these:

Note that I'm looking for recommendations that people have actually played, or at least read. It's easy enough to do a search on DMsGuild, but I find most of that stuff doesn't appeal to me. I would rather not spend money without a better idea of what I'm paying for.

I'm not really looking for something combat heavy - my players aren't really very good at tactics. After something more mythic/mysterious.


Return to the Tomb of Horrors? If there are too many encounters just chop some out. I haven't looked at it since 3e but its really good. And weird.

Jd Smith1

City of Eyes. It's not just unconventional, it is downright weird, but in a good way. Requires a bit of prep due to the way it is laid out, but it is excellent.

Tyler Do'Urden

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But can I run Return to the Tomb of Horrors without running Tomb of Horrors first? I have the TFTYP version.
Yes, in fact the original tomb is used as a portion of the adventure itself (the boxed set included a direct reprint of the original module). I'd use the toned-down 5th edition version; I think the module would work better with that instead of the frequently-unfair original (as you definitely want the party to survive to get to Moil and the Fortress of Conclusion.


I am going to be running a game for my coworkers and am thinking of lost mine of phandelver --> storm king's thunder and then who knows what if we make it that far, so I am interested in what people contribute to this thread.


But can I run Return to the Tomb of Horrors without running Tomb of Horrors first? I have the TFTYP version.
There is a very large overarching storyline now before you get to the core ToH. And then there's a post-Tomb adventure which is quite dangerous in the City of Moil.