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Shadowrun.DnD5 'DNA/DOA'


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[sblock=Actions]Free=Drop Armor
Standard=Cast Physical wall down the south corridor, hopefully catching the big mutant going at full speed (hopefully he gets a bloody nose)

That "Hold Him!" was directed at Bessy. If I understand you correctly, Bessy had an attack action last round too? She's going to try to grapple until she gets it, then straight damage, 2 attacks per round in the astral:
Grapple then smother: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24; 1D8+2 = [3]+2 = 5
1D20+5 = [2]+5 = 7; 1D8+2 = [1]+2 = 3
1D20+5 = [6]+5 = 11; 1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4
1D20+5 = [4]+5 = 9; 1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8

Success grapple on the first try, then... Uh... She starts crying, apparently

Question, GK: Can you maintain a spell from the astral? (i.e. go full astral to confront the elemental AND maintain the walls?) The spirit task Sustain Spell sort of implies he can, but I just wanted to make sure)

Astral perception Corner of the virtual eye: 1D20+4 = [7]+4 = 11

GM: OK sorry I missed these questions. FIRST remember if you cast a spell it costs you Spell Points. I never updated the rules either about when you cast a spell that it costs Hit Points of damage. I kind of agreed with your argument but never said yes or no I don't think. BUT lets say for now I did agree so no hp damage when you cast this while perceiving right now.

Last round you said Bessy was going Astral (she was manifesting) which takes a action so it can't attack the round you were attacked. She can attack this round though so that is when the grapple happens.

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Juno popped up over the barricade and double-tapped the guard twice, striking true with her second blast which caused him to stagger, grunting in pain but he did not fall! NTensity, perceiving the world around him through astral space parried the spirits attack and then called up a second barrier in front of the huge mutant that had tried sneaking forward. The shaman’s spirit then grabs the other spirit in astral space and the two start struggling, but it continues to last out at the troll. Fluffy the drone lead the way towards the barricade as Diggs followed behind and then past its to climb over the barricade right where the fallen adapt was lying! “Feeling lucky chummer?” he said to the guard just as a carefully placed shot glanced off the man’s shoulder armor. Sovereign light revolver smoking as the Dwarf grunted with some small satisfaction.

The guard apparently did not feel overly lucky and vaulted short barricade to run across the room but Juno's fist ended his flight! NTensity is hit twice by the spirit as it ignored Bessy. It was then that the eastern barricade of shimmering magic failed in a shaped charged exposition!!! Four shapes and figures of people appeared behind it but no one could really make out who or what was there.

GM: Initiative
20 – Juno
13 - NTensity, Davos, Diggs and Sovereign
12- Azechatecha Guards, the Spirit and Mystery Man
[sblock=Rolls and Results]Juno shots the guard twice, ranged attacks (double tap applied), damage if she hits: 1D20+8 = [7]+8 = 15; 2D8+7 = [8, 1]+7 = 16
1D20+8 = [17]+8 = 25; 2D8+7 = [2, 1]+7 = 10
, miss with the first one, hit with the second. Her smartgun link lets her re-roll 1 & 2 so Damage re-roll: 2D8 = [7, 1] = 8. I’m only allowing one re-roll so 15-7 = 8 damage bringing the guard down to 4HP.
NTensity ‘parried’ the damage and cast a spell (still costs Magic Points). Also remember that a Magic user can concentrate to maintain a number of Spells equal to its traditions defining attribute modifier. However when doing so the mage suffers an -2 to its Concentration saving throw for every spell past the 1st that it is maintaining at the time. Failure results in all spells that the mage is presently maintaining to fail. So you are -2 to any future Concentration check to maintain all the spells.
Then Bessy Grappled the other Spirit and attack it but missed.
Davos failed his first death save.
Diggs and Fluffy can’t attack the big mutant anymore so Fluffy moves towards barricade 35ft (he is 5ft away) and shots at the security guard; Ranged attack, damage if it hits: 1D20+6 = [1]+6 = 7; 2D10+2 = [9, 3]+2 = 14, natural one, nope. Then Diggs moves 25ft (base move) and uses his Action to Dash the last 15ft then as the barricade counts as Difficult terrain just makes it over it and is next to the prone Davos. He can’t do anything this round but he is adjacent to Davos.
Sovereign uses his bonus action to Aim (discounting the ½ cover of the security guard) and gains Careful Aim bonuses to shot at the security guard. He has Precise Shot so does not suffer disadvantage for firing into melee combat; Ranged attack, damage if he hits: 1D20+5 = [17]+5 = 22; 2D6+3 = [3, 3]+3 = 9, he hits! Damage is 9-7 =2 points bringing the guard down to 2HP!!!

