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Season 9 Adventure League Modules review. Spoilers


Rotten DM
3 stars barely out of 5 stars.
My average rating is 3.05.
I just finished this weekend the last of AL modules for Season 9. The best module was 09-17 In the Hand which I gave 5 stars on DM's Guild. The worst was 09-02 Stopped at the Gate which I give a 0 to. It tries to be murder mystery but fails. I quit the module in my first run through. Second run I had a page of notes to make it work.
The three biggest problems were Dara, Fai Chen, and layout. This falls to the story editor. In 09-11 Fai Chen and all his duplicates can be killed and never seen again. But all the modules after this, fail to mention it or totally ignore the result. Dara description changing was just a nuisance. But her stats are missing from modules which she is present. The Dara Dies award was badly handled. Half the time she a NPC with Plot Immunity; other times you have give the player the write up and have them run her during combat.
The layout cause me numerous problems. I had to create my own box text. I would write page numbers next to information to get the complete set up. Some information could been bolded, otherwise information got lost in the text.
A minor problem exists with how some of the recovered troops, commanders, and angels were handled. The text hinted they were with you. Or were locked into the Emporium. The No Exceptions story Award was bogus. I changed the rule to allow healing spells.
Some of story line was fun. Mahadi was interesting character. I played him a little bit differently each time using player interaction with him. The Dancing Duchess in 09-12 The Breath of Life was fun to play. But the module requires everyone buy into the fact it is a Social module only. The war machines and soul coins were blast to use.
The feedback from my players. DMs should UP the DC on some the environment effects. Give some monsters advantage or up the + to hit.

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