The security guard is going to make an Athletics check: 1D20+5 = [11]+5 = 16, makes it so he gets over the barricade as a free action. He moves 30ft towards the security desk and then Dashes to get behind it and into cover. Where he is presently at he has at least ¾ cover from everyone.
The spirit simply attacks NTensity (its last orders) Attack and damage if it hits: 1D20+5 = [20]+5 = 25; 1D8+2 = [5]+2 = 7
1D20+5 = [18]+5 = 23; 1D8+2 = [5]+2 = 7
, critical hit and a hit; Crit damage is critical damage : 1D8 = [2] = 2. So you are going to take 9-2 (your astral hardness) =7 and 7-2 = 5 hit points of damage. You can Parry one but if you don’t ‘soak’ it all you are going to need two Concentration rolls this round, both at -2 (because you are maintaining two spells).
The Force Barrier on the east side failed and three additional security guards appeared in the room behind the other part of NTensity’s barrier. The one on the west will fail next round. The barrier is opaque so you really can’t see anything but shapes, BUT Sovereign had mentioned that there were only 3 guards on that side a there are 4 shapes!
The big mutant hits the barricade and seems confused… and then mad.[/sblock] [sblock=Conditions]Juno HP 17/29
Davos HP 0/29
Diggs HP 47/47
NTensity HP 30/30 (+2 temp hp)
Sovereign HP 35/35

Security Guard #1 HP 0 Incapacitated
Security Guard #2 HP 28/28
Security Guard #3 HP 28/28
Security Guard #4 HP 28/28
Mystery Man HP?
Spirit HP 26/26
Big Mutant 50/69*[/sblock]Actions and Rolls for next round. Diggs’s plan is to use a Medicine bag on Davos. Fluffy will ready. Davos still needs to make a Death Save and NTensity needs one or two concentration checks (-2 for both) to maintain his spells before any actions.
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(Opportunity attack on runner if applicable: [roll0] for [roll1] and DC 15 Fort save or be stunned from shock glove)

Juno leans out from cover and shoots the nearest hostile with a pair of well placed shots!

(using Deadly Aim; this will be on the guy who ran by if he's not incapped)
[roll2] for [roll3] shot 1
[roll4] for [roll5] shot 2


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As the wounded security guard had tried to flee, Juno caught him with a solid strike with her fist that solidly dropped the man!!

GM: That was enough to kill/incapacitate him even without the shock glove. Actions for next round? Here is an updated...[sblock=Map] Map.DNA.DOA4.jpg[/sblock]

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
(Astral parry GO: 1D10+2+3 = [10]+2+3 = 15)

NTensity blocks another blow even as he tries to back off out of range and Bessy pulls hard on her rein-like tapes from behind -- struggling not to be dragged behind the raging fire-elemental, struggling to keep it away from the troll shaman that summoned her. He's almost made it too... but then a fiery mana-fist slides over his guard and raps him on the side of the noggen.

"Son of a B***H!" He barely feels it over the Zen in his nerves, but it's still enough to make the twin spells he's maintaining *wobble in his head like jello*!

CONcentrate: 1D20+2-2 = [14]+2-2 = 14

... Can't take much more of that.

"LITTLE HELP OVER'ERE!" Dropping the wall to the south - the one he just f***ing put up three seconds ago - the urban troll fires at the revealed ultra-big mutant with both barrels (except his Remington shotgun's only got *one* barrel -- other than that, perfect accuracy in the retelling).

[sblock=Actions]Bonus: Drop astral perception
Move: Move out of range of the elemental
Standard: One barrel of laughs: 1D20+3 = [20]+3 = 23; 3D8 = [4, 1, 6] = 11.
Nat 20! + Reroll the 1 = Last laughs: 4D8 = [2, 7, 2, 4] = 15 = 25 dam.

Add Juno's two successful attacks = "I think it's dead, Jim"!!!
[/sblock]Breathing hard but no time for a breather: "Sov! What'bout that fire-control system? Can you get us that?!"

Because they've still got a chicken to fry- A fry-up to- Ah nevermind!


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Juno moved to behind the security desk and shot the big mutant twice, wounding it while Diggs dropped down as he pulls out his medical pack and starts working on the fallen Davos. Within a few seconds he must have done something right but suddenly the adepts eyes snapped open. He was hurting but he was awake! NTensity snapped back to his physical body fully and moved away from where the spiritual battle was raging in astral space. He dropped the southern barrier and he unleashed a terrible shotgun blast into the giant mutant causing it to howl in rage and pain! Fluffy rolled back and shot the mutant as Sovereign cursed out loud as he spun about and caught the creature with his shot finally killing the thing!!!

In astral space the two spirits struggled but seem to cancel each other out while NTensity felt his barrier to the north take a lot of damage but remain!!

GM: Initiative
20 – Juno
13 - NTensity, Davos, Diggs and Sovereign
12- Azechatecha Guards, the Spirit and Mystery Man
[sblock=Rolls and Results]Juno takes the Ready action and your shots at the guys on the other side of the barrier. She could not just ‘lean’ over to have LOS vs. the Big Mutant as the angle is all wrong. If you look at the map you can really see it. IF she spends her movement she could BUT the security guards on the other side of the barrier are trying to break through so…
NTensity dropped astral perception and the physical barrier spell and then got a critical hit against the mutant dealing 25-5 =20 damage bring it down to 30HP. Its damage threshold is 28 so. What is your Spirit doing in Astral Space? If it just uses its action to maintain the grapple I will rule the other spirit can’t escape that round. Also your Astral damage reduction is 2 so the second attack did 5-2 =3 damage and you only had two Zen left so unless I am missing something you to 1 Hit Point of damage there.
Diggs gets advantage to stabilize Davos with a Medical Kit Medicine check: 1D20+3 = [1]+3 = 4; 1D20+3 = [18]+3 = 21, and he got a 20+ so Davos is restored to 1 HP and is no longer incapacitated (you can take an action next round; remember second wind.).
Fluffy moves back to the door and shots at the big mutant Attack roll, damage if it hits: 1D20+6 = [10]+6 = 16; 2D10+2 = [8, 6]+2 = 16, hits for 16-5= 11, bring it down to 19 HP.
Sovereign then takes careful aim and fires at the big mutant Ranged roll, damage if he hits: 1D20+5 = [18]+5 = 23; 2D6+3 = [4, 4]+3 = 11, hit for 11-5 =6 damage, killing big mutant

The big mutant flees back into the room that it was hiding in again.
The fire elemental attacks Bessy Attack, damage if it hits: 1D20+5 = [3]+5 = 8; 1D8+3 = [3]+3 = 6
1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12; 1D8+3 = [3]+3 = 6
, miss both times!
Two more security guards break out of the opposite side. Two guards place Charge packs near the wall and run back for cover Tools (explosive) with advantage: 1D20 = [19] = 19; 1D20 = [2] = 2
1D20 = [13] = 13; 1D20 = [18] = 18
, both succeed; bomb damage: 3D10 = [8, 3, 2] = 13; 3D10 = [1, 6, 7] = 14 so the barrier’s hardness of 6 is halved vs. the bombs and it does not have resistant to the damage so it drops 75-23 =57. The four other guards shot full auto at it; Damage: 4D8+4 = [5, 6, 5, 2]+4 = 22; 4D8+4 = [4, 3, 3, 1]+4 = 15; 4D8+4 = [4, 1, 6, 4]+4 = 19, so 22-6 =16 damage, 15 -9 =9 damage, 19 -6 =13 damage for a total of 57-38 =19 hit points remaining. So the barrier suffers but is still up. It probably collapse next round. Or at least a 10 foot section would[/sblock][sblock=Conditions]Juno HP 17/29
Davos HP 1/29
Diggs HP 47/47
NTensity HP 29/30
Bessy HP 26/26
Sovereign HP 35/35

Security Guard #1 HP 0 Incapacitated
Security Guard #2 HP 28/28
Security Guard #3 HP 28/28
Security Guard #4 HP 28/28
Security Guard #5 HP 28/28
Security Guard #6 HP 28/28
Mystery Man HP?
Spirit HP 26/26
Big Mutant 0/69 Incapacitated[/sblock]
Heroes Actions and Rolls?
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Davos will take a moment to catch his breath (Bonus Action: Second Wind - heal 12hp), then jump back over the barricade ([roll0]) and take cover behind the desk (Dash up to 2 times, as required). If a second Dash is not required, he will then Hide ([roll1]) behind the desk. If no Dash is required, he will sheathe (or drop) his katanas, and draw his pistol.
[sblock=Condition]hp 13/29, Second Wind expended[/sblock]

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"It's not going to hold for f***ing long!" warns the troll. "Prepare for it, I'm gonna drop the left side on four, three, two..."

<Delay until everyone that wants to readies an action...>

"*ONE!" NTensity abruptly lets go of his remaining wall and jerks both hands *up*, yet another of his 'protecting wing' walls erupting from the floor and blocking off the *east* half of the room beyond! (The guards on the suddenly exposed *left* side look a bit taken aback.)

They also look completely, f***ing trigger-happy.

Without further ado the troll dives behind the desk next to Davos, shotgun held in both hands like a talisman, back pressed hard to the desk.

"Glad you found yourway back t'us, Steely!"

A battle also rages in the astral - unseen, unheard - the Bathrrom spirit yanking hard on her yellow reins and *screaming* -- the screams she couldn't fully scream the first time...

[sblock=Actions and OOC]Delay as above then
Free = Drop the wall
Standard = Physical Wall on the East side of the chamber, hopefully splitting the group in two (the 3 guards and mystery man hopefully still closest to their exit door to the east and therefore trapped by the new wall, but he'll take what he can get)
Move = Take full cover behind the large desk

Hm, how about we try this:
Trip (Shove) attacks until it's prone (2 attacks last round, 2 this round), then regular attacks (now at advantage). Since it's already Grappled (movement 0), it can't get up until it succeeds in freeing itself from the grapple (at a disadvantage since it's Prone)
The ties that bind: 1D20+5 = [10]+5 = 15; 1D8+3 = [3]+3 = 6
1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12; 1D8+3 = [7]+3 = 10
1D20+5 = [17]+5 = 22; 1D8+3 = [4]+3 = 7

1D20+5 = [5]+5 = 10; 1D8+3 = [2]+3 = 5

Must succeed at Str or Dex roll vs the above or become Prone. (I'll roll additional dice as needed, or you can if you want to, GK)

Also your Astral damage reduction is 2 so the second attack did 5-2 =3 damage and you only had two Zen left so unless I am missing something you to 1 Hit Point of damage there.
The Zen was actually at full 9 HP before (he Parried the earlier 2 blows, if you remember). But you're right, I forgot the 2 points of astral hardness, so he's really at 9-3 = 6 temp HP.[/sblock]


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The Zen was actually at full 9 HP before (he Parried the earlier 2 blows, if you remember). But you're right, I forgot the 2 points of astral hardness, so he's really at 9-3 = 6 temp HP

GM: D'oh you are right I forgot your troll hardness :( ok sooooo still at full HP, has some temp left ;)

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